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Senior Advocates in India

Senior Advocates in India

Please find the list of retired Hon'ble judges and senior advocates in India those who can help you for any legal matter. Senior Advocates listed here are based on their years of experience. Choose your city, select the appropriate senior advocate and proceed. Click here for free Legal Advice

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Hon'ble Justice Paras Nath Singh    Bhopal    DANISH NAGAR

criminal , civil , arbitration

Experience(years) : 58           Details of Advocate Paras Nath Singh

Hon'ble Justice Ram S. Pandit    Mumbai    Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

all legal services

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Ram S. Pandit

Hon'ble Justice N C Chaudhuri    Ahmedabad    Satelight

criminal law,civil law

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate N C Chaudhuri

Hon'ble Justice Ghanshyam Prasad    Patna    Patna


Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Ghanshyam Prasad

Hon'ble Justice Raj Kamal Gaur    Jaipur    Nirman Nagar

civil & criminal

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Raj Kamal Gaur

Hon'ble Justice T Nagappa    Bangalore    Kodigehalli


Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate T Nagappa

Hon'ble Justice bhagwan    Pune    Maharastra,preference to pune

civil, criminal, matrimonial, consumer, property, contract, partnership, arbitration, divorce, rent

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate bhagwan

Hon'ble Justice L.KRISHNAN    Thanjavur    Kumbakonam

civil, consumer, criminal case, motor accident cases, land acquisition cases , family disputes,

Experience(years) : 32           Details of Advocate L.KRISHNAN

Hon'ble Justice Rajendra Desai    Bangalore    Palace Road

criminal, family civil high court

Experience(years) : 27           Details of Advocate Rajendra Desai

Hon'ble Justice arif mohammed madani    Jaipur    jaipur

civil and criminal

Experience(years) : 27           Details of Advocate arif mohammed madani

Hon'ble Justice S.BALASUBRAMANIAN    Gurgaon    Sector 31

corporate laws

Experience(years) : 25           Details of Advocate S.BALASUBRAMANIAN

Hon'ble Justice Wg Cdr Sanjeev Pai    Mumbai    Powai

military law, aviation law, civil property matters

Experience(years) : 23           Details of Advocate Wg Cdr Sanjeev Pai

Hon'ble Justice JAYANT ALONI    Nagpur    Surendra nagar,

civil and criminal

Experience(years) : 15           Details of Advocate JAYANT ALONI

Advocate Advocate Mandgi, Senior Advocate in Bangalore - near Lalit Ashok Hotel, Shivananda Circle or Bangalore Golf Club- Bangalore, Karnataka Advocate Mandgi    Bangalore    near Lalit Ashok Hotel, Shivananda Circle or Bangalore Golf Club- Bangalore, Karnataka

administrative law, appellate practice, adoption, arbitration and conciliation, intern

Experience(years) : 86           Details of Advocate Advocate Mandgi

Advocate jayanthy satyanarayanamurti, Senior Advocate in Amalapuram - amalapuram jayanthy satyanarayanamurti    Amalapuram    amalapuram

civil laws

Experience(years) : 64           Details of Advocate jayanthy satyanarayanamurti

Advocate R S Nambi, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Mandavelipakkam R S Nambi    Chennai    Mandavelipakkam

property laws, taxation, international laws, dtaa, fema, civil suits,writ jurisdiction, banking, con

Experience(years) : 64           Details of Advocate R S Nambi

Advocate GANGADHAR VAISH, Senior Advocate in Shahjahanpur - CHOTA CHOWK GANGADHAR VAISH    Shahjahanpur    CHOTA CHOWK


Experience(years) : 60           Details of Advocate GANGADHAR VAISH

Advocate J Radhakrishnan, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Royapettah, Chennai-600014 J Radhakrishnan    Chennai    Royapettah, Chennai-600014

banking, writs, personnel, contracts, civil

Experience(years) : 55           Details of Advocate J Radhakrishnan

Advocate K H S Reddy, Senior Advocate in Bangalore - Jakkur, Yelkhanka K H S Reddy    Bangalore    Jakkur, Yelkhanka

property verification

Experience(years) : 52           Details of Advocate K H S Reddy

Advocate vinod swarup, Senior Advocate in Allahabad - George Town vinod swarup    Allahabad    George Town

all types of civil cases, writ petitions, service cases. tax cases etc.

Experience(years) : 52           Details of Advocate vinod swarup

Advocate Hargun Singh Bhatia, Senior Advocate in Chandigarh - Sector 21-A Hargun Singh Bhatia    Chandigarh    Sector 21-A

banking, family, property, insurance

Experience(years) : 50           Details of Advocate Hargun Singh Bhatia

Advocate Lex Conseiller, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - Marine Lines Lex Conseiller    Mumbai    Marine Lines

real estate laws, intellectual property rights laws and it industry laws and civil litigation

Experience(years) : 50           Details of Advocate Lex Conseiller

Advocate GOPAL CHOWDHURY, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - pin-700029 GOPAL CHOWDHURY    Kolkata    pin-700029

criminal, taxation

Experience(years) : 50           Details of Advocate GOPAL CHOWDHURY

Advocate Sudhakar Gajanan Hartalkar, Senior Advocate in Pune - Kothrud Sudhakar Gajanan Hartalkar    Pune    Kothrud

arbitration and civil

Experience(years) : 50           Details of Advocate Sudhakar Gajanan Hartalkar

Advocate shashikumar, Senior Advocate in Nashik - Panchvati shashikumar    Nashik    Panchvati

ni 138, faimily matters, property.

