Criminal law in India

Indian Penal Code (IPC) is the main criminal code of India. It is a comprehensive code, intended to cover all substantive aspects of criminal law. Any act which is considered as dangerous or damaging to citizens or the society as a whole is marked as crime and is made punishable. IPC has many different sections and its vast, most of the criminal advocates India would handle almost all the sections in IPC. Indian law treats rape as a criminal offence.       Rape & Sexual harassment Law in India.
Please find the top criminal lawyers those who can handle criminal matters in India. Choose your city, find the relevant lawyer and talk to the lawyer directly.

Criminal lawyers in IndiaCriminal lawyers in India

Advocate Rajgopal Sripathi, Criminal lawyer in Hyderabad - Hyderabad,

civil, criminal, banking, business, property, tax, valuations, structured finance, private equity

Advocate Pratap Kumar, Criminal lawyer in Bangalore - Koramangala

property, divorce, criminal , patent, consumer, banking, family, property verification

Advocate Arul Ganesh, Criminal lawyer in Dharmapuri - Dharmapuri

family, civil, criminal

Advocate Atul Sharma, Criminal lawyer in Jaipur - Mansarovar

criminal, civil, mact, writs

Advocate Rajender khatri, Criminal lawyer in Palwal - Palwal

criminal civil

Advocate Manas Santra, Criminal lawyer in Srirampur - Serampore / Chandannagore / Hooghly

civil/criminal law including divorce cases/matrimonial suits and registration of deeds & documents

Advocate ADV GEERTHI KANNAN N, Criminal lawyer in Tiruppur - Tiruppur Corporation

cheque cases, family matters, divorce cases, civil, criminal

Advocate Pramod Joshi, Criminal lawyer in Nainital - Hadwani /Kaladhungi

civil, criminal

Advocate Saju Sivaraman Nair , Criminal lawyer in Ernakulam - Cochin, Trivandrum, Calicut &Thrissur

family, personal law, criminal & civil matters and high court matters

Advocate ANANTHA S G, Criminal lawyer in Bangalore - Basavanagudi

civil, criminal and family

Advocate Vineet Malhotra, Criminal lawyer in Delhi - Delhi

family, criminal

Advocate R SATHIA NARAYANAN, Criminal lawyer in Coimbatore - coimbatore

civil, criminal, and family

Advocate Pankaj Mehta, Criminal lawyer in Delhi - India Gate

civil , criminal, corporate, banking, matrimonial, infrastructure and real estate, immigration

Advocate Bidyalok Mohapatra, Criminal lawyer in Cuttack - Kalyani ngar

criminal cases

Advocate Asiya Fatima, Criminal lawyer in Hyderabad - Muradnagar Mehdipatnam

civil and criminal

Advocate Manjunath, Criminal lawyer in Bangalore - Gandhinagar

civil law, criminal law, company law, property, family law, etc.

Advocate MUPPALLA SUBBA RAO, Criminal lawyer in Rajahmundry - BYE-PASS ROAD, THADITHOTA

criminal,matrimonial and civil etc

Advocate shubham rajput, Criminal lawyer in Indore - Bangali square

accident cases,family,criminal, cheque bounce,civil

Advocate Advocate Sandeep Chauhan, Criminal lawyer in Panipat - Panipat

family disputes, criminal, conciliation and mediation

Advocate B N Sharma, Criminal lawyer in Jaunpur - Veer Bahadur Singh Purvancha University ,Campus ,Jaunpur

family matter,company law,banking ,labour law ,civil,criminal ,claim,insurance,finance.

Advocate Adv Ankita Ahuja, Criminal lawyer in Delhi - Rohini

criminal, matrimonial, consumer matters etc

Advocate YALLA SRINIVAS REDDY, Criminal lawyer in Karimnagar - VIDYANAGAR

mvop, matrimonial, civil and criminal

Advocate Satya Prakash Srivastava, Criminal lawyer in Delhi - NCR

labour serviceconsumer matrimonial child custody rent property drt will 138niact criminal cases

Advocate GVS KISHORE KUMAR, Criminal lawyer in Hyderabad - Hyderabad

civil, criminal and writ jurisdiction besides on special enactments

Advocate Ashis Kumar Chowdhury, Criminal lawyer in Kolkata - Kolkata


Advocate V.S.RAJARAM, Criminal lawyer in Chennai - Koyambedu

matrimonial disputes, writs, civil, criminal, rent control, consumer, documentation

