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Senior Advocates in IndiaSenior Advocates in India

Please find the list of retired Hon'ble judges and senior advocates in India those who can help you for any legal matter. Senior Advocates listed here are based on their years of experience. Choose your city, select the appropriate senior advocate and proceed.

Advocate Birinder Singh, Senior Advocate in Chandigarh - Mohali
Experience (years): 35
Specializations: divorce & matrimonial-property-agreement & contracts-will-probate-corporate-commercial-criminal
Advocate Bhagwan Choudhari, Senior Advocate in Pune - Maharashtra, Preference to Pune
Experience (years): 35
Languages Known: Marathi. English ,Hindi
Specializations: civil, criminal, matrimonial, consumer, property, contract, partnership, arbitration, divorce, rent
Advocate L.KRISHNAN, Senior Advocate in Thanjavur - Kumbakonam
Experience (years): 32
Specializations: civil, consumer, criminal case, motor accident cases, land acquisition cases , family disputes,
Advocate Anil Kumar Kamboj, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Delhi
Experience (years): 14
Languages Known: Eng. Hindi, Punjabi.
Specializations: civil and criminal cases in high court & supreme court, employment law, education, service law etc.
Delhi | Delhi
Advocate Bal Mukund Shah, Senior Advocate in Sidhi - Singrauli
Experience (years): 1994
Languages Known: Hindi, english
Specializations: civil,criminal , revenu and family matter
Advocate Khanna Associates LLP , Senior Advocate in Jaipur - mansarovar
Experience (years): 70
Languages Known: English Hindi
Specializations: family,civil,corporate,ipr
Jaipur | mansarovar
Advocate Jiya lal jain, Senior Advocate in Muzaffarnagar - Muzaffarnagar
Experience (years): 65
Languages Known: English, hindi
Specializations: civil n family matters
Muzaffarnagar | Muzaffarnagar
Advocate R S Nambi, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Mandavelipakkam
Experience (years): 64
Specializations: property laws, taxation, international laws, dtaa, fema, civil suits,writ jurisdiction, banking, con
Advocate Vishesh rajvanshi, Senior Advocate in Allahabad - Allahabad
Experience (years): 60
Languages Known: English, Hindi
Specializations: family, property, criminal, civil, company, arbitration, consumer disputes, debt recovery tribunals
Advocate kekri bar association, Senior Advocate in Kekri - kekri
Experience (years): 60
Languages Known: english,hindi
Specializations: all
Kekri | kekri
Advocate LAKSHMI NARAYANAN, Senior Advocate in Dharmapuri - DHARMAPURI
Experience (years): 55
Languages Known: tamil,english, telugu
Specializations: property dispute
Dharmapuri | DHARMAPURI
Advocate vinod swarup, Senior Advocate in Allahabad - George Town
Experience (years): 52
Specializations: all types of civil cases, writ petitions, service cases. tax cases etc.
Advocate CA Binod JAISWAL, Senior Advocate in Ranchi - Booty Road
Experience (years): 50
Specializations: finance , taxation, industrial dispute
Ranchi | Booty Road
Advocate Ayodhya prashad tripathi, Senior Advocate in Gorakhpur - Taramandal bhagat chauraha
Experience (years): 50
Languages Known: English and Hindi
Specializations: civil and revenue matters
Gorakhpur | Taramandal bhagat chauraha
Advocate Devendra Kumar Tripathi, Senior Advocate in Basti - Basti
Experience (years): 50
Languages Known: English, hindi
Specializations: property
Basti | Basti
Advocate Ruchi Rajgarhia, Senior Advocate in Cuttack - Hazari lane, Telenga bazar, Cuttack
Experience (years): 50
Languages Known: English, hindi, oriya, bengali
Specializations: criminal, writs, family matters, cheque bouncing, property, partnership deeds
Advocate Pancham Singh Rawat, Senior Advocate in Bareilly - BAREILLY
Experience (years): 50
Languages Known: English&Hindi
Specializations: family,property,criminal expert.
