WebApp for Lawyers and Law firms in India

Complete digital identity for lawyers and law firms in India through PathLegal WebApp. It enhances a lawyer/law firm to have digital interaction with clients and maintain them. Lawyers and Law firms can be more professional by initiating PathLegal WebApp.
  • WebApp gives a dynamic CMS mobile friendly website and mobile App as your digital identity.
  • WebApp is search engine friendly so it is easy to find you in the digital arena.
  • WebApp allows clients to chat with you from your Website and App.
  • WebApp allows clients to book appointments from your Website and App.
  • WebApp helps your clients to ask questions from your Website and App.
  • WebApp will navigate the user to your office using the map.
  • WebApp facilitates digital *payment gateway to manage payments.
  • WebApp enables a lawyer to write blogs, articles and highlight important judgment for visitors.
  • WebApp allows a lawyer to post jobs and view the applicants detail.
  • WebApp will have FAQ page which has all your answered queries from the clients.
  • WebApp will also provide business *email id in your business name and configure it in your mobile.
  • WebApp helps you to interact with your clients from your mobile itself.
  • WebApp will take care of your website, app, domain renewals & maintenances.
  • WebApp is more economic than your website.

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