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Legal Q/A by Santosh Goswami

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Infedilty of my wife Family 15 hour(s) ago

I have voice records of my wife said to me that she had sex with others before marriage but not fully she disclosed that she had mutual understanding...

Past adulterous life has no bearing on divorce petition. The act of adultery must be committed after the marriage. But your petition on the ground of cruelty...View

Signed on other,s document on behalf that person Civil 16 hour(s) ago

Hello sir/mam we are running a society 1 year ago we had increased the no,s of members of the society from 7 to 12 to get the working area of society from...

Rectify the memo of society and take their signature again. This can be done.View

Fir to charge sheet time limt Criminal 16 hour(s) ago

Police filed fir on 23 jun 2016 l.e 427 447 506 323 and we given cctv footage.. it\\\\\\\'s almost 6 months now still police not done charge sheet.. is...

Yes, it should be filed within 90 days maximum. But when the investigation can not be completed by the police within that, it seeks more time to file charge...View

Withdrawal of complaint before final decision Accident 17 hour(s) ago

I need advice on following. Accident case is going on in court, 4 hearings are completed. Now accused hearing is due. If complainant is ready to withdraw...

If FIR is registered, you can not withdraw it. If a compromise has taken place, you can get the FIR quashed by the High Court.View

is partition applicable on properties in one person name Family 17 hour(s) ago

We have two properties and both the properties are in my husband's name, I have the proof for my contribution though. Now I have filed for both Divorce...

She could be compensated to the extent of her contribution but she can not challenge the title of husband over the property and partition will not succeed...View

Withdrawal of complaint Accident 17 hour(s) ago

Can complainant withdraw his complaint at any point before conviction ?

If it is a state case, complainant can not withdraw it. In fact, only High Court has got the power to quash a proceeding. If a compromise has reached between...View

Harassment by husband and inlaws family for demanding additional dowry Family 17 hour(s) ago

hello, I have married on 2nd april 2016. At the time of marriage we have given 5lakhs and 5 tulas gold. After 15 days of marriage demanding for...

Insist upon registration of FIR. If they don't do that, better file a complaint u/s 156(3) CrPC in the Court of Magistrate. There is no point in wasting...View

Regarding NOC after Registration Property 19 hour(s) ago

Hi Sir, I have knocked down an auction property, and a I have paid all the amount within 13 days of auction, the bank authorised officer came to Subregister...

If the bank had no approval, it should not have proceeded to auction the property. THE ONUS IS ON THE BANK TO GET THE PROPERTY REGISTERED IN YOUR NAME...View

Advice required for rights over gratuity, PF and CGIS of Father Property 19 hour(s) ago

Good morning, I need an advice regarding the legal heir rights over Father\\\\\\\'s Gratuity, Provident Fund. I\\\\\\\'m 32, legal son to my father,...

Your uncle has no legal authority to do all these. Any asset, property, bank balance, PF shall be equally distributed between the legal heirs and you and...View

Deformation case for spoiling my character ANY 20 hour(s) ago

I was been accused in a divorce case as act of adultery. The case was filed in the court and after 4 years the couple agreed on divorce on mutual agreement...

No, if the allegation is confined to the court proceeding only, there can not be a defamation, though perjury may sustain. But in your case, since the...View

minors undivided interest of HUF property Property 20 hour(s) ago

A person, having some land, died three months ago leaving his wife and a minor son only. The lady wishes to sell the land, and sale permission is already...

Since the partition has not taken place, the property shall be considered as undivided and therefore I think you should obtain a court order.View

Withheld of pension benefits for government servent Civil 20 Jan 2017

I had joined Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA),a Govt of West Bengal undertaking, on 25th, May, 1984 and had retired on 31st, March, 2008,...

Yes, you may get the same. But limitation period has to be verified. You should first of all, serve a pleader notice to the department calling upon it...View

Legal liability of third party once the MOU is terminated between ABC Information Technology 20 Jan 2017

Company ABC is providing software and support to the outlet of company PQR. The outlet owners pay for the software annual fees directly to ABC. PQR...

No, XYZ has no legal liabilities. But your MoU with PQR is not correctly worded.View

If I have not appear as witness in a complaint case then what will hap Criminal 19 Jan 2017

If I have not appear as witness in a complaint case then what will happen

Then bailable warrant and then non bailable warrant will be issued.View

Registration and possession of new cunstruction apartment without OC Property 19 Jan 2017

I have booked an apartment in an under-construction gated residential complex. The builder has completed the construction of the block in which my apartment...

He has no right to command you. You can take the possession without the OC. This is not so serious but it is entirely your choice. OC is provided by govt....View