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Know About Drone Regulations 1.0 Know About Drone Regulations 1.0

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Lakshmi Posted 4 Dec 2018 Post Comment Visitors: 239 Read More News and Blogs
Know About Drone Regulations 1.0

The definition of Drones as government regulation, it is a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System, the Director General of Aircraft pronounced it. For this, a public portal is created for its Registration. As per the definition of Department of Civil Aviation, it is defined as “Drones are a technology platform which has wide-ranging applications from photography to agriculture, from infrastructure asset maintenance to insurance. Drones range in size from very small and those that can carry multiple kilograms of payload.” A Onetime registration is there for the possessors, the department implemented an Unmanned Traffic Management, with its help the pilots and owners can fly their drones with the help of a mobile app, which gives digital permission to fly. It will decide the permission Yes or is for the safety of the public. If anyone trying to fly without the permission they could not fly. This will be an information to lawyers in India.

Classification of Drones

Nano: Less than or equal to 250 grams

Micro: From 250 grams to 2kg

Small: From 2kg to 25kg

Medium: From 25kg to 150kg

Large: Greater than 150kg

“Drones are an industry of the future. It is a matter of great pride for India that we are now at the cutting-edge of the rulemaking in this industry. India will be taking lead in this sector and will be working with countries around the world to develop common, scalable standards. This industry has a large potential for Make in India and also to export drones and services from India", words of Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu.We call the System as “No permission, No Taking Off”.


 6.1 Civil RPA except those indicated in Para 6.4 and 6.5 of this CAR shall require Unique Identification Number (UIN) from DGCA.UIN will be granted where the RPAS is wholly owned either:

a) By a citizen of India; or

b) By the Central Government or any State Government or any company or corporation owned or controlled by either of the said Governments; or

c) By a company or a body corporate provided that:

 i) it is registered and has its principal place of business within India;

 ii) its chairman and at least two-thirds of its directors are citizens of India; and,

 iii) its substantial ownership and effective control is vested in Indian nationals; or d) By a company or corporation registered elsewhere than in India, provided that such company or corporation has leased the RPAS to any organization mentioned in Para 6.1(b) or (c) above.

 6.2 Following documents shall be required for issue of UIN:

Contact details of owner/ lessee with valid CIN, GSTIN and/ or PAN card. b) Purpose & base of operation.


a) ETA from WPC Wing, Department of Telecommunication for RPA operating in de-licensed frequency band(s), as applicable.

 b) Security Clearance from MHA in case of 6.1 (a), (c) & Indian company or corporate leasing RPAS from a company or corporate registered elsewhere than in India under 6.1, (d) not earlier than five years from date of application for UIN. However, individuals as indicated in Para 6.1 (a) shall either obtain security clearance from MHA or submit self-attested copies of at least two out of three valid identity proofs viz. Passport, Driving License or Aadhar Card. In case of foreign remote pilots employed by Indian entity as per para 6.1 (b), (c), and (d), DGCA shall forward documents for Security clearance to security agencies in accordance with the procedure being followed for Foreign Aircrew Temporary Authorization (FATA) pilots. The application form for security clearance is given at Annexure-II/III of this CAR.

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