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Just by choosing the city and subject of expertise below, you will be guided to the list of subject expert advocates. PathLegal has simplified and listed many consumer protection lawyers in Kolkata as per their location, specialization and experience. It would help you to find out a good consumer protection lawyer in Kolkata for any legal issue.

Consumer Protection Advocates in KolkataConsumer Protection Advocates in Kolkata

Advocate SAYANTAN BANERJEE, Consumer Protection advocate in Kolkata - Near J.D Park Metro Stn gate no. 5, Hazra
Experience (years): 4+
Languages Known: english ,bengali, hindi
Specializations: consumer protection, divorce,registration,agreements,trade mark,trusts,adoption,criminal
Advocate Achin Jana, Consumer Protection advocate in Kolkata - Kolakat, Howrah
Experience (years): 16
Languages Known: Bengali, English, Hindi
Specializations: criminal law, matrimonial law, consumer protection law, writ
Advocate Sankar Mukhopadhyay , Consumer Protection advocate in Kolkata - Alipore/Behala/New Market kolkata
Experience (years): 31
Languages Known: English,Hindi,Bengali
Specializations: consumer protection, marriage&divorce, property, succession, will,criminal matters.
Advocate SREETAMA DAS, Consumer Protection advocate in Kolkata - Jadavpur
Experience (years): 4
Languages Known: English,Bengali,Hindi
Specializations: consumer protection, matrimonial,civil
Advocate Bhrigu Datta, Consumer Protection advocate in Kolkata - South Kolkata
Experience (years): 14
Specializations: civil ,criminal, matrimonial,consumer protection property law, divor act,real estate & registration
Advocate SOMNATH GHOSHAL, Consumer Protection advocate in Kolkata - KOLKATA AIRPORT
Experience (years): 6
Specializations: civil, arbitration, consumer protection, matrimonial,writs, adoption, drt, property, company matters
Advocate parikshit basu, Consumer Protection advocate in Kolkata - central kolkata & south kolkata
Experience (years): 5
Specializations: consumer protection, debts recovery tribunal, writs, suit, registrations, arbitration, land matters,
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