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SC To BCI Maximum Age Limit For LLB Admission SC To BCI Maximum Age Limit For LLB Admission

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Lakshmi Posted 14 Mar 2019 Post Comment Visitors: 1774 Read More News and Blogs
SC To BCI Maximum Age Limit For LLB Admission

The judgments from the apex court are always at the pinnacle point for the judiciary, neither a government or public can’t question honorable judgment from the SC. Attorneys are self-maintained professionals even though their rules and regulations are administrated by the Bar Council of India. They are the authorities who provided the ID cards for the attorneys after their graduation, only with these ID cards are mandatory for their carrier. Bar Council have many other responsibilities regarding the advocates. A couple of days back the honorable SC ruled to the BCI to reconsider the upper age limit for the admission for LLB, which is a graduation course with time span of 3 or 5 years. The corresponding bench is chaired by Justice S A Bobde and the plea was submitted by Rishab Duggal. He submitted the plea is to reconsider the circular notified by the BCI which is published in the year 2016, in that the maximum age for the admission in integrated courses is set as 20 years. lawyers in India.

Extending the maximum age limit for the admission of LLB should be a backup for the people from different walks of life, sometimes they could not continue their linear education because of different reasons such as financial problems, married women choose education after their children reach a particular age etc. Never lost opportunities for these kinds of people the leader argued. The attorney who appeared for the petitioner quote a story of a Chinese man who started to study law at his 70th year to appeal against a company who wrongly acquire his land.

The following given is the corresponding order from the apex court.

“We consider it appropriate in the interest of justice to permit the Bar Council of India to reconsider the age limit after hearing the various stakeholders, including the petitioner. List the matter in the first week of April 2019.”

The clause regarding the age of admission

Subject to the condition stipulated by a University on this behalf and the high degree of professional commitment required, the maximum age for seeking admission into a stream of integrated Bachelor of law degree program, is limited to twenty years in case of general category of applicants and to twenty-two years in case of applicants from SC, ST, and other Backward communities.

Subject to the condition stipulated by a University, and the general social condition of the applicants seeking legal education belatedly, the maximum age for seeking admission into a stream of Three Year Bachelor Degree Course in Law, is limited to thirty years with right of the University to give concession of five further years for the applicant belonging to SC or ST or any other Backward Community.”

Not everyone can continue their education without interruption; people are dealing with different kinds of issues in their daily life. Some people post ponded their dreams to the future but they never give back it. When a suitable time arrived they grab their dreams. Age is never a barrier to anybody’s dream.



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