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India  Haryana  Bhiwani
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\'PP ASSOCIATES\' is the integration of young and energetic professionals who have come to join their respective hands for imparting complete solutions to the problems generated regarding legal and other varied aspects evolving from today’s complex business and commercial scenario. We hold highest respect for the law, believe in self regulation and market recognition. \'PP ASSOCIATES \' fosters creativity, innovativeness, commitment, discipline with and appropriate blend of western philosophy of management by way of mingling theory with practice. \'PP ASSOCIATES\' gives special focus to industrial and commercial law to meet the specific requirements of Indian Corporate sectors which are being increasingly exposed to fierce domestic and international competition. Our endeavor is to make the complexities of law more understandable for the corporate managers and to recommend necessary policy measures. The business scenario in the new era clearly warrants the creation of a new breed of global lawyers who have the vision and the drive to deal with the fast changing and volatile world trade environment. The \'PP ASSOCIATES\' is envisaged as a community of professionals fully geared to manage the rigors of a competitive and complex trade environment with vast and evolving laws. As the world steps into the new century and India is emerging as the strongest developing economy and aggressively welcoming the Foreign Direct Investment, the firm provides all necessary legal assistance to Corporate Sector for establishing its base in this country and vice-versa. MISSION Progress is the activity of today and assurance of tomorrow. We the integrated hands of \'PP ASSOCIATES\' believe in the quality of human resource and their commitment to excellence is the core of our mission. In pursuit to this mission, we ensure that the industry is served with highly specialized knowledge and skills in the legal field which is based upon thorough research. Our team is much organized and abreast in their respective fields of expertise which immensely benefits our clients in preparing them for the changing business environments.
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