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List Of Urgent Matters Dealt With When Court Is In Holidays List Of Urgent Matters Dealt With When Court Is In Holidays

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Rose Posted 10 May 2019 Post Comment Visitors: 338 Read More News and Blogs
List Of Urgent Matters Dealt With When Court Is In Holidays

1. It is hereby notified for the information of all concerned that the following norms/guidelines have been laid down for listing of urgent matters during the court vacation:

Every matter to be moved before vacation Court should be accompanied by an affidavit, indicating all the material facts necessary for the formation of opinion about its urgency. The required material facts and particulars should invariably include:

i) The nature of the matter;

ii) The date of the impugned order, if any;

iii) The reason for not filing it before the vacation, if the impugned order was made or the cause of action arose on an earlier date;

iv) The latest date upto which the matter can be heard in view of the urgency indicated therein; and

v) The nature of interim order sought for which the urgency is indicated must be mentioned.

No matter shall be entertained and considered for listing before the Hon'ble Vacation Judges unless it is, inter alia, accompanied by such an affidavit which is sufficient to indicate the urgency for its being heard by the Hon'ble Vacation Judges.

2. The following matters shall be treated as matters of urgent nature for listing during the vacation :

1. Matters in which death penalty has been awarded;

2. The petition for Habeas Corpus and matters relating to it;

3. Matters relating to imminent apprehension of demolition of property;

4. Matters relating to dispossession/eviction;

5. Matters relating to and of general public importance;

6. Matters for anticipatory bail and matters filed against orders­refusing/  granting bail;

3. The following matters shall not be treated as matters of urgent nature for listing during vacation :

1. Matters arising out of interlocutory orders;

2. Matters relating to remand orders;

3. Matters relating to pre­deposit of tax, penalty etc., under specified statutes;

4. Matters arising out of life sentence or sentences for more than one year;

5. Service matters involving transfer and/or reversion, dismissal and removal from service;

6. Transport matters, except those relating to cancellation of permits and needing urgent interim orders;

7. Matters relating to decrees and their execution.

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