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Does step mother eligible for maintenance claim from sonDoes step mother eligible for maintenance claim from son

Family »Posted 12 Jan 2019

legal question Dear Sir,
I am 32 years old working in pvt sector company. I born in 1985 to my father Mr Basavaraj & My mother Smt Soubhagya.My mother expired in 1992 at that time I was 7 years and my sister is 5 years old.

My father got remarriage in 1993 to Smt Nagaveni and now they have one famale girl (Current age 19 years).
I started working after completion of my PUC in 2002 and continued my graduation and master graduation with the help of study loan from syndicate bank and recently i paid it completely.

I got married in 2014 to Anjanadevi and currently have one child (5 months old). Since from begining my step mother was very interested in the money which i earn and i use to give everything to them till my marraige. I purchase one plot at bellary with my hard earned money and my step. mother registered the land in her name by blocking me sentimentally. and they have own resident also at sandur.

now they are in sandur in their own house and running hotel for income. after my marriage they have not come to see me and not performed any of their responsibilities during miscarriage happened to my wife twice and continuosly damaging my image in relative spreading wrong message.

Initially i was paying some amount as feeling it is my responsibility but later i stopped sawing their attitude.

Now they have sent legal notice to me asking for maintenance claim.

Please clarify on what ground court will decide maintenance amount and does my step mother is eligible for the same?

legal answer from lawyer E00006523no step son is no relation to her at all children from her husband from other wife are not relations to hr

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legal answer from lawyer E00297058Dear Sir,
In the following circumstances only (d) his father or mother, unable to maintain himself or herself, a Magistrate of the first class may, upon proof of such neglect or refusal, order such person to make a monthly allowance for the maintenance you are liable to pay. But in this case your step mother is well todo and running a hotel so you can avoid payment.

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