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Senior Advocates in Srikakulam

Senior Advocates in Srikakulam

Please find the list of retired Hon'ble judges and senior advocates in Srikakulam those who can help you for any legal matter. Senior Advocates listed here are based on their years of experience. Choose your city, select the appropriate senior advocate and proceed. Click here for free Legal Advice

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Advocate sahukari venkata Rao, Senior Advocate in Srikakulam - Srikakulam sahukari venkata Rao    Srikakulam    Srikakulam


Experience(years) : 21           Details of Advocate sahukari venkata Rao

Advocate M V N Moorty, Senior Advocate in Srikakulam - srikakulam,vizianagaram,visakhapatnam,east & west godavari,viziawada districts M V N Moorty    Srikakulam    srikakulam,vizianagaram,visakhapatnam,east & west godavari,viziawada districts

consumer laws, negotiable instruments,civil laws,

Experience(years) : 20           Details of Advocate M V N Moorty

Advocate M V N Moorty, Senior Advocate in Srikakulam - srikakulam district M V N Moorty    Srikakulam    srikakulam district

Experience(years) : 20           Details of Advocate M V N Moorty

Advocate Sujata.G, Senior Advocate in Srikakulam - srikakulam,east godavari,hyderabd Sujata.G    Srikakulam    srikakulam,east godavari,hyderabd

banks laegal opinions,insurances,civil matters,writ petitions, appeals, public interest litigations,

Experience(years) : 18           Details of Advocate Sujata.G

Advocate m.kali prasad, Senior Advocate in Srikakulam - srikakulam,vizianagaram,visakhapatnam m.kali prasad    Srikakulam    srikakulam,vizianagaram,visakhapatnam

civil law, consumer disputes

Experience(years) : 11           Details of Advocate m.kali prasad

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Advocate Dhanunjai, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad (near Khammam) Advocate Dhanunjai    Hyderabad    Erragadda

n.i act and civil and criminal

Experiance(years) : 2           Details of Advocate Dhanunjai Hyderabad

Advocate alladi ravinder, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad (near Khammam) Advocate alladi ravinder    Hyderabad    Vengalraonagar


Experiance(years) : 20           Details of Advocate alladi ravinder Hyderabad

Advocate RAJASHEKAR THOGITI , Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Jagtial (near Khammam) Advocate RAJASHEKAR THOGITI    Jagtial    METPALLI

civil and criminal

Experiance(years) : 8           Details of Advocate RAJASHEKAR THOGITI  Jagtial

Advocate B.V.SUBRAHMANYESWARA RAO, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Amalapuram (near Khammam) Advocate B.V.SUBRAHMANYESWARA RAO    Amalapuram    mummidivaram

all civil matters and banking laws

Experiance(years) : 22           Details of Advocate B.V.SUBRAHMANYESWARA RAO Amalapuram

Advocate B SASI KIRAN, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Chirala (near Khammam) Advocate B SASI KIRAN    Chirala    KOTHAPET

ci vil, criminal, consumar, family

Experiance(years) : 13           Details of Advocate B SASI KIRAN Chirala

Advocate gokanakonda srinivasa rao, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Ongole (near Khammam) Advocate gokanakonda srinivasa rao    Ongole    court centre

138 n i act,

Experiance(years) : 16           Details of Advocate gokanakonda srinivasa rao Ongole

Advocate prkmurali, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Kandukur (near Khammam) Advocate prkmurali    Kandukur    balaji nagar

civil, revenue, fmilylaw, property, public interest

Experiance(years) : 7           Details of Advocate prkmurali Kandukur

Advocate t  nagamani, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Tadepallegudem (near Khammam) Advocate t nagamani    Tadepallegudem    madhaaram villege


Experiance(years) :           Details of Advocate t  nagamani Tadepallegudem

Advocate CH. VIDYASAGAR, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad (near Khammam) Advocate CH. VIDYASAGAR    Hyderabad    Kothapet

civil, criminal, service matters, writ petitions,

Experiance(years) : 12           Details of Advocate CH. VIDYASAGAR Hyderabad

Advocate Anilkumar D, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Vijayawada (near Khammam) Advocate Anilkumar D    Vijayawada    S.N.Puram


Experiance(years) : 10           Details of Advocate Anilkumar D Vijayawada

Advocate B RAVI, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Nalgonda (near Khammam) Advocate B RAVI    Nalgonda    Hyderabad Road

consumer laws

Experiance(years) : 13           Details of Advocate B RAVI Nalgonda

Advocate Srinivas Reddy K, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad (near Khammam) Advocate Srinivas Reddy K    Hyderabad    ECIL

civil, criminal, revenue, family, taxation etc.,

Experiance(years) : 12           Details of Advocate Srinivas Reddy K Hyderabad

Advocate p.v. mahubabu, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Ongole (near Khammam) Advocate p.v. mahubabu    Ongole    devudu cheruvu


Experiance(years) : 2y           Details of Advocate p.v. mahubabu Ongole

Advocate pandiri baburao, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Vijayawada (near Khammam) Advocate pandiri baburao    Vijayawada    vijayawada


Experiance(years) : 10           Details of Advocate pandiri baburao Vijayawada

Advocate P.Rajeswara rao, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Badvel (near Khammam) Advocate P.Rajeswara rao    Badvel    anjaneya nagar

family, property

Experiance(years) : 18           Details of Advocate P.Rajeswara rao Badvel

Advocate Ponnala Devender, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad (near Khammam) Advocate Ponnala Devender    Hyderabad    


Experiance(years) : 4           Details of Advocate Ponnala Devender Hyderabad

Advocate SHIVA SHANKAR REDDY S, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad (near Khammam) Advocate SHIVA SHANKAR REDDY S    Hyderabad    secunderabad

civil,criminal.corporate,family,special marriage acts

Experiance(years) : 12           Details of Advocate SHIVA SHANKAR REDDY S Hyderabad

Advocate khan, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Asifabad (near Khammam) Advocate khan    Asifabad    ponnuru


Experiance(years) : 03           Details of Advocate khan Asifabad

Advocate KOTHA VISWANATAHA  REDDY, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Andhra Pradesh (near Khammam) Advocate KOTHA VISWANATAHA REDDY    Andhra Pradesh    IInd Road, Anantapuram

civil, criminal, labor,revue, environmental,family,property, consumer disputes,

Experiance(years) : 27           Details of Advocate KOTHA VISWANATAHA  REDDY Andhra Pradesh

Advocate Rajagopal, Lawyer in Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad (near Khammam) Advocate Rajagopal    Hyderabad    Hyderabad

criminal, civil, intellectual property , e-commerce, divorce,

Experiance(years) : 15           Details of Advocate Rajagopal Hyderabad

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Searching for senior lawyers in Srikakulam and get an appointment is always a difficult task. To simplify that process PathLegal has presented here the senior most advocates in Srikakulam as per their experience, where you can view their specialization, location, etc. This is one of the professional field where experience matters a lot. Lawyers grab their knowledge from the practical field and senior advocates have good practical knowledge as compared with junior advocates. Most probably under these senior lawyers have junior advocates practicing and they will be helping the seniors. As we said here we define the seniority as per their experience.