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Just by choosing the city and subject of expertise below, you will be guided to the list of subject expert advocates. PathLegal has simplified and listed many lawyers in Pathanamthitta as per their location, specialization and experience. It would help you to find out a good lawyer in Pathanamthitta for any legal issue.

Lawyers in Pathanamthitta

Lawyers in Pathanamthitta


Advocate boaz, Lawyer in Pathanamthitta - Pathanamthitta Advocate boaz    Pathanamthitta    Pathanamthitta

ip,corporate law.

Experience(years) : 2           Details of Advocate boaz Pathanamthitta

Advocate Mayoof, Lawyer in Kerala - Beypore (near Cannanore) Advocate Mayoof    Beypore    

Experiance(years) :           Details of Advocate Mayoof Beypore

Advocate roy, Lawyer in Kerala - Trichur (near Cannanore) Advocate roy    Trichur    wadakanchery


Experiance(years) : 10           Details of Advocate roy Trichur

Advocate Binu Veettil Valappil, Lawyer in Kerala - Tirur (near Cannanore) Advocate Binu Veettil Valappil    Tirur    Mangalam

contract,banking cases,property,family matters,arbitretion, copy rights,accident claims

Experiance(years) : 10           Details of Advocate Binu Veettil Valappil Tirur

Advocate BABY JOHN AMBALLOOR, Lawyer in Kerala - Quilon (near Cannanore) Advocate BABY JOHN AMBALLOOR    Quilon    kottarakara


Experiance(years) : 8           Details of Advocate BABY JOHN AMBALLOOR Quilon

Advocate george sebastian, Lawyer in Kerala - Kerala (near Cannanore) Advocate george sebastian    Kerala    wayanad


Experiance(years) : 17           Details of Advocate george sebastian Kerala

Advocate Padmanabha K, Lawyer in Kerala - Kasaragod (near Cannanore) Advocate Padmanabha K    Kasaragod    Kasaragod

criminal, family, accident, consumer

Experiance(years) : 4           Details of Advocate Padmanabha K Kasaragod

Advocate Lawfe Legal Solutions, Lawyer in Kerala - Ernakulam (near Cannanore) Advocate Lawfe Legal Solutions    Ernakulam    Near High Court

criminal, property, family, business, accident, civil

Experiance(years) : 20           Details of Advocate Lawfe Legal Solutions Ernakulam

Advocate ANANTHAPADMANABHAN, Lawyer in Kerala - Trivandrum (near Cannanore) Advocate ANANTHAPADMANABHAN    Trivandrum    vanchiyoor

family, property, property documentation, ceque cases, claim cases, consumer cases, civil cases etc.

Experiance(years) : 33           Details of Advocate ANANTHAPADMANABHAN Trivandrum

Advocate ASHFAQ P K, Lawyer in Kerala - Calicut (near Cannanore) Advocate ASHFAQ P K    Calicut    

Experiance(years) : 22           Details of Advocate ASHFAQ P K Calicut

Advocate Reshikesan V R, Lawyer in Kerala - Trichur (near Cannanore) Advocate Reshikesan V R    Trichur    thryprayar

civil and criminal

Experiance(years) : 20           Details of Advocate Reshikesan V R Trichur

Advocate C T SHAJI, Lawyer in Kerala - Trichur (near Cannanore) Advocate C T SHAJI    Trichur    Mundur

civil, accident, family, criminal

Experiance(years) : 17           Details of Advocate C T SHAJI Trichur

Advocate joseph bernard mathew, Lawyer in Kerala - Ernakulam (near Cannanore) Advocate joseph bernard mathew    Ernakulam    kochi-682025


Experiance(years) : 2           Details of Advocate joseph bernard mathew Ernakulam

Advocate Dr Sebastian Champappilly, Lawyer in Kerala - Kochi (near Cannanore) Advocate Dr Sebastian Champappilly    Kochi    Thrikkakara

taxation, divorce, succession, property, service law, criminal law, constitutional law

Experiance(years) : 30           Details of Advocate Dr Sebastian Champappilly Kochi

Advocate Advocates & Attorney Canada, Lawyer in Kerala - Kochi (near Cannanore) Advocate Advocates & Attorney Canada    Kochi    ernakulam


Experiance(years) : 17           Details of Advocate Advocates & Attorney Canada Kochi

Advocate Jayakumar Nair Kadakampally, Lawyer in Kerala - Trivandrum (near Cannanore) Advocate Jayakumar Nair Kadakampally    Trivandrum    TRIVANDRUM

accident claims

Experiance(years) : 16           Details of Advocate Jayakumar Nair Kadakampally Trivandrum

Advocate Mohan Varughese, Lawyer in Kerala - Trivandrum (near Cannanore) Advocate Mohan Varughese    Trivandrum    Vanchiyoor

civil,criminal,family,consumer,arbitration, lok ayuktha

Experiance(years) : 15           Details of Advocate Mohan Varughese Trivandrum

Advocate boaz, Lawyer in Kerala - Pathanamthitta (near Cannanore) Advocate boaz    Pathanamthitta    

ip,corporate law.

Experiance(years) : 2           Details of Advocate boaz Pathanamthitta

Advocate Anushma M  Khan, Lawyer in Kerala - Quilon (near Cannanore) Advocate Anushma M Khan    Quilon    Kollam

criminal, consumer ,family

Experiance(years) : 10           Details of Advocate Anushma M  Khan Quilon

Advocate Adv Sasikala K, Lawyer in Kerala - Calicut (near Cannanore) Advocate Adv Sasikala K    Calicut    Mavoor

Experiance(years) : 1           Details of Advocate Adv Sasikala K Calicut

Advocate K.A.M.Haris, Lawyer in Kerala - Ernakulam (near Cannanore) Advocate K.A.M.Haris    Ernakulam    Cochin

labour, education, service, land acquisition, motor accident appeals, mobile tower, family

Experiance(years) : 2           Details of Advocate K.A.M.Haris Ernakulam

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We may have top lawyers Pathanamthitta registered with us as associates to support your legal needs. Our lawyers take pride in being attentive to the needs of our clients on an individual basis and provide service to them at affordable costs. Our eminent associates span across Pathanamthitta offer a complete range of legal expertise on all fundamental areas such as company, banking, finance, insurance, tax, real estate, society law, cyber law, civil laws, intellectual property, criminal, family laws, regulatory law, labour laws, dowry, divorce, apart from other allied legal matters such as property verification, documentation and registration . By using these directories, you may find the best advocates Pathanamthitta suited to your needs.
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