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Just by choosing the city and subject of expertise below, you will be guided to the list of subject expert advocates. PathLegal has simplified and listed many trial court lawyers in India as per their location, specialization and experience. It would help you to find out a good trial court lawyer in India for any legal issue.

Trial Court Advocates in IndiaTrial Court Advocates in India

Advocate Adv Ashok Kale, Trial Court advocate in Latur - Moti nagar
Experience (years): 14
Languages Known: Marathi , English, Hindi
Specializations: labour and industrial court laturlegal subjects
Latur | Moti nagar
Advocate Allah bakash M, Trial Court advocate in Bangalore - Gandhinagar, Bangalore
Experience (years): 5Y
Languages Known: English kannada hindi urdu
Specializations: trial court bangalore and high court of karnataka
Bangalore | Gandhinagar, Bangalore
Advocate Harsha, Trial Court advocate in Bangalore - Bangalore
Experience (years): 5
Languages Known: Kannada. English, Hindi, Tamil
Specializations: trial courts, session courts and high courts
Bangalore | Bangalore
Advocate SINDHU ELIAS K, Trial Court advocate in Ernakulam - Ernakulam
Experience (years): 1
Languages Known: English and Malayalam
Specializations: high court, tribunals and trial court
Ernakulam | Ernakulam
Advocate Sasikala K, Trial Court advocate in Calicut - Mavoor
Experience (years): 7
Languages Known: Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil
Specializations: high court of kerala, district courts, trial courts
Calicut | Mavoor
Advocate Yeshwanth kumar , Trial Court advocate in Hyderabad - Chintal
Experience (years): 5
Languages Known: Telugu hindi english
Specializations: all trial courtslegal subjects
Hyderabad | Chintal
Advocate adhiseshaiah, Trial Court advocate in Chennai - arumbakkam
Experience (years): 5
Specializations: high court, sessions, trial courts, metropolitan magistrate,district,judicial magistrate, sub court,
Chennai | arumbakkam
Advocate Iqbal Ahmed Khan , Trial Court advocate in Bangalore - Bangalore
Experience (years): 15
Languages Known: English hindi and kannada
Specializations: high court and trial court
Bangalore | Bangalore
Advocate Praveen M Kalkori , Trial Court advocate in Gulbarga - Gulbarga
Experience (years): 13
Languages Known: Kannada English Hindi Marathi
Specializations: district all trial courts & high court
Advocate Supritha G B, Trial Court advocate in Bangalore - Ganganagar, Rt nagar
Experience (years): 4
Languages Known: English, Kannada, Hindi
Specializations: trial court, district court
Bangalore | Ganganagar, Rt nagar
Advocate Pramod Kumar Tripathy., Trial Court advocate in Cuttack - Link Road Cuttack
Experience (years): 26
Languages Known: Odiya Hindi English
Specializations: high court&trial court
Cuttack | Link Road Cuttack
Advocate Jibu J, Trial Court advocate in Calicut - Calicut
Experience (years):
Specializations: high courts, all trial courts including family courts, labour courts, consumer courts
Advocate Abhijit   Banerjee, Trial Court advocate in New Delhi - New Delhi
Experience (years): 18
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bangla
Specializations: trial courts, high court, supreme court
New Delhi | New Delhi
Advocate Arindam Ganguly , Trial Court advocate in Kolkata - Kolkata
Experience (years): 18
Languages Known: Bengali and English
Specializations: high court and trial court
Kolkata | Kolkata
Advocate SREENIVAS V PAI, Trial Court advocate in Kottayam - South Kerala
Experience (years): 18
Languages Known: English Malayalam hindi kondanu tamil Kannada
Specializations: trial courts
Advocate Jairaj Lohar, Trial Court advocate in Panaji - Mapusa
Experience (years): 3
Languages Known: English, Marathi, hindi, konkani
Specializations: quasi judicial, trial court high courtlegal subjects
Panaji | Mapusa
Advocate RAVEE Acharya, Trial Court advocate in Bangalore - Bengaluru
Experience (years): 17
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Sanskrit
Specializations: trial courts & high court of karnataka
Advocate THE LAWMEN INTERNATIONAL, Trial Court advocate in Bangalore - Frazer Town
Experience (years): 15
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Kannada
Specializations: supreme court, high court, trial court
Bangalore | Frazer Town
Advocate Manaranjan Karmakar, Trial Court advocate in Kolkata - Haltu,
Experience (years): 30
Languages Known: Bengali, English, Hindi.
Specializations: high court, calcutta & trial courts.
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