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Consumer court in Nabha

    The court procedures are time consuming and conservative. Try to negotiate the matter outside court and if that doesn’t work out then proceed with the consumer court in Nabha. Carefully look at the value of the product/service and tally with the time\money you need to spend for the court formalities. You should not take any spontaneous action in this regard, rather take few days, make your mind calm and then take a decision accordingly. Still if you think that your consumer rights are infringed by a company or business or person, you must take them to task by filing your case in the consumer court.

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How to file a case in consumer Court India

Please find the top consumer protection lawyers those who can handle consumer related matters in Nabha. Choose your city, find the relevant lawyer and talk to the lawyer directly.

Consumer Court lawyers in Nabha

Consumer Court lawyers in Nabha

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PathLegal has not listed here any consumer lawyer from Nabha. You may find the lawyers from the link, lawyers Nabha

Still not finding? PathLegal may have advocates in your region and not listed publicly as per the lawyer’s request. Please do write to with your requirement, we shall get back to you as soon as possible with the lawyer’s details. Please find below some of the closest match for your search.
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Advocate sukhwinder singh chatrath, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Sardulgarh) Advocate sukhwinder singh chatrath    Chandigarh    Chandigarh

private international law, criminal,family,property,consumer etc

Experiance(years) : 13           Details of Advocate sukhwinder singh chatrath Chandigarh

Advocate tajinder pal singh makkar, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Sardulgarh) Advocate tajinder pal singh makkar    Chandigarh    mohali

criminal, civil, writs, consumer, revenue, family

Experiance(years) : 7           Details of Advocate tajinder pal singh makkar Chandigarh

Advocate Sharnpal Sandhu, Lawyer in Punjab - Amritsar (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Sharnpal Sandhu    Amritsar    Majitha Road

civil, criminal,matrimonial and consumer

Experiance(years) : 15           Details of Advocate Sharnpal Sandhu Amritsar

Advocate DARSHAN GUPTA, Lawyer in Punjab - Sangrur (near Sardulgarh) Advocate DARSHAN GUPTA    Sangrur    SANGRUR

civil, mact, consumer

Experiance(years) : 34           Details of Advocate DARSHAN GUPTA Sangrur

Advocate Advocate Ajit Singh Sekhon, Lawyer in Punjab - Faridkot (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Advocate Ajit Singh Sekhon    Faridkot    

criminal,civil, accident claims/ awards, consumer cases

Experiance(years) : 14           Details of Advocate Advocate Ajit Singh Sekhon Faridkot

Advocate Advocate Sarvjit Singh, Lawyer in Punjab - Ludhiana (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Advocate Sarvjit Singh    Ludhiana    Civil line

civil, criminal, consumer, revenue, family, property etc.casess

Experiance(years) : 10           Details of Advocate Advocate Sarvjit Singh Ludhiana

Advocate B.S.Bedi, Lawyer in Punjab - Amritsar (near Sardulgarh) Advocate B.S.Bedi    Amritsar    Roop Nagar, Gate Bhagtanwala

financial, property, family, consumer, labour court

Experiance(years) : 20           Details of Advocate B.S.Bedi Amritsar

Advocate Ritin Vatrana, Lawyer in Punjab - Patiala (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Ritin Vatrana    Patiala    tripuri town

civil/ criminal/ matrimonial/ consumer/ labour disputes

Experiance(years) : 7           Details of Advocate Ritin Vatrana Patiala

Advocate Kulwinder Singh, Lawyer in Punjab - Ajitgarh (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Kulwinder Singh    Ajitgarh    Mohali

civil,criminal,revenue,accident claims/ awards,service matters & consumer cases.

Experiance(years) :           Details of Advocate Kulwinder Singh Ajitgarh

Advocate Vyom Bansal, Lawyer in Punjab - Ludhiana (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Vyom Bansal    Ludhiana    Ludhiana

civil, consumer & revenue law

Experiance(years) : 8           Details of Advocate Vyom Bansal Ludhiana

Advocate Puneet Nagpal, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Puneet Nagpal    Chandigarh    chandigarh tricity

service law, consumer court cases, industrial tribunal

Experiance(years) : 1           Details of Advocate Puneet Nagpal Chandigarh

Advocate Chandeep Singh, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Chandeep Singh    Chandigarh    Mohali, SAS Nagar

civil and consumer matters

Experiance(years) : 2           Details of Advocate Chandeep Singh Chandigarh

Advocate Namita , Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Namita    Chandigarh    

civil, criminal, drt., consumer hma

Experiance(years) : 6           Details of Advocate Namita  Chandigarh

Advocate SANDEEP SINGH , Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Sardulgarh) Advocate SANDEEP SINGH    Chandigarh    sector 4

real estate and consumer matters

Experiance(years) : 4           Details of Advocate SANDEEP SINGH  Chandigarh

Advocate Sunil Sharma, Lawyer in Punjab - Patiala (near Sardulgarh) Advocate Sunil Sharma    Patiala    District Courts Patiala

civil, criminal, matrimonial, consumer related disputes

Experiance(years) : 6           Details of Advocate Sunil Sharma Patiala

Advocate A.K. Sharma, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Sardulgarh) Advocate A.K. Sharma    Chandigarh    Chandigarh

civil,criminal,service,property,matrimonial,consumer & taxation cases

Experiance(years) : 26           Details of Advocate A.K. Sharma Chandigarh

Advocate kulwinder kumar banga, Lawyer in Punjab - Ludhiana (near Sardulgarh) Advocate kulwinder kumar banga    Ludhiana    BAL SINGH NAGAR

matrimonial disputes,civil cases,consumer cases

Experiance(years) : 2           Details of Advocate kulwinder kumar banga Ludhiana

Advocate KULDEEP SINGLA, Lawyer in Punjab - Bhatinda (near Sardulgarh) Advocate KULDEEP SINGLA    Bhatinda    BATHINDA

civil, consumer, cheque bounces, mact, proeprty verification, proeprty disputes, etc

Experiance(years) :           Details of Advocate KULDEEP SINGLA Bhatinda

Advocate GDGUPTA, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Sardulgarh) Advocate GDGUPTA    Chandigarh    tricity of Mohali,Panchkula & chandigarh

insurance , consumer & medical negligence cases

Experiance(years) : 34           Details of Advocate GDGUPTA Chandigarh

Advocate NEERAJ, Lawyer in Punjab - Ludhiana (near Sardulgarh) Advocate NEERAJ    Ludhiana    CIVIL LINES

in civil, criminal, banking, consumer, labour, matrimonial fields

Experiance(years) : 12           Details of Advocate NEERAJ Ludhiana

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It is no secret that fighting a case at the consumer court Nabha can be very time consuming and frustrating. In Nabha, many people try to negotiate the matter outside. They seek legal recourse only if they are not able to resolve the situation on their own. It is important to hire a good consumer court lawyer in Nabha who can advise the client on the suitable course of action to be taken.

You may please go-ahead and add your profile if you are one of the consumer court advocates from Nabha.