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Difference between Society and Apartment deed Difference between Society and Apartment deed

Property »Posted 26 Feb 2013

legal question Hi,

Difference between Society and Apartment deed Which is better.....??

Could someone please let me know the main differences between apartment deed and society? I am looking for a 1 BHK and have come across a builder who is selling flats in a scheme there are total 3 wings and each wing contains 16 flats. Builder is offering apartment deed instead of society. Will having an apartment deed may cause some issues in future? Please provide your valuable inputs.....

Thanks in Advance....

legal answer from lawyer E00005953In apartment minimum 6 members are required and it is Governed under apartment act and conveyance deed for all flats is not necessary.In society minimum 11 members are required and registration is compalsory under co-op.society act along with conveyance deed for whole building and ownership including ground space etc passes to apartment deed ownership of space of ground did not pass to flat owner.say\"like\"if satisfied or contact on phone through path legal

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legal answer from lawyer E00005868yes Apartment Act, there are two Acts MAO and MCHS Act. yours is falling under MCHS Act. generally you need to check the correct documents else you will be in sorrow as so many Gaothans build fake societies yeas there is some connivance. regards. dr g balakrishnan adv bombay high court

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