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dy. registrar of CHS, Mumbai, made mistake in recovery cert second timdy. registrar of CHS, Mumbai, made mistake in recovery cert second tim

Property »Posted 16 Apr 2019

legal question In the first recovery certificate issued by Dy. Registrar P ward Mumbai in Sep 2017 u/s 101 filed by my society in Nov 2016, he made a mistake in calculation and issued an order higher by Rs. 2 lakhs. I accepted it as a mistake because the accounts statement submitted by the society was a fabricated one.
I appealed u/s 154, the case was reversed to him for revision. But the crook that he is, asked the society to submit a new accounts statement which they did in Jan 2019 again by manipulating the original fabricated statement. At the Hearing, I pointed this out and also gave a written statement demonstrating how the new statement was also manipulated. He seemed convinced.
But the CROOK that he is which I realized after seeing his revised order that he issued on the basis of the new fabricated statement despite my convincing him that it was false and dubious. Instead of correcting his original calculation mistake, he made a completely new recovery certificate and the new amount is almost the same as before.
I realize now that he had made no mistake the first time. It was a deliberate attempt to favour the society may be due to some money exchange between the two.
I need to challenge the new certificate. What should I do?

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