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I want divorce because both allegation are false  I want divorce because both allegation are false

Family »Posted 14 May 2019

legal question Dear,
A notice received from Dist. Court against Under Sec 13(1)(1a) for Cruelty/Dowry (false) and asked
me submit WS on 4.6.18. Another notice received from Sub Div. Court against under Sec 406 and
asked to attend me on 11.6.18 otherwise issue warrant to me. Strange that, my wife and her family
member came to our house with police force and taken her all sridhan including gift items in absence of me without prior information . It is illegal because she never wants sridhan from us and we
never refuse to give the same and even ask me to present before the 1st class magistrate on 11.6.18 where Sridhan already taken on 29.5.18 without bill/memos ets.

I attend both cases without fail. On 11.6.18 I took bail against case no.CR/13/2018 which is disposed on
10.8.18 by the Court. Another case no.MS/22/2018 which is disposed on 28.11.18 by the Court but this
Case is transferred from Dist. And session judge to Add.Dist.and session Judge on 29.3.18. Is it possible?
Where as I have not received notice from Add.Dist.and Sesson Judge till today.
Kindly advice me what to do?
With regards,
Pradyut Paul.

legal answer from lawyer E00019212sir why to be in tension file for the stay on the proceeding and go for the police investigation . but before that shift your mother and all the other ornament to some safe place from the locker too . then go for the defamation and perjury on wife with divorce . and then no need to attend the court the case will be ex parte in wife favor .

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