Bareilly | BAREILLY
Advocate Vinod Swarup, Senior Advocate in Allahabad - George Town
Experience (years): 50
Languages Known: English and Hindi
Specializations: all types of civil matters, labour matters, writ petitions, constitutional matters, testamentary etc
Allahabad | George Town
Advocate Vikramsinh Yadav, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - Mumbai
Experience (years): 50
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi
Specializations: criminal law, civil litigation, corporate litigation, banking law, arbitration, testamentary
Advocate Lex Conseiller, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - Marine Lines
Experience (years): 50
Specializations: real estate laws, intellectual property rights laws and it industry laws and civil litigation
Advocate K.VENKATA REDDY, Senior Advocate in Cuddapah - KADAPA
Experience (years): 48
Specializations: property,family,leagal advicing,divorcing,leagal suggestion
Advocate S V Kulkarni, Senior Advocate in Delhi - New Delhi and NCR
Experience (years): 48
Specializations: property, business, family, divorce, wills, civil, consumer disputes, landlord-tenant, general prac
Advocate Sanjoy Ghosh, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - Kolkata
Experience (years): 48
Specializations: property, family, divorce, bail, writs, all civils and crminal cases
Advocate Vijay Bansal, Senior Advocate in Ludhiana - Ludhiana
Experience (years): 47
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Punjabi
Ludhiana | Ludhiana
Advocate J k garg, Senior Advocate in Agra - Sanjay place agra
Experience (years): 47
Languages Known: English,hindi
Specializations: taxation
Agra | Sanjay place agra
Advocate Ramakrishna Ponnekanti, Senior Advocate in Guntur - Koritepadu
Experience (years): 47
Specializations: civil,hindu law, property, cotracts, procedure, real estate, partition, adoption and business.
Advocate Jaiprakashnarain Saxena, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - Andheri
Experience (years): 46
Languages Known: english, hindi, marathi
Specializations: family, divorce, criminal, domestic violence, maintenance, marriage
Advocate Advocate Riaz Husain, Senior Advocate in Bareilly - BAREILLY
Experience (years): 45
Languages Known: English, hindi, urdu.
Specializations: civil, property
Bareilly | BAREILLY
Advocate Advocate. P.K.Shukla, Senior Advocate in Indore - Jail road
Experience (years): 45
Languages Known: English, Hindi.
Specializations: criminal ,corporate , civil ect.
Indore | Jail road
Advocate Adv Boota singh, Senior Advocate in Rampur - Baba deep Singh Nagar, civil lines
Experience (years): 45
Languages Known: Hindi, English, Punjabi
Specializations: criminal, family, marriage, divorce, accidental claims, cheque
Advocate Harsh Kumar Mishra, Senior Advocate in Gorakhpur - Civil court Gorakhpur
Experience (years): 45
Languages Known: Hindi nd English
Specializations: mact claim, civil case , arbitration case, familly court case, consumer forum case,
Advocate Adv M D Williams, Senior Advocate in Trivandrum - Trivandrum
Experience (years): 45
Languages Known: English,Malayalam,Hindi,Tamil
Specializations: civil, criminal, motor accidents, family, consumer.