Experience(years) : 50           Details of Advocate shashikumar

Advocate sanjoy ghosh, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - near ramkrishna mission. sanjoy ghosh    Kolkata    near ramkrishna mission.

property, family, divorce, bail, writs, all civils and crminal cases

Experience(years) : 47           Details of Advocate sanjoy ghosh

Advocate JAIDEV JHAMB, Senior Advocate in Jhansi - Criminal Side JAIDEV JHAMB    Jhansi    Criminal Side

criminal side

Experience(years) : 46           Details of Advocate JAIDEV JHAMB

Advocate ishwari prasad advocate, Senior Advocate in Danapur - tarachuk,Danapur Cantt ishwari prasad advocate    Danapur    tarachuk,Danapur Cantt

criminal cases,matrimonial & consumer protection

Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate ishwari prasad advocate

Advocate Govind Ram Yadav, Senior Advocate in Alwar - Near Police Line Govind Ram Yadav    Alwar    Near Police Line

civil , criminal

Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate Govind Ram Yadav

Advocate DAVE CO, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - fort DAVE CO    Mumbai    fort

proeprty /civil /quasi criminal/company

Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate DAVE CO

Advocate NARAYAN PRASAD LOHIA, Senior Advocate in Buxar - BUXAR NARAYAN PRASAD LOHIA    Buxar    BUXAR

income tax,sales tax,service tax

Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate NARAYAN PRASAD LOHIA

Advocate Abhay Garg, Senior Advocate in Betul - CHAKKAR ROAD Abhay Garg    Betul    CHAKKAR ROAD

criminal & civil laws

Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate Abhay Garg

Advocate Mahitosh khan, Senior Advocate in Murshidabad - malda disctrict court Mahitosh khan    Murshidabad    malda disctrict court

criminal, civil , property , company related , family matter divorce expert

Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate Mahitosh khan

Advocate Veerappa, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - Jogeshwari Veerappa    Mumbai    Jogeshwari


Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate Veerappa

Advocate PARESH CH BHATTACHARJEE, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - Kolkata PARESH CH BHATTACHARJEE    Kolkata    Kolkata

civil law, company matters, arbitration etc.

Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate PARESH CH BHATTACHARJEE

Advocate AK Legal Partners, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - Santacruz East AK Legal Partners    Mumbai    Santacruz East


Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate AK Legal Partners

Advocate ADVOCATE VIVEK KUMAR, Senior Advocate in Meerut - MEERUT ADVOCATE VIVEK KUMAR    Meerut    MEERUT

banking, civil, consumers,

Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate ADVOCATE VIVEK KUMAR

Advocate Gopal Krishna Joshi, Senior Advocate in Pune - Karvenagar Gopal Krishna Joshi    Pune    Karvenagar


Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate Gopal Krishna Joshi

Advocate N. Sampath Kumar, Senior Advocate in Bangalore - Rajajinagar N. Sampath Kumar    Bangalore    Rajajinagar

litigation - civil, criminal, labour, service, family law, consumer law

Experience(years) : 45           Details of Advocate N. Sampath Kumar

Advocate Nand Lall Daga, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - Lake Town Nand Lall Daga    Kolkata    Lake Town


Experience(years) : 44           Details of Advocate Nand Lall Daga

Advocate P CHANDRA BOSE, Senior Advocate in Madurai - Madurai P CHANDRA BOSE    Madurai    Madurai

labour law, consumer

Experience(years) : 44           Details of Advocate P CHANDRA BOSE

Advocate jai parkash, Senior Advocate in Bangalore - KORAMANGLA jai parkash    Bangalore    KORAMANGLA

criminala law . service law, anti corruption

Experience(years) : 44           Details of Advocate jai parkash

Advocate N. K. Ray, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - Behala N. K. Ray    Kolkata    Behala

bank-matters, real estates, matrimonial disputes, etc.

Experience(years) : 43           Details of Advocate N. K. Ray

Advocate T.Ganesan, Senior Advocate in Tirunelveli - perumalpuram T.Ganesan    Tirunelveli    perumalpuram


Experience(years) : 43           Details of Advocate T.Ganesan

Advocate kalyan narayan bhattacharyya , Senior Advocate in Agartala - west Tripura kalyan narayan bhattacharyya    Agartala    west Tripura

service, civil, property, criminal, writ, family, partition

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate kalyan narayan bhattacharyya

Advocate shanker lal, Senior Advocate in Bhopal - Bhopal shanker lal    Bhopal    Bhopal

mandi cases, mandi,service matters mandi,matrimonial,property,apmc matters

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate shanker lal

Advocate Trilok R Rathi, Senior Advocate in Jodhpur - Jodhpur Trilok R Rathi    Jodhpur    Jodhpur

civil, bank cases, legal instruments (documents)

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate Trilok R Rathi

Advocate Koteshwar Rao, Senior Advocate in Khammam - PSR Road Koteshwar Rao    Khammam    PSR Road


Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate Koteshwar Rao

Advocate y s n  murthy, Senior Advocate in Visakhapatnam - kirlampudilay out y s n murthy    Visakhapatnam    kirlampudilay out

bnaking, family laws, labour, consunmer,cooperative llaws

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate y s n  murthy

Advocate jaiprakashnarain Saxena, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - Andheri jaiprakashnarain Saxena    Mumbai    Andheri

all family matters and criminal matters, domestic violence

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate jaiprakashnarain Saxena

Advocate A K Chandnani, Senior Advocate in Saharanpur - Saharanpur A K Chandnani    Saharanpur    Saharanpur

taxation & trade mark

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate A K Chandnani

Advocate D. Sankaran, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Chennai D. Sankaran    Chennai    Chennai

civil law

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate D. Sankaran

Advocate G.KRISHNAIAH, Senior Advocate in Mahbubnagar - STATION ROAD G.KRISHNAIAH    Mahbubnagar    STATION ROAD


Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate G.KRISHNAIAH

Advocate Ranganathan, Senior Advocate in Krishnagiri - Uthangarai Taluk Ranganathan    Krishnagiri    Uthangarai Taluk

criminal &civil

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate Ranganathan

Advocate nagaru pillai, Senior Advocate in Chennai - ramapuram nagaru pillai    Chennai    ramapuram

labour law,industrial disputes act,motor vehicle act,writ

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate nagaru pillai

Advocate Shantilal Pandya, Senior Advocate in Lunavada - Vardhari Road Shantilal Pandya    Lunavada    Vardhari Road

civi criminal laws matrimony -marriage divorce,property , contract ,public trusts ,

Experience(years) : 42           Details of Advocate Shantilal Pandya

Advocate y s n  murthy, Senior Advocate in Visakhapatnam - kirlampudilay out y s n murthy    Visakhapatnam    kirlampudilay out

bnaking, family laws, labour, consunmer,cooperative llaws

Experience(years) : 41           Details of Advocate y s n  murthy

Advocate rajinder singh, Senior Advocate in Delhi - DELHI COURTS rajinder singh    Delhi    DELHI COURTS

criminal & civil matters

Experience(years) : 41           Details of Advocate rajinder singh

Advocate KAMAL SRIVASTAVA , Senior Advocate in Shahjahanpur - KATIYA TOLA KAMAL SRIVASTAVA    Shahjahanpur    KATIYA TOLA

criminal ,consumer, company ,banking and rent

Experience(years) : 41           Details of Advocate KAMAL SRIVASTAVA

Advocate YOGENDRA PRASAD AZAD, Senior Advocate in Patna - Res:-Mogalpura Purani Chowki, Patna City,Office Chamber 65, Bar Council Bhawan, PATNA HIGH COURT. YOGENDRA PRASAD AZAD    Patna    Res:-Mogalpura Purani Chowki, Patna City,Office Chamber 65, Bar Council Bhawan, PATNA HIGH COURT.

criminal, service matters, matrimonial, domestic violence, taxation laws, arbitration, banki

Experience(years) : 41           Details of Advocate YOGENDRA PRASAD AZAD

Advocate R K Dewan, Senior Advocate in Pune - Shivaji Nagar R K Dewan    Pune    Shivaji Nagar

trademark, patents, design, copyright

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate R K Dewan

Advocate Jagdish Prasad Tak, Senior Advocate in Malpura - Adarsh Nagar Jagdish Prasad Tak    Malpura    Adarsh Nagar

family, property, crimes, etc

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Jagdish Prasad Tak

Advocate MURUGESAN, Senior Advocate in Thanjavur - Thiruvarur MURUGESAN    Thanjavur    Thiruvarur

criminal, civil, family matters, rcop, mcop

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate MURUGESAN

Advocate somaraju, Senior Advocate in Narasapur - Park.Street somaraju    Narasapur    Park.Street

family law,property laws,civil &criminal

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate somaraju

Advocate RAJENDRA SINGH, Senior Advocate in Jatara - Jatara RAJENDRA SINGH    Jatara    Jatara

criminal lawyer, notary

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate RAJENDRA SINGH

Advocate RADHEY SHYAM, Senior Advocate in Aliganj - ALIGANJ RADHEY SHYAM    Aliganj    ALIGANJ

indirect taxes customs central excise service tax service matters

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate RADHEY SHYAM

Advocate amarchand k , Senior Advocate in Chennai - MKB NAGAR amarchand k    Chennai    MKB NAGAR

civil and criminal, property documentation and registration, taxation, writ petitions, litigation

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate amarchand k

Advocate MAHESH KUMAR SHARMA, Senior Advocate in Moradabad - MORADABAD MAHESH KUMAR SHARMA    Moradabad    MORADABAD


Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate MAHESH KUMAR SHARMA

Advocate vijay kumar malhotra, Senior Advocate in Hoshiarpur - service tax,  Income Tax, vijay kumar malhotra    Hoshiarpur    service tax, Income Tax,


Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate vijay kumar malhotra

Advocate Ramlal Singh, Senior Advocate in Motihari - Motihari Ramlal Singh    Motihari    Motihari

family, property

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Ramlal Singh

Advocate Sharda Prasad, Senior Advocate in Noida - Sector 50 Sharda Prasad    Noida    Sector 50

criminal , service, international transport law

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Sharda Prasad

Advocate Priyabrata Ghosh, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - ON DR. S M AVE Near Ladies Park Priyabrata Ghosh    Kolkata    ON DR. S M AVE Near Ladies Park

direct tax

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Priyabrata Ghosh

Advocate PREEM NARAYAN SINGH, Senior Advocate in Deoria - deoria PREEM NARAYAN SINGH    Deoria    deoria


Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate PREEM NARAYAN SINGH

Advocate harshad narsana, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - Fountain harshad narsana    Mumbai    Fountain

real estate, banking finance consortium documents, title verification

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate harshad narsana

Advocate Kamleshwar Nath Pathak, Senior Advocate in Shahjahanpur - Chowk, Shahjahanpur Kamleshwar Nath Pathak    Shahjahanpur    Chowk, Shahjahanpur

criminal cases expert

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Kamleshwar Nath Pathak

Advocate anil anand, Senior Advocate in Delhi - karkarduma anil anand    Delhi    karkarduma

income tax

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate anil anand

Advocate RR Mathur, Senior Advocate in Jaipur - Ajmer Road, Kamla Nehru Nagar RR Mathur    Jaipur    Ajmer Road, Kamla Nehru Nagar

bank related any matter especially banking loan and services

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate RR Mathur

Advocate sachindra narain, Senior Advocate in Bhagalpur - Bhagalpur sachindra narain    Bhagalpur    Bhagalpur


Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate sachindra narain

Advocate Dr.T.Dash, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Delhi Dr.T.Dash    Delhi    Delhi

labour laws, union issues & industrial relations

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Dr.T.Dash

Advocate kale madhukar yashwantarao kale, Senior Advocate in Nashik - East to Rane Nagar kale madhukar yashwantarao kale    Nashik    East to Rane Nagar


Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate kale madhukar yashwantarao kale

Advocate us sharma, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Greater Kailash-1 us sharma    Delhi    Greater Kailash-1

trade marks , copyright cases

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate us sharma

Advocate P L Swarnkar, Senior Advocate in Bilaspur - P.D.Nagar P L Swarnkar    Bilaspur    P.D.Nagar

criminal law

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate P L Swarnkar

Advocate V K Shah, Senior Advocate in  - Taxation - NCR Delhi-Ghaziabad V K Shah        Taxation - NCR Delhi-Ghaziabad

taxation company law

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate V K Shah

Advocate R. V. DAGLI & CO. ADVOCATES, Senior Advocate in Ahmedabad - All Gujarat R. V. DAGLI & CO. ADVOCATES    Ahmedabad    All Gujarat

property law, title clearance, consumer disputes, civil matters, family disputes

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate R. V. DAGLI & CO. ADVOCATES

Advocate S T SANTHOSHAM, Senior Advocate in Tirunelveli - THOOTHUKUDI S T SANTHOSHAM    Tirunelveli    THOOTHUKUDI

company law , banking law and insurance law. handles accident case

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate S T SANTHOSHAM

Advocate Rajeshwar Kumar Khanna, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - High Court Rajeshwar Kumar Khanna    Kolkata    High Court

trade marks,copyright,desigen,any civil & criminal matters,property matters and family matters

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Rajeshwar Kumar Khanna

Advocate Raminder Singh Sahota, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Dwarka, New Delhi Raminder Singh Sahota    Delhi    Dwarka, New Delhi

corporate, property, agreements, consumer, societies, arbitration

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Raminder Singh Sahota

Advocate AGS DHILLON, Senior Advocate in Chandigarh - chandigarh AGS DHILLON    Chandigarh    chandigarh

criminal , civil , divorce matters

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate AGS DHILLON

Advocate Ch. Dharam vir singh, Senior Advocate in Agra - collecotrate Ch. Dharam vir singh    Agra    collecotrate


Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Ch. Dharam vir singh

Advocate SP Saratchandra Kumar Sivalenka, Senior Advocate in Hyderabad - Hyderabad SP Saratchandra Kumar Sivalenka    Hyderabad    Hyderabad

divorce, criminal

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate SP Saratchandra Kumar Sivalenka

Advocate LAKSHMINARAYANA NALLAPATI, Senior Advocate in Narasaraopet - Narasaraopet LAKSHMINARAYANA NALLAPATI    Narasaraopet    Narasaraopet

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate LAKSHMINARAYANA NALLAPATI

Advocate R.P.Mishra, Senior Advocate in Lucknow - Sitapur Road R.P.Mishra    Lucknow    Sitapur Road

in trial of n.d.p.s. cases

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate R.P.Mishra

Advocate Jasvant Patel, Senior Advocate in Vyara - Unai Jasvant Patel    Vyara    Unai

motor accident claim cases and civil and criminal cases

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Jasvant Patel

Advocate Anirudha Swain, Senior Advocate in Bhubaneswar - Goutam Nagar Anirudha Swain    Bhubaneswar    Goutam Nagar

civil, endowment, revenue laws

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Anirudha Swain

Advocate ADVOCATE ABDUL SAMAD, Senior Advocate in Najibabad - Zere Haveli ADVOCATE ABDUL SAMAD    Najibabad    Zere Haveli

revenue, civil, criminal

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate ADVOCATE ABDUL SAMAD

Advocate Mahitosh Khan, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - north bengal Siliguri , kolkata Mahitosh Khan    Kolkata    north bengal Siliguri , kolkata

criminal , divorce , civil case divorce , family disputes , office and companyrelated all maters , r

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Mahitosh Khan

Advocate R. V. DAGLI & CO. ADVOCATES, Senior Advocate in Ahmedabad - Ahmedabad City R. V. DAGLI & CO. ADVOCATES    Ahmedabad    Ahmedabad City

property law, title clearance, consumer disputes, civil matters, family disputes

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate R. V. DAGLI & CO. ADVOCATES

