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Original document forgery, how to verify and proveOriginal document forgery, how to verify and prove

Criminal »Posted 14 Feb 2019

legal question In our case, the original sale agreement of our plot, which is with the opposite party, has been altered/forged by them. They have gone ahead and later on inserted certain lines and altered the amount payable to us and also added a witness in the original document, which is not there in the photocopy of the original, which is with us since the time of agreement. The court also at one point has made a note of it, saying that \\\\\\\"there is an erasure..\\\\\\\" Now, the question is, how do we prove that the original document which they have submitted has been forged.. Do we have to ask court permission to send it for forensic dept or are there some other tests to prove the \\\\\\\"timing\\\\\\\" of the insertion of lines and witness.? Please advise.

legal answer from lawyer E00293685you can produce the witness common in original sale deed and photocopy to prove your assertion. in cross examination also you shall have the opportunity to prove.

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