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Petition and  Citation Petition and Citation

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Petition and  Citation

According to a  petition, the petitioner is provided a petition to a court, with a complaint, he is the plaintiff. The person being sued is either the accused in a complaint or the respondent in a  petition. Documents both explain the claim being made such as appeal for monetary or divorce judgmentIn the case of Every petition, either paper or online, needs to include: say what the petition is about in a short headline title. a concise short statement about the subject of the petition describes what action the petitioner wishes the Council to take. In certain legal requirements as defined by each state that meets  your own name and address,signature, such that it counts toward the least number of signatures need to place an initiative on the ballot, or a candidate's name on the ballot, or to move ahead with a recall or other action start off by the ...Petition Format.

Properly a petition can be a strong civic weapon only when it is used at the correct time. for an action the concerned authorities fail on a demand or issue then a formal petition with public support, in the form of signatures, is the way to make take notice and address the related problem from the concerned authority. from a person or persons A written application to some governing body or public official asking that some authority be exercised to grant relief, favors, or privileges. For the court in writing that requests action on a certain matter a formal application made


The order of a court case to either do a certain thing or to appear before it to answer charges. ... In civil actions,  mostly citation used in probate actions although periodically, it is used in general civil cases. A petition for a citation to discover assets need not state a cause of action, and a court will issue a citation to discover is the petition states that some person has a property which possibly belongs to the estate, or some person may have information or knowledge of the property that the petitioner may need to obtain ...Case citation is a system used by legal professionals to identify past court case decisions, either in a sequence of books called reporters or law reports or in a neutral style that identifies a decision regardless of where it is reported.

The service of citation is legal notice to the other side that you have filed your case.  To this not enough to tell the person on the other side that you have filed the case. the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure must follow and show the court that you have given legal notice.Waiver of citation is   You do not have to give legal notice if the person on the other side agrees to sign a form in front of a notary.   until after the Petition is filed at the clerk’s office we get a sign in the from.  Texas law has Waiver of Service forms for many kinds of cases. Lawyers in India  Issuance of citation another way to give legal notice is to have the clerk issue a citation.   a small fee needs for issuing the citation unless you obtain a waiver of the fees based on your Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs.

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Delivery of citation is  Unless you requested to service.when you ask for the citation, you need to organize for an empowered deliver the citation and Petition to the respondent.  for this service, There is also a fee, unless you obtain a waiver of the fees based on your Statment of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs.  If you request, the process server will give the citation and a copy of the Petition to the respondent.  usually the process server will be a sheriff’s deputy or constable unless you hire your own private process server. if you may not serve the citation and no one in your family may serve it.

  1. Other ways to give legal notice.

Service by mail the other way  You can ask the clerk to mail the citation and petition to the person on the other side by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested.   the other side person does not sign the return receipt or if another person signs it, then there is no legal notice.   you may not use service by mail If the person on the other side is an inmate. by a process, serverYou must use personal service

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Service by publication or posting.  In case you do not know where the person on the other side is, you may be able to serve them with notice of the suit by publishing legal notice in a newspaper.  You want to prove that you have tried hard to find the other person.  to represent the other side The judge has to appoint a lawyer, and you may have to pay the lawyer's fees.  In the case of a divorce case and you cannot find your spouse, and if you do not have any children or much property, you may be able to use service by posting at the courthouse.  To get information and forms for service by publication and service by posting, see the giving legal notice information on TexasLaw

Return of citation is When the person on the other side has been served by the process server, the process server will complete a Return of Citation that lets the judge know when and how the person on the other side was served.  in the clerk's office with the rest of the papers in the case file The Return of Citation must be filed. According Rules 99 through 124 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure address service and return of citation

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