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Payment of Wages (Haryana Amendment) 2016Payment of Wages (Haryana Amendment) 2016

Labor »Posted 7 Dec 2018

legal question Advice required about the process. I have filed for claim under sub section 2 u/s 15 of payment of wages (haryana amendment) act before ALC (authority under payment of Wages act.) The whole process has now been completed with argument with made finally. the decision is expected shortly. I have few clarifications: 1. Will i get the amount immediately after order. 2. My deal with my lawyer is on percentage basis of what I received to be made after payment. The amount is high and runs in lakhs so the lawyer itself will get couple of lakhs. The point is once order is there and the amount is received by me, I will pay to my lawyer. But the question is that if after few months the company goes for appeal then I am at loss. can you explain how to secure that appeal is not made. Also, whose cheque or draft will be given to me, is it labour or company cheque. Will labour dept pay me immediately after the amount is received. how to be safe on this front that the company does not appeal. Wanted to know the end state procedure.

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