Advocate Ramesh Singh, Senior Advocate in Allahabad - Allahabad Ramesh Singh    Allahabad    Allahabad

civil matters

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Ramesh Singh

Advocate Krishan Mohan Sahai, Senior Advocate in Allahabad - Allahabad Krishan Mohan Sahai    Allahabad    Allahabad

taxation, civil matters, service matters, consultation, pil, real estate

Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Krishan Mohan Sahai

Advocate Ghanshyam Prasad, Senior Advocate in Patna - Patna Ghanshyam Prasad    Patna    Patna


Experience(years) : 40           Details of Advocate Ghanshyam Prasad


income tax , vat tax, service tax

Experience(years) : 39           Details of Advocate CHIRANJIV KHURANA

Advocate G M PARAMASIVIAH, Senior Advocate in Bangalore - RMV II STAGE G M PARAMASIVIAH    Bangalore    RMV II STAGE

property matters

Experience(years) : 39           Details of Advocate G M PARAMASIVIAH

Advocate Ramakrishna Ponnekanti, Senior Advocate in Guntur - Koritepadu Ramakrishna Ponnekanti    Guntur    Koritepadu

civil,hindu law, property, cotracts, procedure, real estate, partition, adoption and business.

Experience(years) : 39           Details of Advocate Ramakrishna Ponnekanti

Advocate Velayutham S, Senior Advocate in Ambasamudram - Ambasamudram Velayutham S    Ambasamudram    Ambasamudram


Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate Velayutham S

Advocate Das chamber(specialist lawyer Varanasi), Senior Advocate in Varanasi - Varanasi Das chamber(specialist lawyer Varanasi)    Varanasi    Varanasi

advocate-a.k.srivastav(criminal),anil srivastav(m.v.act,moter claim)

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate Das chamber(specialist lawyer Varanasi)

Advocate ksgautam, Senior Advocate in Jaipur - jhotwara ksgautam    Jaipur    jhotwara


Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate ksgautam

Advocate 	 Family home, Senior Advocate in Varanasi - Varanasi and near Family home    Varanasi    Varanasi and near

family law,matrimonial law, divorce

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate 	 Family home

Advocate  Family home, Senior Advocate in Varanasi - Varanasi and near [ seniors panel ] Family home    Varanasi    Varanasi and near [ seniors panel ]

family law,matrimonial law, divorce

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate  Family home

Advocate Yogesh Kumar Saxena, Senior Advocate in Allahabad - Preetam Nagar Yogesh Kumar Saxena    Allahabad    Preetam Nagar

constittional criminal and civil laws, civil jurisdictions, second appeal, special appeal, slp

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate Yogesh Kumar Saxena

Advocate anil mehrotra, Senior Advocate in Kanpur - cantonements anil mehrotra    Kanpur    cantonements

direct & indirect taxes

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate anil mehrotra

Advocate Z A KHAN, Senior Advocate in Bareilly - IQRA ENCLAVE Z A KHAN    Bareilly    IQRA ENCLAVE

criminal cases , company cases,departmental work

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate Z A KHAN

Advocate PRADEEP KUMAR, Senior Advocate in Patna - ALL PRADEEP KUMAR    Patna    ALL

contract & tax matters

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate PRADEEP KUMAR

Advocate Krishan Kr Kashyap, Senior Advocate in  - Paschim Vihar Krishan Kr Kashyap        Paschim Vihar

civil and criminal case

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate Krishan Kr Kashyap

Advocate H S RANA, Senior Advocate in Shimla - Kasumpti H S RANA    Shimla    Kasumpti

criminal, civil, service matter

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate H S RANA

Advocate ISHWAR CHANDRA VERMA, Senior Advocate in Lucknow - Barabanki ISHWAR CHANDRA VERMA    Lucknow    Barabanki

civil suits, banking laws, consumer forum

Experience(years) : 38           Details of Advocate ISHWAR CHANDRA VERMA

Advocate bibhuti pradhan, Senior Advocate in  - Keonjhar Garh bibhuti pradhan        Keonjhar Garh

civil, property, family

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate bibhuti pradhan

Advocate gulshan, Senior Advocate in Pune - shivajinagar gulshan    Pune    shivajinagar

family law, property

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate gulshan

Advocate M M Kashyap, Senior Advocate in Delhi - East Delhi M M Kashyap    Delhi    East Delhi

criminal, writ, matrimonial, civil, property, rent, labour, company, bifr, service matters,

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate M M Kashyap

Advocate Jasraj singh Rajawat, Senior Advocate in Jaipur - Duragapura Jasraj singh Rajawat    Jaipur    Duragapura

criminal, spically in anti corruption laws

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate Jasraj singh Rajawat


criminal lawyer/public prosecutor in bhagalpur.

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate SATYANARAYAN PRASAD SAH

Advocate Jai Krishna Dave, Senior Advocate in Udaipur - Udaipur & Aburoad Jai Krishna Dave    Udaipur    Udaipur & Aburoad

civil,criminal & land-revenue

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate Jai Krishna Dave

Advocate P C N Raghupathy, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Pudupet(near Egmore) P C N Raghupathy    Chennai    Pudupet(near Egmore)


Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate P C N Raghupathy

Advocate Parshotam chander sharma , Senior Advocate in Delhi - DELHI Parshotam chander sharma    Delhi    DELHI

criminal cases,civil cases, service matters, consumer cases, & writs

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate Parshotam chander sharma

Advocate K. Vasantha Kumar Associate, Senior Advocate in Trivandrum - Thiruvananthapuram K. Vasantha Kumar Associate    Trivandrum    Thiruvananthapuram

civil, consumer, family

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate K. Vasantha Kumar Associate

