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To file a consumer case against a product company whose product i haveTo file a consumer case against a product company whose product i have

Consumer Protection »Posted 15 Mar 2019

legal question I want to file a consumer case in the name of a company, which has been troubling me for it's services from last 6 months. I bought theproduct sometime in 2014-15 and only during the last year I encountered some issues with that. So handed it over to the service center(a third party vendor) which the product company claims to be owning in Jayanagar. Now from 2018 Sep, it has been 6 monts and they don't return me the device back and everytime I ask them over a call, they tell me that they are working on it. I tried speaking to the company helpline over telephone and social networks as well. They don't seem to be helpful and simply dragging the questions that I put on them. I needed some help for filing a case against the so called company whose product I have bought and gave for servicing.

legal answer from lawyer E00297058Dear Sir,
You get issue a Legal Notice and then file a consumer case.

Consumer Court
1. Who is a Consumer ? A Consumer is a person who purchases a product or avails a service for a consideration, either for his personal use or to earn his livelihood by means of self employment. The consideration may be: ∑ Paid ∑ Promised ∑ Partly paid and partly promised. It also includes a beneficiary of such goods/services when such use is made with the approval of such person.

2. Who is not a Consumer ? A person is not a consumer if he/she: ∑ purchases any goods or avails any service free of charge; ∑ purchases a good or hires a service for commercial purpose; ∑ avails any service under contract of service

3. What are Goods? “Goods” means every kind of movable property other than actionable claims and money, and includes stock and shares, growing crops, grass and things attached to or forming part of the land, which are agreed to be severed before sale or under the contract of the sale.

4. What is a Defect? “Defect” means any fault, imperfection or shortcoming in the quality, quantity, potency, purity or standard which is required to be maintained by or under any law for time being in force or under any contract, express or implied, or as is claimed by the trader in any manner whatsoever in relation to any goods.
5. What are Services? “Service” means service of any description which is made avail

I could have explained more if background is known to me. I am at your service if you visit my office.

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