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Just by choosing the city and subject of expertise below, you will be guided to the list of subject expert advocates. PathLegal has simplified and listed many divorce lawyers in Mumbai as per their location, specialization and experience. It would help you to find out a good divorce lawyer in Mumbai for any legal issue.

Divorce Advocates in MumbaiDivorce Advocates in Mumbai

Advocate ASHA BHUTA, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - FOUNTAIN
Experience (years): 27
Specializations: property, family, corporate, consumer, banking etc
Advocate Sneha Vartak Shinde , Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Vashi
Experience (years): 6
Languages Known: English, marathi, hindi.
Specializations: family, civil, criminal etc.
Advocate Narendra C Pantagani, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Worli
Experience (years): 26
Languages Known: English,Hindi,Marathi,Gujarati,Telugu
Specializations: property,family, and other criminal affairs
Mumbai | Worli
Advocate Asif Shaikh, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Dombivli
Experience (years): 13
Languages Known: English,Hindi and Marathi
Specializations: criminal,negotiable instruments and family
Mumbai | Dombivli
Advocate shailesh rai, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Borivali, Fort, Virar
Experience (years): 15
Languages Known: Marathi, English, Hindi
Specializations: company and corporate, property, family, cheque bouncing etc
Advocate Adv.Harshad K, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Mumbai
Experience (years): 4
Languages Known: English
Specializations: civil, criminal, trademark, ibc, family, consumer
Mumbai | Mumbai
Advocate Rupesh Bhalshankar , Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Chembur
Experience (years): 16
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi
Specializations: family, crime, cyber
Mumbai | Chembur
Advocate Fazlurrahman Shaikh , Divorce advocate in Mumbai - India
Experience (years): 3
Languages Known: English Marathi &hindi
Specializations: criminal & family
Mumbai | India
Advocate amar pawar, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - mumbai
Experience (years): 1
Languages Known: Marathi,Hindi,English
Specializations: family, criminals, contracts, agreements
Mumbai | mumbai
Advocate Nisha suyog deo, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Dombivali
Experience (years): 7
Languages Known: English Marathi hindi
Specializations: family\'s 138 and civil
Mumbai | Dombivali
Advocate Adv SIMRAN SHAIKH , Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Vikhroli
Experience (years): 14
Languages Known: Hindi Marathi English
Specializations: criminal, family, prope
Mumbai | Vikhroli
Advocate Adv Pranali Wankar, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Thane and Fort
Experience (years): 10
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi
Specializations: constitution, ipr, criminal, civil, negotiable instruments, customs law, family, consumer, cyber
Advocate Advocate Mohan Pathak, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Navi Mumbai /Thane/Mumbai
Experience (years): 3
Languages Known: English , Hindi , Marathi , Gujrati .
Specializations: civil.drt. ,family,cheque bonusing.accidental.criminal lawyer
Advocate Advocate  Ujwala  Shamrao  Sapkale , Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Ulhasnagar
Experience (years): 17
Languages Known: English, Marathi, Hindi and sindhi
Specializations: civil, criminal and cheque bounce and custody cases and family and divorce
Mumbai | Ulhasnagar
Advocate Adv. Rahul Shirapure , Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Mumbai
Experience (years): 9
Languages Known: English, Marathi, Hindi
Specializations: family, criminal law, consumer
Mumbai | Mumbai
Advocate Jaiprakashnarain Saxena, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Andheri
Experience (years): 46
Languages Known: english, hindi, marathi
Specializations: family, divorce, criminal, domestic violence, maintenance, marriage
Advocate Adv. Prakash Kadam, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Mumbai
Experience (years): 5
Languages Known: Marathi, Hindi & English
Specializations: commercial litigation, trademark registration/litigation/opposition, divorce & family 138 matters
Advocate shirin irani, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Mumbai
Experience (years): 2
Languages Known: english, hindi marathi and gujurati
Specializations: civil, criminal cooperative, family, all matters related to property are entertained
Mumbai | Mumbai
Advocate sushil kumar sonkar, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Mira Road
Experience (years): 2
Specializations: family, civil, criminal
Mumbai | Mira Road
Advocate Suzanna E. Rocha, Divorce advocate in Mumbai - Byculla
Experience (years): 25
Specializations: international labour, intellectual property, european union law, criminal, civil & family (divorce)
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