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can the police arrest without warrentcan the police arrest without warrent

Criminal »Posted 26 Aug 2012

legal question i had gone to the police station to file FIR alongwith manager of the petrol pump on 21nov 2009.The policde arrested me without any documentation

legal answer from lawyer E00005867Dear Friend

Why you forget that you were going to a corrupted authority with a corrupted person. Money is so strong.
100% police implicated you false.
send compliant to SSP of your area through post. Than file complaint u/s 156(3) Cr.pc after that prayer to court for treat your application as complaint.
Court will send them(Police) summon after you and your witness.

Search \" advocate in Haridwar-Uttrakhand\"

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legal answer from lawyer E00004923Dear client,You can be arrested without a warrant if the police have reason to believe that you have committed or are about to commit: (1) a felony whether or not in their presence; (2) a misdemeanor in their presence; (3) a misdemeanor not in their presence if they have reason to believe you may escape, cause injury to persons or property, or destroy evidence unless immediately arrested. Without your consent or special circumstances, you cannot be arrested in your home without a warrant.

You can also be arrested without a warrant for traffic violations, including: driving or attempting to drive while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs; failing to stop or give information in the event of an accident causing death, bodily injury or property damage; driving or attempting to drive on a suspended or revoked license; fleeing or attempting to elude police officers; or when the police reasonably believe you will disregard a traffic citation.
If you are taken into police custody, you have the right to: be informed of the charges against you and the allowable penalties; obtain a lawyer, including the right to have one appointed if you cannot afford one; have a judge decide whether you should be released from jail until your trial; and remain silent.

The police may ask your name, address, and other routine processing questions. Before questioning you about anything else, the police must tell you that you have a right to remain silent; that any statement you make may be used as evidence against you; and that you have a right to speak with a lawyer and, if you wish, to have a lawyer present when you are being questioned. The police must also tell you that a lawyer will be assigned to your case without cost if you cannot afford a lawyer but want to speak to one before questioned. The questioning must stop if you state that you wish to remain silent or request a lawyer.


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legal answer from lawyer E00003759What is matter now? Whether any case is going against you now.Police might have arrested on the basis of the statement of the Manager.Check FIR and Challen filed in the court.

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