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Interesting Facts On Ranbir Penal Code Interesting Facts On Ranbir Penal Code

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Rose Posted 16 May 2019 Post Comment Visitors: 257 Read More News and Blogs
Interesting Facts On Ranbir Penal Code

Ranbir Penal Code is the criminal code applicable in Jammu and Kashmir. It was came into being during the Dogra Dynasty. Ranbir singh was its ruler. According to article 370, the Indian penal code is not applicable here. Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost state of India. In the geographical map of India, J&K is looking as head of Union India. Which have specialties in culturally, geographically, and as well as in ruling. J&K state has an independent rule under Article 370(Article 370 deals with the sovereign power to the state Jammu&Kashmir).

At the time of creating the constituent assembly, most of the states move on with the decision that each state doesn’t need a separate constitution. They adopted Indian Constitution as their own constitution. According to the suggestions by the leaders of Jammu& Kashmir state Article 370 was included in the Indian Constitution. The powers are given by the constitution to the central government, which implement in Jammu & Kashmir only with the co-operation of state government which has short-term provision but that become permanent Article in Indian Constitution.

State Court of Jammu & Kashmir ruled that Article 370 is permanent, by justice Hasnain Masoodi and Janak Raj Kotwal. The Apex court also ruled that the Article 370 in Indian Constitution, Which give special status to Jammu &Kashmir, gained the permanent status which cannot be abolished.

There are certain differences in Indian Penal Code and Ranbir Penal Code. In RPC certain places India is replaced by Jammu & Kashmir state. Indian Penal Code is undergo certain amendments.

  • IPC Section 4  dealing with computer resource doesn’t mention in RPC
  • IPC Section153AA  dealing with the arms is serious it doesn’t mention in RPC
  • IPC Section 195A   dealing with forcing a person to give false proof or declaration in serious issue but RPC doesn’t mention it.

Nowadays certain news is highlighted by the media from Poonch district in Jammu & Kashmir, written complaint given by a lady, that a group of 3 men taken her to the camp and one of the men raped her. The case is registered based on the sections of RPC.


  • RPC Section 167A payment by an authority to a contractor without completing the work is punishable
  • RPC Section420A dealing with dishonest with government or authorized public persons is punishable.

It is also a fact that some sections of IPC are amended by different states of India according to their affairs especially by Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

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