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Fake blame on customers saying robbers at Pantaloons Store, BrookfieldFake blame on customers saying robbers at Pantaloons Store, Brookfield

Consumer Protection »Posted 10 Oct 2019 Post Answer

legal question I am one of the regular customer at the Pantaloons. I had been to pantaloons yesterday located at Brookfield Mall. I picked 6 items for trial. Before getting into trial room security person outside the trial room checked for the number of items but did not check if the product had the security tag or not/ or if the products were damaged or not.

After coming out of trial room i returned him 4 which i dint like and choose 2 for purchase. After couple of minutes store person came and started blaming that i have removed the security tag and damaged the product. I said them might be it was already damaged and I haven't done it. They started blaming us as robbers. I asked them to check for CC TV footage to show them how did the trial room in-charge person check the item. But they said we do not have any CC TV camera near the trail room.

Later i saw there is a camera near by the trial room. I asked the store person to check for it but he said it's not working. And they made us pay the whole product amount. They even denied to give the bill. But after lot of argument they gave us the bill that too not on my name.

Please help me with this issue and such type of inhuman things happening at the store. The way they treated us was very cheap and horrible. They were calling us as robbers which is really inhuman behavior. Blaming customers without any proof and cheating them. Please provide me solution for this.

legal answer from lawyer E00001413Lodge a police complaint now and also file a consumer complaint in the consumer forum. Before that, you may choose to serve a legal notice to the store. Be in touch for help.

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legal answer from lawyer E00297058Dear Sir,
Get issue a legal notice threatening them to initiate civil and criminal action for defaming you in front of public and also claim compensation of Rs. 1,00,000/- for defaming your reputation.

I could have explained more if background is known to me. I am at your service if you visit my office.

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