Advocate D.K.Agrawal, Senior Advocate in Lucknow - Lucknow D.K.Agrawal    Lucknow    Lucknow

matrimonial disputes,consumer cases,transport and service matters,criminal,property disputes

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate D.K.Agrawal

Advocate D K Magoo, Senior Advocate in Delhi - West Delhi D K Magoo    Delhi    West Delhi

industrial sickness/bifr/aaifr,banking,drt,ombudsman complaints,corportae laws

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate D K Magoo

Advocate Atanu Chatterjee, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - Calcutta High Court Atanu Chatterjee    Kolkata    Calcutta High Court

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate Atanu Chatterjee

Advocate BHOJ RAJ ARORA, Senior Advocate in Muzaffarnagar - New Mandi BHOJ RAJ ARORA    Muzaffarnagar    New Mandi

income tax and local & central sales tax

Experience(years) : 37           Details of Advocate BHOJ RAJ ARORA

Advocate RADHAKRISHNAN, Senior Advocate in Thrissur - POONKUNNAM RADHAKRISHNAN    Thrissur    POONKUNNAM

civil law(family property laws

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate RADHAKRISHNAN

Advocate virendra tripathi, Senior Advocate in Gonda - city virendra tripathi    Gonda    city

civil ,family,criminal

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate virendra tripathi

Advocate Kanak Kumar Chatterjee, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - Salt Lake Kanak Kumar Chatterjee    Kolkata    Salt Lake

civil, criminal, matrimonial, property, service matters

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate Kanak Kumar Chatterjee

Advocate Akhtar Uddin, Senior Advocate in Hajipur - Vaishali Akhtar Uddin    Hajipur    Vaishali

crimnallaw/mohammedan law/family law

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate Akhtar Uddin

Advocate Adv J S KHANOLKAR, Senior Advocate in Mumbai - ANDHERI Adv J S KHANOLKAR    Mumbai    ANDHERI

property related matters, society disputes, slum rehabilitation or building redevelopment agreements

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate Adv J S KHANOLKAR

Advocate Pt.Krishna Kumar Dubey (K.K.Dubey), Senior Advocate in Allahabad - Near P.A.C, Behind Vivekanand Inter College Pt.Krishna Kumar Dubey (K.K.Dubey)    Allahabad    Near P.A.C, Behind Vivekanand Inter College

all civil matter including constitution & sevice

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate Pt.Krishna Kumar Dubey (K.K.Dubey)

Advocate krishna keshab roy, Senior Advocate in Agartala -  Agartala krishna keshab roy    Agartala     Agartala

civil, criminal & constitution

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate krishna keshab roy

Advocate G hariharan, Senior Advocate in Kochi - ernakulam G hariharan    Kochi    ernakulam

motor vehicles act, taxation laws,criminal, family law,company law,arbitration

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate G hariharan

Advocate NRamakrishnan, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Arumbakkam NRamakrishnan    Chennai    Arumbakkam

company law,arbitration,litigation,drt matters,property,family law

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate NRamakrishnan

Advocate DINESH CHANDRA MISHRA, Senior Advocate in Lucknow - Lucknow DINESH CHANDRA MISHRA    Lucknow    Lucknow

banking disputes& service matters

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate DINESH CHANDRA MISHRA

Advocate SANTOSH KUMAR DASH, Senior Advocate in Sambalpur - SAMBALPUR SANTOSH KUMAR DASH    Sambalpur    SAMBALPUR

civil,revenu ,documatation,

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate SANTOSH KUMAR DASH

Advocate Surendra Kumar Nag, Senior Advocate in Jaipur - Pratap Nagar, Sanganer Surendra Kumar Nag    Jaipur    Pratap Nagar, Sanganer

criminal law, civil law, accident claims,minor acts ( excise, arms etc), negotiable instruments act

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate Surendra Kumar Nag

Advocate jayaprakash.r, Senior Advocate in Trivandrum - Pangod jayaprakash.r    Trivandrum    Pangod


Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate jayaprakash.r

Advocate ravi kumar, Senior Advocate in Chandigarh - sector 15-A ravi kumar    Chandigarh    sector 15-A

drt matters, sec.138 nia and banking matters

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate ravi kumar

Advocate v.ponmudi, Senior Advocate in Salem - salem v.ponmudi    Salem    salem

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate v.ponmudi

Advocate K M Sahai, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Delhi K M Sahai    Delhi    Delhi

taxation, civil matters, service matters, pil, real estate

Experience(years) : 36           Details of Advocate K M Sahai

Advocate gmmulticonsultantpvt ltd, Senior Advocate in Delhi - kaushambi gmmulticonsultantpvt ltd    Delhi    kaushambi

stamp duty, registration, title disputes, etc

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate gmmulticonsultantpvt ltd

Advocate K V SUBRAHMANYAM, Senior Advocate in Hyderabad - Chaitanyapuri, Dilsukhnagar K V SUBRAHMANYAM    Hyderabad    Chaitanyapuri, Dilsukhnagar

law of contracts, service, taxation matters

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate K V SUBRAHMANYAM

Advocate VIRENDRA KUMAR SAXENA, Senior Advocate in Pilibhit - civil lines, pilibhit VIRENDRA KUMAR SAXENA    Pilibhit    civil lines, pilibhit

civil , & criminal cases

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate VIRENDRA KUMAR SAXENA

Advocate Ravindra Kumar Gupta, Senior Advocate in Muzaffarnagar - Shiv Chowk Ravindra Kumar Gupta    Muzaffarnagar    Shiv Chowk

taxation (vat / income tax / service tax / excise etc.)

