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Just by choosing the city and subject of expertise below, you will be guided to the list of subject expert advocates. PathLegal has simplified and listed many lawyers in India as per their location, specialization and experience. It would help you to find out a good lawyer in India for any legal issue.

Lawyers in IndiaLawyers in India

Advocate Nikhil  Bajpai, Lawyer in Navi Mumbai - Navi Mumbai
Experience (years): 4
Languages Known: Hindi English Marathi
Specializations: criminal law family law civil law
Navi Mumbai | Navi Mumbai
Advocate ARPAN MALIK, Lawyer in Delhi - Saket
Experience (years): 1
Languages Known: English & Hindi
Specializations: criminal & civil
Delhi | Saket
Advocate MOHAN H G , Lawyer in Bangalore - Jalhalli cross
Experience (years):
Languages Known: Kannada .English
Specializations: civil. criminal. mvc. consumer commission. drt. cheque bounce case
Bangalore | Jalhalli cross
Advocate Rupal Agarwal, Lawyer in Allahabad - Kalyani Devi
Experience (years): 1
Languages Known: English, Hindi
Specializations: legal subjects
Allahabad | Kalyani Devi
Advocate Abdul Sami Advocate, Lawyer in Hyderabad - L.B.Nagar
Experience (years): 19
Languages Known: English, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu.
Specializations: civil, criminal, family matters, accident cases and n.i.act.cases etc.,
Advocate Salil Vinayak Dabke, Lawyer in Mumbai - Fort
Experience (years): 4
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi
Specializations: civil matters
Mumbai | Fort
Advocate Lovedeep Raghav, Lawyer in Delhi - Chittaranjan park
Experience (years): 10
Languages Known: English & Hindi
Specializations: all kinds of matrimonial cases, all property cases, all kinds of cheque bounce cases, all criminal
Delhi | Chittaranjan park
Advocate Shoukatali , Lawyer in Kolhapur - Opposite to railway station
Experience (years): 25
Languages Known: Marathi, Urdu English
Specializations: property, family,land acquisition,138 cheque bounce
Kolhapur | Opposite to railway station
Advocate Jayanta, Lawyer in Kolkata - High court
Experience (years): 7
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bengal
Specializations: service, cyber crime, criminal
Kolkata | High court
Advocate Solomon, Lawyer in Madurai - Madurai
Experience (years): 15
Languages Known: English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi
Specializations: civil,criminal,, insurance,divorce,child custody,adoption, intellectual property,labour etc
Madurai | Madurai
Advocate Prashant Singh, Lawyer in Allahabad - Allahabad
Experience (years):
Languages Known: English & Hindi
Specializations: legal subjects
Allahabad | Allahabad
Advocate Raghuveeer, Lawyer in Allahabad - Azamgarh
Experience (years): 2
Languages Known: Hindi English
Specializations: criminal and civil
Allahabad | Azamgarh
Advocate Parmeshwar Pawar, Lawyer in Pune - Pune
Experience (years): 8
Languages Known: English,Hindi, Marathi
Specializations: family, divorce case, criminal,civil and court marriage
Advocate Vishal Soni, Lawyer in Kota - Kota
Experience (years): 5
Languages Known: ENGLISH, HINDI
Specializations: criminal, revenew, property, family, marriege,rent
Kota | Kota
Advocate Anil, Lawyer in Aurangabad - Kranti chowk
Experience (years): 10
Languages Known: Marathi, hindi english
Specializations: accident, insurance, criminal
Aurangabad | Kranti chowk
Advocate MUKUL KUMAR GOYAL, Lawyer in Bijnor - BIJNOR
Experience (years): 20
Languages Known: HINDI, ENGLISH
Specializations: banking laws & taxation with corporate laws
Bijnor | BIJNOR
Advocate Pabitra Kumar Sahu Advocate, Lawyer in Bhubaneswar - Saintala
Experience (years): 24
Languages Known: Odia English Hindi
Specializations: civil.
Bhubaneswar | Saintala
Advocate Narendra goyal, Lawyer in Jodhpur - jodhpur
Experience (years): 19
Languages Known: Hindi, English, marwari
Specializations: civil,criminal,,accident claims.famely cases, revanue
Advocate Vaibhav bhosale, Lawyer in Solapur - Baramati
Experience (years): 2
Languages Known: Marathi english hindi
Specializations: criminal cases
Solapur | Baramati
Advocate PIYUSH GOEL, Lawyer in Hapur - GARHMUKTASWER
Experience (years): 7
Languages Known: Hindi, English
Specializations: criminal
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