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Just by choosing the city and subject of expertise below, you will be guided to the list of subject expert advocates. PathLegal has simplified and listed many lawyers in Jalesar as per their location, specialization and experience. It would help you to find out a good lawyer in Jalesar for any legal issue.

Lawyers in Jalesar

Lawyers in Jalesar


PathLegal has not listed here any lawyer from Jalesar. You may find the lawyers from the link, lawyers Jalesar

Still not finding? PathLegal may have advocates in your region and not listed publicly as per the lawyer’s request. Please do write to with your requirement, we shall get back to you as soon as possible with the lawyer’s details. Please find below some of the closest match for your search.
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Advocate adv rajiv kumar singh, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Uttar Pradesh (near Deoria) Advocate adv rajiv kumar singh    Uttar Pradesh    mughalsarai


Experiance(years) : 12           Details of Advocate adv rajiv kumar singh Uttar Pradesh

Advocate MOHD NADEEM, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Gorakhpur (near Deoria) Advocate MOHD NADEEM    Gorakhpur    TIWARIPUR

incomew tax & sales tax

Experiance(years) : 05           Details of Advocate MOHD NADEEM Gorakhpur

Advocate ABHISHEK KUMAR SRIVASTAVA, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Azamgarh (near Deoria) Advocate ABHISHEK KUMAR SRIVASTAVA    Azamgarh    katra

labour civil,accident

Experiance(years) : 3           Details of Advocate ABHISHEK KUMAR SRIVASTAVA Azamgarh

Advocate Anshul Mittal, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Noida (near Deoria) Advocate Anshul Mittal    Noida    Greater Noida

civil & financial matters

Experiance(years) : 10           Details of Advocate Anshul Mittal Noida

Advocate Vijay Singh Aluna, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Moradabad (near Deoria) Advocate Vijay Singh Aluna    Moradabad    Behind Jail


Experiance(years) : 2           Details of Advocate Vijay Singh Aluna Moradabad

Advocate Deo Brat Agnihotri , Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Fatehpur (near Deoria) Advocate Deo Brat Agnihotri    Fatehpur    Harihar Ganj

criminal and accident cases

Experiance(years) : 17           Details of Advocate Deo Brat Agnihotri  Fatehpur

Advocate Anupriya Agrawal, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Lucknow (near Deoria) Advocate Anupriya Agrawal    Lucknow    Aliganj

matrimonial,property,cheque bounce cases

Experiance(years) : 3           Details of Advocate Anupriya Agrawal Lucknow

Advocate Kailash Chand lodhi, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Bulandshahr (near Deoria) Advocate Kailash Chand lodhi    Bulandshahr    bulandshahr city

criminal civil court mariege family cases

Experiance(years) : 14           Details of Advocate Kailash Chand lodhi Bulandshahr

Advocate Chhavi, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Ghaziabad (near Deoria) Advocate Chhavi    Ghaziabad    Kavi Nagar

Experiance(years) : 0           Details of Advocate Chhavi Ghaziabad

Advocate pankaj kumar tiwari, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Ghaziabad (near Deoria) Advocate pankaj kumar tiwari    Ghaziabad    vasundhara

civil, criminal, matrimonial, ipr and other matters

Experiance(years) : 11           Details of Advocate pankaj kumar tiwari Ghaziabad

Advocate DHARMENDRA KUMAR TIWARI, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Allahabad (near Deoria) Advocate DHARMENDRA KUMAR TIWARI    Allahabad    PRAYAG STATION

all type of civil ,corporate matters,other

Experiance(years) : 02           Details of Advocate DHARMENDRA KUMAR TIWARI Allahabad

Advocate PAWAN KUMAR , Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Noida (near Deoria) Advocate PAWAN KUMAR    Noida    TAX ADVOCATE

tax advocate

Experiance(years) : 5           Details of Advocate PAWAN KUMAR  Noida

Advocate virendra tripathi, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Gonda (near Deoria) Advocate virendra tripathi    Gonda    city

civil ,family,criminal

Experiance(years) : 36           Details of Advocate virendra tripathi Gonda

Advocate seema joshi, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Ghaziabad (near Deoria) Advocate seema joshi    Ghaziabad    Ghaziabad


Experiance(years) : 2           Details of Advocate seema joshi Ghaziabad

Advocate Ramakant Singh, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Ghaziabad (near Deoria) Advocate Ramakant Singh    Ghaziabad    Vasundhara

civil, criminal, matrimonial, family, corporate, intellectual property, consumer, banking

Experiance(years) : 6           Details of Advocate Ramakant Singh Ghaziabad

Advocate awadhesh shukla, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Noida (near Deoria) Advocate awadhesh shukla    Noida    ncr


Experiance(years) : 8           Details of Advocate awadhesh shukla Noida

Advocate satyaprakash savita, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Kanpur (near Deoria) Advocate satyaprakash savita    Kanpur    hanspuram naubasta

sale tax

Experiance(years) : 08           Details of Advocate satyaprakash savita Kanpur

Advocate skvats advocate, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Muzaffarnagar (near Deoria) Advocate skvats advocate    Muzaffarnagar    civil line south

sales tax,income tax and accounts

Experiance(years) : 30           Details of Advocate skvats advocate Muzaffarnagar

Advocate vidit khanna, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Bijnor (near Deoria) Advocate vidit khanna    Bijnor    101 shambha bazar bijnor


Experiance(years) : 6           Details of Advocate vidit khanna Bijnor

Advocate Alok Tiwari, Lawyer in Uttar Pradesh - Lucknow (near Deoria) Advocate Alok Tiwari    Lucknow    Lucknow

family matter

Experiance(years) : 15           Details of Advocate Alok Tiwari Lucknow

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We may have top lawyers Jalesar registered with us as associates to support your legal needs. Our lawyers take pride in being attentive to the needs of our clients on an individual basis and provide service to them at affordable costs. Our eminent associates span across Jalesar offer a complete range of legal expertise on all fundamental areas such as company, banking, finance, insurance, tax, real estate, society law, cyber law, civil laws, intellectual property, criminal, family laws, regulatory law, labour laws, dowry, divorce, apart from other allied legal matters such as property verification, documentation and registration . By using these directories, you may find the best advocates Jalesar suited to your needs.
If you are one of the lawyers from Jalesar, you can register on this online directory for free.