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Ravindra Kumar Gupta

Advocate ADVOCATE ASHOK KAMBOJ, Senior Advocate in Yamunanagar - JAGADHRI ADVOCATE ASHOK KAMBOJ    Yamunanagar    JAGADHRI

civil,criminal,consumer rent laws

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate ADVOCATE ASHOK KAMBOJ

Advocate M C Bhandari, Senior Advocate in Jamkhandi - Near Paga School M C Bhandari    Jamkhandi    Near Paga School

civil, criminal & taxation

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate M C Bhandari

Advocate NARENDRA PRASAD SRIVASTAVA, Senior Advocate in Varanasi - lahartara NARENDRA PRASAD SRIVASTAVA    Varanasi    lahartara

criminal, retd. joint director prosecution vigilance

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate NARENDRA PRASAD SRIVASTAVA

Advocate Puri & Associate, Senior Advocate in Pathankot - Pathankot Puri & Associate    Pathankot    Pathankot

civi, criminal, family, property

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Puri & Associate

Advocate vadduri durgaprasad, Senior Advocate in Hyderabad - East anandbagh. vadduri durgaprasad    Hyderabad    East anandbagh.

family,property,civil and services

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate vadduri durgaprasad

Advocate satyanarayansharma, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - high -court satyanarayansharma    Kolkata    high -court

labour-law & service law

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate satyanarayansharma

Advocate M J Shah, Senior Advocate in Nadiad - Station Road M J Shah    Nadiad    Station Road

income tax, vat, accounting, service tax

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate M J Shah

Advocate A S Santhanam, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Valasaravakkam A S Santhanam    Chennai    Valasaravakkam

civil & criminal

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate A S Santhanam

Advocate RGT Law Associates, Senior Advocate in Jamkhandi - Jamkhandi RGT Law Associates    Jamkhandi    Jamkhandi

civil, criminal, banking, arbitration, consumer and insurance matters

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate RGT Law Associates

Advocate maheshwari s. h., Senior Advocate in Surat - surat maheshwari s. h.    Surat    surat

notary - govt. of india notarial work

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate maheshwari s. h.

Advocate P N TIWARI AND ASSOCIATES, Senior Advocate in Varanasi - kachahari P N TIWARI AND ASSOCIATES    Varanasi    kachahari

sessions trial, bail, revision, arguments,and all criminal matters and service matters

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate P N TIWARI AND ASSOCIATES

Advocate DEO NARAYAN SEN, Senior Advocate in Araria - ARARIA DEO NARAYAN SEN    Araria    ARARIA

criminal lawyer

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate DEO NARAYAN SEN

Advocate Navin Kumar, Senior Advocate in Patna - Kankarbagh Navin Kumar    Patna    Kankarbagh

civil matters

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Navin Kumar

Advocate Dharam Pal Gautam, Senior Advocate in Faridabad - Sector-64 Dharam Pal Gautam    Faridabad    Sector-64

civil,criminal, rent & matrimonial disputes

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Dharam Pal Gautam

Advocate Raj Kamal Gaur, Senior Advocate in Jaipur - Nirman Nagar Raj Kamal Gaur    Jaipur    Nirman Nagar

civil & criminal

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Raj Kamal Gaur

Advocate Vidya Sagar, Senior Advocate in Bangalore - Kodigehalli Vidya Sagar    Bangalore    Kodigehalli

i.p.r., civil, criminal, drafting, international laws

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Vidya Sagar

Advocate Jasbir Singh Parmar, Senior Advocate in Phagwara - adarsh nagar Jasbir Singh Parmar    Phagwara    adarsh nagar

civil, criminal and revenue

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Jasbir Singh Parmar

Advocate A SIVAJI, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Chennai A SIVAJI    Chennai    Chennai

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate A SIVAJI

Advocate Rajaraman Arumugam, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Mylapore Rajaraman Arumugam    Chennai    Mylapore

criminal law

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Rajaraman Arumugam

Advocate venkateswara reddy madireddy, Senior Advocate in Narasaraopet - narasaraopet venkateswara reddy madireddy    Narasaraopet    narasaraopet,bl

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate venkateswara reddy madireddy

Advocate KMani Tripathi, Senior Advocate in Varanasi - Meerbagh, sidhgiribagh KMani Tripathi    Varanasi    Meerbagh, sidhgiribagh

civil, banking, matrimonial, company and property

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate KMani Tripathi



Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate JAGDISH CHANDRA GARKOTI

Advocate ARVIND KUMAR SHUKLA, Senior Advocate in Allahabad - Allahabad ARVIND KUMAR SHUKLA    Allahabad    Allahabad

civil,property dispute,marriage & divorce dispute,criminal law

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate ARVIND KUMAR SHUKLA

Advocate P.Sivasankari, Senior Advocate in Panruti - Cuddalore P.Sivasankari    Panruti    Cuddalore

property dispute , copyright patent , consumer court , marriage family divorce , business consulting