Advocate Dr Katta Venkata Rama Krishna, Senior Advocate in Vijayawada - Patamata, Vijayawada -520010 AP India
Experience (years): 45
Languages Known: English, Telugu, Hindi, Oriya
Specializations: family, divorce, property, succession, ipr, labor laws, banking, corporate law
Advocate G B Krishnaiyer alias g balakrishnan, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - Kharghar
Experience (years): 45
Languages Known: tamil, telugu, malayalam, hindi,
Specializations: writs, property, contracts, civil, crimes, appeals, corporate cases, mediation, conciliation
Advocate Prof V Narayana Swamy, Senior Advocate in Bangalore - Hanumantha Nagar
Experience (years): 45
Specializations: writ petitions. drafting, civil, educational, societies, sc/st matters, criminal and many others
Advocate Govind Ram Yadav, Senior Advocate in Alwar - Near Police Line
Experience (years): 45
Languages Known: English , HIndi
Specializations: civil , criminal , family matters , 138 n.i act , mact
Advocate Shantilal Pandya, Senior Advocate in Lunavada - Vardhari Road
Experience (years): 45
Specializations: civi criminal laws matrimony -marriage divorce,property , contract ,public trusts ,
Advocate Shahul Hammeed, Senior Advocate in Chennai - North Chennai
Experience (years): 44
Specializations: all civil cases-specialist property law-legal opinion- litigation work-specialist murder cases
Chennai | North Chennai
Advocate Raghuram Nagabhatla, Senior Advocate in Parvatipuram - Parvathipuram
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: English, Hindi and Telugu
Specializations: civil, criminal and matrimonial matters
Parvatipuram | Parvathipuram
Advocate debaprosad mukhopadhyay, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - Kolkata
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: Bengali,Hindi,English
Specializations: civil,criminal,banking,family law,
Kolkata | Kolkata
Advocate A. RAMARAJ, Senior Advocate in Pollachi - udumalai road, pollachi
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: ENGLISH, TAMIL
Specializations: family, property,long experience in domestic enquiries,cheque cases etc.,
Advocate Kiran S Panchal , Senior Advocate in Ahmedabad - Ahmedabad
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: Gujarati English Hindi
Specializations: property cases
Ahmedabad | Ahmedabad
Advocate Saahil Nalwaya , Senior Advocate in Udaipur - Rajasthan
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: English and hindi
Specializations: criminal laws
Advocate Deepak kumar , Senior Advocate in Hajipur - Bagmali
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: Hindi, Engy
Specializations: civil, family
Hajipur | Bagmali
Advocate Harsh kumar Tanwer , Senior Advocate in Faridabad - Faridabad
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: Hindi , English
Specializations: civil , criminal, matrimonial, cheque cases , digital signature certificate
Faridabad | Faridabad
Advocate Ankush chaudhary, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Shahdra
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: English hindi
Specializations: criminal ,,bail matters,,civil,,family law,,property law,,mact,
Delhi | Shahdra
Advocate Navneet bohra, Senior Advocate in Jodhpur - Chopasani Housing Board
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: English,hindi
Specializations: property,family
Jodhpur | Chopasani Housing Board
Advocate yogesh saxena, Senior Advocate in Allahabad - Preetam Nagar
Experience (years): 43
Languages Known: Hindi, English
Specializations: constittional criminal and civil laws, civil jurisdictions, second appeal, special appeal, slp
Advocate Minal Udani-Lisam , Senior Advocate in Mudkhed - Chembur.
Experience (years): 42
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Gujarati and little Marathi.
Specializations: commercial, corporate, property, family laws, testamentary
Mudkhed | Chembur.
Advocate Loganathan, Senior Advocate in Coimbatore - Peelamedu
Experience (years): 42
Languages Known: English, Tamil
Specializations: corruption case, consumer cases, divorce cases, bail services, legal advise, accident cases
Coimbatore | Peelamedu
Advocate V K Srivastava, Senior Advocate in KANPUR NAGAR - Sharda Nagar
Experience (years): 42
Languages Known: Hindi, English
Specializations: family, property, service, opinion
KANPUR NAGAR | Sharda Nagar
Advocate Pushpendra Kumar Gupta, Senior Advocate in Moradabad - Civil Lined
Experience (years): 42
Specializations: property, banking, cheque bounce, civil law, divorce, rent control, arbitration, election petition
Advocate Rajinder K. Nagpal, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Punjabi Bagh
Experience (years): 42
Specializations: family matters. property disputes and immigration world wide on skill and investment basis
Advocate Adv. Vijaw Shamrao Walujkar, Senior Advocate in Sangli - Sangli
Experience (years): 42
Specializations: civil, criminal, matrimonial cases, accident claims, land acquisition references, documentation etc.
