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Copyright, patent and trademark comes under Intellectual Property or IP. There are specialized law firms and lawyers available to handle IP matters. You can meet any IP lawyers or firms in Nagpur to file a patent, copyright or trademark.    
Please find the top patent lawyers those who can handle IP related matters (copyrights, patents and trademarks) in Nagpur. Choose your city, find the relevant lawyer and talk to the lawyer directly. Our wide experience as patent and trademark lawyers Nagpur can handle any kind of IP work as per Indian law and foreign law. They are skilled at providing legal as well as technical advice in any area of Intellectual Property Laws in India.

Patent lawyers in NagpurPatent lawyers in Nagpur

Advocate Nishant Singhaniya, Patent lawyer in Nagpur - High court

copyright,trademark, criminal

Advocate Nausheena Khan, Patent lawyer in Nagpur - vaishali nagar

intellectual property, property, cyber crimes

Advocate Ravi, Patent lawyer in Nagpur - surendra nagar

trademark, patent and copy right

Advocate Anal, Patent lawyer in Nagpur - Nagpur
Advocate Anal Experience(years) : 2
  Nagpur | Nagpur

intellectual property

Advocate Adv. B. M. GAIKWAD  & Associates, Patent lawyer in Nagpur - Vidarbha  Region  /  MAHARASHTRA

company law, taxation, labour laws, patent, ,trademark, copy rights

Advocate R  M Tahaliyani, Patent lawyer in Nagpur - Friends Colony

copyright laws, arbitrations, property laws, matrimonial laws, documentations, criminal laws

Advocate payal s. deshpande, Patent lawyer in Nagpur - Dhantoli

intellectual property

Advocate trupti tabhane, Patent lawyer in Nagpur - Bajaj Nagar

intellectual property

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We know how intellectual property in Nagpur may be a little trickier to argue out unlike its physical counterpart. The intellectual property law in Nagpur tends to be dynamic and ever on the move. Intellectual property has become a very big issue these days. Companies in Nagpur spend a lot of time on their research and development activities. They try to come up with innovations that will give them an edge in the market. These secrets are often the reason that many companies succeed in the industry. If these secrets are stolen then it can cause considerable harm to the business of the company. That is why in such cases many people seek the help of good patent lawyers Nagpur. These legal experts have extensive knowledge in areas like patents, trademarks, service marks and copyrights.