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Just by choosing the city and subject of expertise below, you will be guided to the list of subject expert advocates. PathLegal has simplified and listed many lawyers in Pune as per their location, specialization and experience. It would help you to find out a good lawyer in Pune for any legal issue.

Lawyers in Pune

Lawyers in Pune


Advocate Nandkumar, Lawyer in Pune - Katraj Advocate Nandkumar    Pune    Katraj

property with banking

Experience(years) : 2           Details of Advocate Nandkumar Pune

Advocate Shona Bhobe, Lawyer in Pune - Pune/PCMC Advocate Shona Bhobe    Pune    Pune/PCMC

corporate, land, family, property

Experience(years) : 6           Details of Advocate Shona Bhobe Pune

Advocate Rahul Thopate, Lawyer in Pune - pune Advocate Rahul Thopate    Pune    pune

civil practitioner

Experience(years) : 3           Details of Advocate Rahul Thopate Pune

Advocate Vidya Gopal Iyer, Lawyer in Pune - Pune Advocate Vidya Gopal Iyer    Pune    Pune

Experience(years) : 10           Details of Advocate Vidya Gopal Iyer Pune

Advocate Allen Kuncheria, Lawyer in Pune - Pune Advocate Allen Kuncheria    Pune    Pune


Experience(years) : 12           Details of Advocate Allen Kuncheria Pune

Advocate Adv.Santosh Mundhe, Lawyer in Pune - Dhankawadi Advocate Adv.Santosh Mundhe    Pune    Dhankawadi

property laws, ipr

Experience(years) : 8           Details of Advocate Adv.Santosh Mundhe Pune

Advocate Neha Anand, Lawyer in Pune - Shivajinagar Advocate Neha Anand    Pune    Shivajinagar

civil, drafting, conveyancing

Experience(years) : 9           Details of Advocate Neha Anand Pune

Advocate Sayali Vasant Deshpande, Lawyer in Pune - karvenager Advocate Sayali Vasant Deshpande    Pune    karvenager

junior advocate

Experience(years) : 1           Details of Advocate Sayali Vasant Deshpande Pune

Advocate Adv Deepak, Lawyer in Pune - Sinhagad Road Advocate Adv Deepak    Pune    Sinhagad Road

family, succession, civil

Experience(years) : 15           Details of Advocate Adv Deepak Pune

Advocate SK MAURYA, Lawyer in Pune - Pune Advocate SK MAURYA    Pune    Pune


Experience(years) : 2           Details of Advocate SK MAURYA Pune

Advocate Akancha Sonkar, Lawyer in Pune - Pune Advocate Akancha Sonkar    Pune    Pune

taxation & corporate laws

Experience(years) : 5           Details of Advocate Akancha Sonkar Pune

Advocate Adv Zakir M. Shaikh, Lawyer in Pune - Pune Advocate Adv Zakir M. Shaikh    Pune    Pune


Experience(years) : 11           Details of Advocate Adv Zakir M. Shaikh Pune

Advocate HEMLATA MAHESH WHAVAL, Lawyer in Pune - Dapodi Advocate HEMLATA MAHESH WHAVAL    Pune    Dapodi

all types of civil and criminal cases in district, sessions & high court

Experience(years) : 20           Details of Advocate HEMLATA MAHESH WHAVAL Pune

Advocate shubha pillay, Lawyer in Pune - gurav pimple Advocate shubha pillay    Pune    gurav pimple

family matters

Experience(years) : 8           Details of Advocate shubha pillay Pune

Advocate Minakshi Bhajan , Lawyer in Pune - Pune Advocate Minakshi Bhajan    Pune    Pune

Experience(years) : 0           Details of Advocate Minakshi Bhajan  Pune

Advocate Atul pandhe, Lawyer in Pune - dhankawdi,katraj Advocate Atul pandhe    Pune    dhankawdi,katraj


Experience(years) : 4           Details of Advocate Atul pandhe Pune

Advocate  VIKAS SHANKAR JADHAV, Lawyer in Pune - Bhosari Advocate VIKAS SHANKAR JADHAV    Pune    Bhosari


Experience(years) : 8           Details of Advocate  VIKAS SHANKAR JADHAV Pune

Advocate Mr. Pangare Vitthal, Lawyer in Pune - Hadapsar Advocate Mr. Pangare Vitthal    Pune    Hadapsar

civil, criminal and family

Experience(years) : 4           Details of Advocate Mr. Pangare Vitthal Pune

Advocate Krishnan Balakrishnan Nair, Lawyer in Pune - Shivane Advocate Krishnan Balakrishnan Nair    Pune    Shivane

family, property

Experience(years) :           Details of Advocate Krishnan Balakrishnan Nair Pune

Advocate Amit, Lawyer in Pune - Deccan Advocate Amit    Pune    Deccan

property documentation

Experience(years) : 8           Details of Advocate Amit Pune

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We may have top lawyers Pune registered with us as associates to support your legal needs. Our lawyers take pride in being attentive to the needs of our clients on an individual basis and provide service to them at affordable costs. Our eminent associates span across Pune offer a complete range of legal expertise on all fundamental areas such as company, banking, finance, insurance, tax, real estate, society law, cyber law, civil laws, intellectual property, criminal, family laws, regulatory law, labour laws, dowry, divorce, apart from other allied legal matters such as property verification, documentation and registration . By using these directories, you may find the best advocates Pune suited to your needs.
If you are one of the lawyers from Pune, you can register on this online directory for free.