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Change in Khasra numberChange in Khasra number

Property »Posted 21 Apr 2019

legal question Hi

I belong to sehore (madhya pradesh)
I needed to have a bataan for my land so visted the Revenue inspector and he guided me to raise mauka by a survey team who will take satellite images(Mauka udana as per them)and mark me the points of my lands.
The survey team came and when they took the images they told me that my kharsa number is changed.

As per my registry the khasra no was 147/1/2 and 148/2/2 and now as per them the khasra number should be 244.

I told the RI that how this could be possible as in my registry ,diversion and mutation and other documents 247 khasra number is reflected and registry was done on 1968 since then we are living at this place.

As per RI wrong khasra number was entered by mistake from 1968 only and due to which I got all the documents under khasra number 147.
As per RI there is no resolution of this problem as both the parties should be present for any correction of khasra number

Now as I told the registry is from 1968 so the party from which we have purchased is no more.

Would request to guide me about how to change khasra number under this scenerio and what could be the best possible solution.

Do we need to go to civil court or this matter can be solved from revenue department itself.

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