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate P.Sivasankari

Advocate RASHMI DESAI, Senior Advocate in Vadodara - Nizampura RASHMI DESAI    Vadodara    Nizampura

civil -specially property transactions and documentation

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate RASHMI DESAI

Advocate Arulaananthan k m, Senior Advocate in Kanchipuram - kanchipuram Arulaananthan k m    Kanchipuram    kanchipuram

criminal trail

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Arulaananthan k m

Advocate DEBABRATA DUTTA, Senior Advocate in  - raniganj DEBABRATA DUTTA        raniganj

tax consultant

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate DEBABRATA DUTTA

Advocate Ramesh Chandra Verma, Senior Advocate in Ghaziabad - Ghaziabad Ramesh Chandra Verma    Ghaziabad    Ghaziabad

indirect taxation

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Ramesh Chandra Verma

Advocate Dayanand, Senior Advocate in Hyderabad - Koti Dayanand    Hyderabad    Koti

civi & criminal

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Dayanand

Advocate Saiprakash Desai, Senior Advocate in Hubli - Rajatgri, in Dharwad City Saiprakash Desai    Hubli    Rajatgri, in Dharwad City

taxation, civil laws, property matters, revenue cases,trusts,banking laws, coop matters,etc.

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Saiprakash Desai

Advocate bhagwan, Senior Advocate in Pune - all bhagwan    Pune    all

civil, criminal, matrimonial, consumer, property, contract, partnership, arbitration, divorce, rent

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate bhagwan

Advocate Anil Mishr, Senior Advocate in Shahjahanpur - south City Anil Mishr    Shahjahanpur    south City

civil & banking,consumer law,macp

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Anil Mishr

Advocate Bharat Dalal, Senior Advocate in Surat - Adajan Bharat Dalal    Surat    Adajan

family courts, consumer protection, civil, criminal,macp, co.oprative socities, pfa, revenue

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Bharat Dalal

Advocate Bihari Singh, Senior Advocate in Mirzapur - mirzapur Bihari Singh    Mirzapur    mirzapur

criminal & m.a.c.

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Bihari Singh

Advocate najmuddin meghani, Senior Advocate in Surat - surat najmuddin meghani    Surat    surat

civil litigations ,land & revenues matters,high court of gujarat,banking laws

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate najmuddin meghani

Advocate Ch. Mohana Rao, Senior Advocate in Hyderabad - Uppal Ch. Mohana Rao    Hyderabad    Uppal

consumer protection

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Ch. Mohana Rao

Advocate virender sood, Senior Advocate in Delhi - NCR virender sood    Delhi    NCR

civil, ipr, trademark, copyright, patents

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate virender sood

Advocate sn chandrasekara bharathi, Senior Advocate in Chennai - Kodambakkam sn chandrasekara bharathi    Chennai    Kodambakkam

civil, criminal, personal laws, revenue board matters, industrial disputes, banking law and practice

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate sn chandrasekara bharathi



Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate RAM BABU SHARMA

Advocate Radha Krishan Madan, Senior Advocate in Paonta Sahib - #175/1, Yamuna Vihar, Paonta Sahib Radha Krishan Madan    Paonta Sahib    #175/1, Yamuna Vihar, Paonta Sahib

civil, criminal, matrimonial, n.i act...

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Radha Krishan Madan

Advocate Rajendra Arora, Senior Advocate in Jaipur - Jawahar Nagar Rajendra Arora    Jaipur    Jawahar Nagar

mercantile law, service & industrial laws, arbitration

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Rajendra Arora

Advocate Aeltemesh rein, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Asif Ali Road Aeltemesh rein    Delhi    Asif Ali Road


Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Aeltemesh rein

Advocate Ajay Gupta, Senior Advocate in  - Meerut Ajay Gupta        Meerut

civil,banking ,land acquisition,matrimonial disputes, accidental claims,revenue etc.

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Ajay Gupta

Advocate NASEEM KHAN, Senior Advocate in Najibabad - JALALABAD NASEEM KHAN    Najibabad    JALALABAD

any case

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate NASEEM KHAN

Advocate Devendra Kumar, Senior Advocate in Meerut - 121 Devendra Kumar    Meerut    121

land acquisition and civi case

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Devendra Kumar

Advocate Kishan Gopal Chitlangi, Senior Advocate in Bikaner - nokha Kishan Gopal Chitlangi    Bikaner    nokha

civil and revenue

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Kishan Gopal Chitlangi

Advocate S.N.Derashri, Senior Advocate in Bhilwara - Bhilwara S.N.Derashri    Bhilwara    Bhilwara

civil, criminal specially anti corruption cases

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate S.N.Derashri

Advocate Prabhat Shroff, Senior Advocate in Kolkata - Calcutta High Court Prabhat Shroff    Kolkata    Calcutta High Court

real estate, marriage & divorce, corporate laws

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Prabhat Shroff

Advocate Maven Legal LLP, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Pitam Pura Maven Legal LLP    Delhi    Pitam Pura

taxation ( direct & indirect), corporate laws, arbitration, litigation

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Maven Legal LLP

Advocate P.C.Agarwal, Senior Advocate in Ajmer - Ajmer city P.C.Agarwal    Ajmer    Ajmer city

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate P.C.Agarwal

Advocate Rajinder Singh Kataria, Senior Advocate in Delhi - Delhi Rajinder Singh Kataria    Delhi    Delhi


Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Rajinder Singh Kataria

Advocate Raghunandan Lal  Arya , Senior Advocate in Yamunanagar - Sector 17 HUDA Jagadhri Raghunandan Lal Arya    Yamunanagar    Sector 17 HUDA Jagadhri

civil and criminal

Experience(years) : 35           Details of Advocate Raghunandan Lal  Arya

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