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Lawyers in PathanamthittaLawyers in Pathanamthitta

Advocate boaz, Lawyer in Pathanamthitta - Pathanamthitta
Advocate boaz Experience(years) : 2
Pathanamthitta | Pathanamthitta

ip,corporate law.

Advocate Ratheesh PM, Lawyer in Kerala - Calicut (near Piravam)
Advocate Ratheesh PM Experience(years) : 5 Calicut | Calicut

criminal , family matters, mv act, ni act Details

Advocate Mujeeb Rahuman, Lawyer in Kerala - Mavelikara (near Piravam)
Advocate Mujeeb Rahuman Experience(years) : 16 Mavelikara | Mavelikara

criminal, civil, family and other matters Details

Advocate SUDHAKARAN, Lawyer in Kerala - Kochi (near Piravam)
Advocate SUDHAKARAN Experience(years) : 40 Kochi |

labour Details

Advocate chris , Lawyer in Kerala - Alwaye (near Piravam)
Advocate chris Experience(years) : 0 Alwaye |

family,property, tax Details

Advocate G kumar V C, Lawyer in Kerala - Punalur (near Piravam)
Advocate G kumar V C Experience(years) : 23 Punalur | punalur,kottarikkara,kollam

criminal ,familycourt, motor accident claims Details

Advocate Jacob CK, Lawyer in Kerala - Alwaye (near Piravam)
Advocate Jacob CK Experience(years) : Alwaye |


Advocate jayaprakash, Lawyer in Kerala - Kochi (near Piravam)
Advocate jayaprakash Experience(years) : 2 Kochi | highcourt

civil,criminal,family,mact Details

Advocate PRIJI P A, Lawyer in Kerala - Quilon (near Piravam)
Advocate PRIJI P A Experience(years) : 15 Quilon | Kollam


Advocate ASHA CHAKRAVARTHY, Lawyer in Kerala - Trivandrum (near Piravam)
Advocate ASHA CHAKRAVARTHY Experience(years) : Trivandrum | Ulloor

family law Details

Advocate Sunny KT, Lawyer in Kerala - Thrissur (near Piravam)
Advocate Sunny KT Experience(years) : 07 Thrissur | Mupliyam. PO

criminal Details

Advocate Prasad, Lawyer in Kerala - Ernakulam (near Piravam)
Advocate Prasad Experience(years) : 10 Ernakulam | Muvattupuzha

family and property Details

Advocate ADV.N.C.JOSEPH NOOROKARY, Lawyer in Kerala - Kottayam (near Piravam)
Advocate ADV.N.C.JOSEPH NOOROKARY Experience(years) : 20 Kottayam | VAIKOM

economics,family court case, civil and criminal Details

Advocate Savitha, Lawyer in Kerala - Ernakulam (near Piravam)
Advocate Savitha Experience(years) : 6 Ernakulam | Edappally


Advocate rajith davis, Lawyer in Kerala - Kerala (near Piravam)
Advocate rajith davis Experience(years) : 15 Kerala | thrissur

company law property Details

Advocate Vineethkumar V S, Lawyer in Kerala - Trivandrum (near Piravam)
Advocate Vineethkumar V S Experience(years) : 22 Trivandrum | Pongummoodu

family , crimanal cases Details

Advocate ALEXANDER KG KALLADA, Lawyer in Kerala - Quilon (near Piravam)
Advocate ALEXANDER KG KALLADA Experience(years) : 21 Quilon | HIGHSCHOOL JN., KOLLAM

criminal cases, cheque, family, murder, etc., Details

Advocate Ashwin Muralidharan, Lawyer in Kerala - Tellicherry (near Piravam)
Advocate Ashwin Muralidharan Experience(years) : 1 Tellicherry | Vadakkumbad

criminal law Details

Advocate Biju Joseph Edakkalathur, Lawyer in Kerala - Thrissur (near Piravam)
Advocate Biju Joseph Edakkalathur Experience(years) : 10 Thrissur | Thrissurup

civil, criminal, motor accident Details

Advocate R MADHURAJ, Lawyer in Kerala - Malappuram (near Piravam)
Advocate R MADHURAJ Experience(years) : 13 Malappuram | Malappuram

family, consumer, criminal, ip, documentation, Details

Advocate  MADHAVAN MALANKAD, Lawyer in Kerala - Kasaragod (near Piravam)
Advocate MADHAVAN MALANKAD Experience(years) : 34 Kasaragod | vidyanagar

criminal and civil, family Details

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