Advocate shanker lal, Senior Advocate in Bhopal - Bhopal
Experience (years): 42
Specializations: mandi cases, mandi,service matters mandi,matrimonial,property,apmc matters
Advocate Aaditya Bhatt, Senior Advocate in Ahmedabad - Sola
Experience (years): 41
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Gujarati
Specializations: civil law, criminal law, service law, land revenue law, education law
Advocate Bhagat Singh, Senior Advocate in Sonipat - Sonipat
Experience (years): 41
Languages Known: Hindi, English
Specializations: civil, criminal, family, consumer, land
Advocate Purna chandra mishra, Senior Advocate in Polasara - Main road bazar street sqare
Experience (years): 41
Specializations: family matters civil criminal etc
Polasara | Main road bazar street sqare
Advocate Ashok N Dhanapune, Senior Advocate in Pune - Bibwewadi
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Marathi, Hindi, English
Specializations: property matter, landlord/tenant, civil suits, arbitration, family court
Pune | Bibwewadi
Advocate Rajendra Pratap Singh, Senior Advocate in Lucknow - Lucknow
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Hindi English
Specializations: civil.,family & property matters
Lucknow | Lucknow
Advocate Rampal Mor, Senior Advocate in Sonipat - Sonipat
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Hindi English Punjabi
Sonipat | Sonipat
Advocate Kamalakshi G Patil, Senior Advocate in Hubli - Shreya Nagar
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Kannada, English, Hindi
Specializations: family law, consumer law, real estate
Hubli | Shreya Nagar
Advocate Ashoka Parihar, Senior Advocate in Jammu - Gandhi Nagar Jammu
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: English : Urdu:Hindi: Kashmiri:Dogri:Punjabi
Specializations: service matters, civil and crime nal
Jammu | Gandhi Nagar Jammu
Advocate Premchand Gupta, Senior Advocate in Ujjain - Arya Samaj Road, Bahadurganj
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Hindi and English
Specializations: family, property, banking, revenue, cheque disputes, labour etc
Ujjain | Arya Samaj Road, Bahadurganj
Advocate Jai shankar singh, Senior Advocate in Varanasi - Nadesar
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Hindi & Bhojpuri
Specializations: property
Varanasi | Nadesar
Advocate Karnail Singh Wazir , Senior Advocate in Baramula - Baramula
Experience (years): 40
Baramula | Baramula
Advocate M.S.Rana, Senior Advocate in Delhi - District courts of Delhi
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Hindi, english
Specializations: criminal , family laws
Delhi | District courts of Delhi
Advocate Pradeep kumar Jain, Senior Advocate in Kairana - Kairana
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: English, Hindi
Specializations: civil case
Kairana | Kairana
Advocate Advocate Vasantrao Kharde Patil, Senior Advocate in Shirdi - Kolhar
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: English, Hindi , Marathi
Specializations: civil, criminal and family
Shirdi | Kolhar
Advocate Sada Sheo Rao, Senior Advocate in Ranchi - Khelgaon
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Hindi, English, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Maithli
Specializations: criminal, civil, family, property
Ranchi | Khelgaon
Advocate S K Singh, Senior Advocate in Aligarh - Uttar Pradesh
Experience (years): 40
Specializations: family matters including divorce, property, land acquisition, rent control, partnership disputes e
Advocate J P Nayak and Associates, Senior Advocate in Chhatarpur - CHHATARPUR
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: HINDI, ENGLISH
Specializations: taxation, companys matters,
Chhatarpur | CHHATARPUR
Advocate Tushar Srivastava, Senior Advocate in Rae Bareli - Civil court bus station
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Hindi,English
Specializations: civil matters
Rae Bareli | Civil court bus station
Advocate Arminder Singh Arora, Senior Advocate in Ludhiana - Pakhowal Road
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: English, Punjabi, Hindi
Specializations: property, stay, divorce, cheque, rent matters
Ludhiana | Pakhowal Road
Advocate V R PATIL District and Sessions Judge Retd, Senior Advocate in Hyderabad - Hyderabad
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Telugu
Specializations: family law, criminal law, civil law
Hyderabad | Hyderabad
Advocate Anandhakumar, Senior Advocate in Coimbatore - Thondamuthur
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam & English
Specializations: civil,criminal & consumer

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Searching for senior lawyers in India and get an appointment is always a difficult task. To simplify that process PathLegal has presented here the senior most advocates in India as per their experience, where you can view their specialization, location, etc. This is one of the professional field where experience matters a lot. Lawyers grab their knowledge from the practical field and senior advocates have good practical knowledge as compared with junior advocates. Most probably under these senior lawyers have junior advocates practicing and they will be helping the seniors. As we said here we define the seniority as per their experience.

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