Advocate Sachin Das Pareesseri, Criminal lawyer in Palakkad - Palakkad

matrimonial cases, property matters, real estate matters, consumer matters, criminal matters,

Advocate Daiyan Hussain, Criminal lawyer in Guwahati - sixmile

property laws, divorced laws, criminal laws, consumer and cyber laws

Advocate Jane James, Criminal lawyer in Bangalore - Hoysalanagar

family, civil, criminal and labour

Advocate Jyoti Kulkarni, Criminal lawyer in Pune - Moshi Pradhikaran

civil, criminal,bank recovery cases, family law, drafting and vetting contracts, agreements

Advocate vijay mahantesh sakkari, Criminal lawyer in Belgaum - mahantesh nagar

criminal, property, family, motor vehicle accident, cheque bounce

Advocate Sanjay Rajvanshi, Criminal lawyer in Dehra Dun - Kanwali Road

criminal law, family and matrimonial laws, civil law, real estate laws, consumer disputes, divorce

Advocate Sunil Sharma, Criminal lawyer in Patiala - District Courts Patiala

civil, criminal, matrimonial, arbitration, consumer, service, labour, mact, drt related disputes

Advocate Atul Barthwal, Criminal lawyer in Delhi - New Delhi

family, ipr, criminal, cyber etc etc

Advocate Jain Pradeep Kumar , Criminal lawyer in Mumbai - Mumbai

civil and criminal

Advocate SOM SHEKHAR ROY, Criminal lawyer in Kolkata - jadavpur


Advocate Akhilesh Kumar, Criminal lawyer in Delhi - Delhi/NCR

corporate laws, family law, civil/criminal law, property & real estate law, cosumer, arbitration.

Advocate Lex Justitia, Criminal lawyer in Delhi -  Lajpat Nagar-I  New Delhi

civil,criminal & service matter

Advocate MARIAPPAN S, Criminal lawyer in Tirunelveli - Palayamkottai

civil,criminal and legal aid

Advocate Mamata Mahapatra, Criminal lawyer in Cuttack - Vyasanagar

civil, criminal & company law

Advocate awadh bihari pandey(advocate), Criminal lawyer in Varanasi - varanasi

criminal law,labour law,consumer cases,arbitration cases,

Advocate prudhvi, Criminal lawyer in Hyderabad - Ameerpet

civil,criminal,constitutional,consumer,intellectual property law,negotiable instrument act,family

Advocate Abbas hussain, Criminal lawyer in Purna - Purna

civil and criminal

Advocate R P SHARMA, Criminal lawyer in Jind - JIND

matrimonial, civil, criminal, mact, 138 n.i. act

Advocate Muzammil pasha, Criminal lawyer in Bangalore - Bangalore

criminal, family.

Advocate vivek kumar srivastava, Criminal lawyer in Allahabad - preetam nagar


Advocate Debashish Pattnaik, Criminal lawyer in Nayagarh - Nayagarh

family. property.criminal. consumer

Advocate Ayyub Khan, Criminal lawyer in Indore - M.G.Road

civil, corporate, criminal, matrimonial,

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You can find out many criminal advocates in India from the above list, they are the best criminal Lawyers in India. You can find out criminal lawyers from almost all the courts in India for any kind of criminal cases. Please find some of the major IPCs: Indian Penal Code 1860, Indian Contract Act 1872,Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Motor Vehicles (AMENDMENT) Act 2000, Personal Injuries (Emergency Provisions) Act 1962, Prevention of Corruption Act 1988, Prevention of Terrorism Act 2002, The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1938, The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1938, The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1961, The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1993, The Criminal Law Amendment Act 1990, The Fatal Accidents Act 1855, The Indian Evidence Act 1872, The Juvenile Justice Act 1986, The Negotiable Instruments Act 1881, The Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act 1976, The Terrorist Affected Areas (Special Courts) Act 1984, The Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act 1987, The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act 2004, The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act 2008, The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act 2008, The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967
The most difficult and high profile cases are those where a crime has been committed. Cases of murder and robbery can often stretch on for years especially if the person accused has a lot of influence. There are some criminal advocates India who defend the accused party while others make sure that justice is served by putting the criminal behind bars. Criminal lawyers are the most common legal professionals today. Criminal lawyers India represent people who have been accused of committing a criminal offense. Criminal offenses include rape, murder, vandalism, robbery and the like.