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How to find Survey numberHow to find Survey number

Property »Posted 16 May 2012

legal question Dear sir/madam,

we have original sale deed, which is registered at 1914(98 yrs old). In the deed don\'t have Survey number, only four boundaries.
We took Encumbarance Certificate upto 1986 using the registered document. To take EC more than 1986, Officials asking Survey number, because those data\'s moved to Computerised in TamilNadu.
we are not living in that village, so we unable to locate the land.
Approximately we locate the land, and get the survey number, but patta provided to some one.
Please suggest,
Is it possible to get surveyNumber from the origin(using registered deed)?
Is it possible to retain the land even the patta issued to some one?

Thanks in advance,

legal answer from lawyer E00004790you can get no. with help of survey map of villege.

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legal answer from lawyer E00002721Sir, You can get all the details from the revenue authorites.

Yes, Patta may be as JOint Patta.
All the best

Please dont hesitate to contact me for further clarification if any.


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legal answer from lawyer E00000831Dear sister/brother
nothing is impossible
there is no land without any survey no.
get a person in the VAO office and treat him nicely you will the survey no
All the best
Adv.A.P.Loganathan,MadrasHighCourt,Avoid Police/Court/Politician if possible

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