how i fight false 498a, 420, 406, 506 casehow i fight false 498a, 420, 406, 506 case

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legal question i got married on 27 June 2009. and after 3 month my wife get pregnant and than she asked my mother for abortion than my mother refused than she went her home and take abortion treatment from there she call me and said that bleeding has been started automatically. i ask her reason but she said she don\'t know next day i visited there. and saw first ultrasound report its was normal i was confused how it happens than she took treatment from there than i decided that i took treatment at my home city, i saw her to my doctor she told that she tried to save child and gave her treatment but after that miscarriage happens after 15 days, but during this period their parent forced me to take her to their doctor but i refused.after that she got pregnant in April 2010 2nd time and she went to her home with out my permission on 16 June 2010 it was her 3rd month, and abort my 2nd child on 23 June 2010 also blame me that i kick her on her stomach by my foot . and file 498a, 420, 406,506 against me. and blame on me that i m a daily drinker and biting her with her. i use drink occasionally but not raise hand on her any time.i love her too much but her parent misguide her that make hold on my home or reside outside. don\'t born child otherwise you will be a servant.

legal answer from lawyer E00001720collect all the papers of her abortion. it would be helpful for u in future. Adv Prakash - 09226706015. or mail me-


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