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Consumer court in Nabha

The court procedures are time consuming and conservative. Try to negotiate the matter outside court and if that doesn’t work out then proceed with the consumer court in Nabha. Carefully look at the value of the product/service and tally with the time\money you need to spend for the court formalities. You should not take any spontaneous action in this regard, rather take few days, make your mind calm and then take a decision accordingly. Still if you think that your consumer rights are infringed by a company or business or person, you must take them to task by filing your case in the consumer court.

How to file a case in consumer Court India

Please find the top consumer protection lawyers those who can handle consumer related matters in Nabha. Choose your city, find the relevant lawyer and talk to the lawyer directly.
Please go through the lawyer’s profile in detail before selecting a lawyer. Select multiple lawyers and request their quote/bid for the consulting.

Consumer Court lawyers in NabhaConsumer Court lawyers in Nabha

PathLegal has not listed here any consumer lawyer from Nabha. You may find the lawyers from the link, lawyers Nabha

Still not finding? PathLegal may have advocates in your region and not listed publicly as per the lawyer's request. Please do write to with your requirement, we shall get back to you as soon as possible with the lawyer's details. Please find below some of the closest match for your search.

Please do find some of the closest matches from the list given below.
Advocate Sudhir Kumar Pandey, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Sudhir Kumar Pandey Experience(years) : 7+   Chandigarh | Chandigarh

civil, criminals,accident claim petitions, drt, nclt, consumer cases, cheque bounce cases, etc Details

Advocate Ram Pal Rana , Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Ram Pal Rana Experience(years) : 25   Chandigarh | Chandigarh

service,civil, writ,labour and consumer Details

Advocate S.S.Channa, Lawyer in Punjab - Amritsar (near Jalandhar)
Advocate S.S.Channa Experience(years) : 17   Amritsar |

civil, criminal, medical negligence, matrimonial, mact, consumer & service matters. Details

Advocate SITABH BHARDWAJ, Lawyer in Punjab - Jalandhar (near Jalandhar)
Advocate SITABH BHARDWAJ Experience(years) :   Jalandhar |

trade mark, drt disputes,matrimonial, divorce, family property disputes, sarfaesi, consumer disputes Details

Advocate Jaspreet singh, Lawyer in Punjab - Patiala (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Jaspreet singh Experience(years) : 2   Patiala | District courts

gst, civil, criminal, income tax, consumer cases, matrimonial, etc. Details

Advocate K. K.  Jain , Lawyer in Punjab - Sangrur (near Jalandhar)
Advocate K. K. Jain Experience(years) : 17   Sangrur |

civil, criminal, mact, divorce, domestic violence, ndps, cheque bouncing, consumer, Details

Advocate DAMAN PREET SINGH, Lawyer in Punjab - Amritsar (near Jalandhar)
Advocate DAMAN PREET SINGH Experience(years) : 5   Amritsar | COURT COMPLEX

criminal law, customs law, company law, consumerlaw Details

Advocate Jitendra Sharma, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Jitendra Sharma Experience(years) : 19 Chandigarh | Near Gurudwara

civil, criminal, consumer court , labor court Details

Advocate Arjun grover, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Arjun grover Experience(years) : 3   Chandigarh | Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali

criminal, family, marriage, consumer & n.i. act (cheque bounce) Details

Advocate Harmeet B Takkar, Lawyer in Punjab - Ludhiana (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Harmeet B Takkar Experience(years) :   Ludhiana | Karnail Singh Nagar

matrimonial, consumer, family Details

Advocate Jagan Nath Bhandari , Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Jagan Nath Bhandari Experience(years) : 5   Chandigarh | Chandigarh

family, property, consumer, civil matters, service matters, matrimonial, family disputes Details

Advocate Tarun Dhingra, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Tarun Dhingra Experience(years) : 10   Chandigarh | UT

civil, criminal, matrimonial, banking,,consumer Details

Advocate Naveen Sheokand, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Naveen Sheokand Experience(years) : 5   Chandigarh | Chandigarh

civil, criminal, service, consumer courts Details

Advocate Harish chawla, Lawyer in Punjab - Fazilka (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Harish chawla Experience(years) : 9   Fazilka | Ferozepur , Punjab

mact,family law electricity act,c consumer,civil ,criminal Details

Advocate Devinder Singh, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Devinder Singh Experience(years) : 15   Chandigarh | Chandigarh

civil, criminal, bank matters, consumer matters, domestic violence Details

Advocate saurabh singla, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate saurabh singla Experience(years) : 3   Chandigarh | sector 28D

criminal,consumer,company matters, labour disputes, civil litigation. Details

Advocate Arjun Shukla , Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Arjun Shukla Experience(years) : 3   Chandigarh | Chandigarh

civil law, criminal law, consumer law Details

Advocate Vishal Sodhi, Lawyer in Punjab - Jalandhar (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Vishal Sodhi Experience(years) : 17   Jalandhar | Jalandhar

criminal laws, civil laws, consumer, motor vehicle claims, matrimonial disputes, cheque disputes Details

Advocate Bhavneet gaur, Lawyer in Punjab - Nawashahr (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Bhavneet gaur Experience(years) : 6   Nawashahr | Banga, nawashahr

civil, criminal, matrimonial, consumer cases Details

Advocate Dixit Garg, Lawyer in Punjab - Chandigarh (near Jalandhar)
Advocate Dixit Garg Experience(years) : 3   Chandigarh |

criminal, consumer, civil Details

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It is no secret that fighting a case at the consumer court Nabha can be very time consuming and frustrating. In Nabha, many people try to negotiate the matter outside. They seek legal recourse only if they are not able to resolve the situation on their own. It is important to hire a good consumer court lawyer in Nabha who can advise the client on the suitable course of action to be taken.

You may please go-ahead and add your profile if you are one of the consumer court advocates from Nabha.
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