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Section 493, 420 and 506 B - SquashSection 493, 420 and 506 B - Squash

Criminal »Posted 14 Feb 2019

legal question Hi Team,

One of my cousin facing Section 493, 420 and 506 B by his ex-girl friend, and he told me she filed FIR stating lot of false statements about their relationship and their one month stay together few months back.

He also mentioned the fact that he never given any commitment on their marriage proposal and total FIR she filed based on one thing that my cousin promised her of marriage out of this relationship. But my cousin mentioned he never given any such commitments or made promises of such kind.

She also wrongly filed that my cousin family demanded some money as dowry for the marriage to happen which they did not and she also wrongly filed that my cousin family threatened her life by killing her if she is not willing to pay that amount as Dowry. All the above statements she wrongly accused and god knows how this case accepted.

Note: Is any option to get Bail ( Anticipatory?) Is it possible to go for SQUASH at high court and how well are the chances. (My cousin is not married yet and she had her divorce once back in 2016 with some guy).

Appreciate your expert opinion on this. T

Thank you.

legal answer from lawyer E000044561) The police will investigate the facts of the complain made by her and may not arrest him but serve a notice to him under section 41-A ,of the Criminal Procedure Code with certain conditions and let him free.
2) If need be he must contact a local Advocate and follow his advise.
3) Please do click upon the like thumbs up tab shown below this reply format in token of appreciation for my having replied to your query.

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