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is sbc comes under obc in central government. is sbc comes under obc in central government.

Civil »Posted 30 Jan 2014

legal question I m having (hindu gabit) sbc certificate of maharashtra. now I have to apply for job in central government, but there is no provision for sbc. someone told me that sbc comes under obc in central government. is it true? if it is true then please tell me the procedure to get obc certificate


legal answer from lawyer E00007192Dear Client,

1) If a candidate is a SBC then one can apply as an OBC candidate if his castes is listed in the Backward Castes List of Central Government. Being in Backward Caste list of State Government makes you eligible only for State Reservation and not for Central Government Reservation. Apart from it you should also make sure that you satisfy the conditions of wealth test. Wealth criteria is used to determine Creamy Layer Status within the Other Backward Class (OBC).

2) So if your SBC means State Backward Caste then you should check the central government list to find out whether your caste is listed or not. If it means Scheduled Backward Caste then also you need to check the list in order to verify whether you belong to Backward caste under the State list or the Central List.

3) Click on this link to know the procedure for applying for OBC Certificate:

Best Wishes,

Mukesh Ralhan, Advocate

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