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Legal Q/A by Santosh Goswami

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Adoption issues. Biological parents unwilling to disclose identity ANY 9 hour(s) ago

Want to adopt a child. Biological parents refuse to disclose identity. Baby with a guardian (not legal)

Then a valid adoption is not possible. This guardian has no authority to give the child in adoption.View


Dear SIr, I have two credit cards One of ICICI Bank & another of SBI. Both the cards have outstanding amount of Rs 61000 & 48000 respectively. Now ICICI...

Matter could be negotiated on principal amount. Yes, they can initiate legal action but bank does not do so generally. Rather it calls and harass. You...View

credit card payment issue Banking 10 hour(s) ago

Dear SIR I taken hdfc credit card one ear before and i paid some monthly dues also but last 7 months i cant pay the bills due to i lost my job ad...

They can not do anything nor they. Bide your time and pay in instalment. Nothing to fear.View

How much of probability to get divorce in contested divorce Family 10 hour(s) ago

Hello mam, what if in the case if wife deserts husband and refuses to live with him and files all the cases on him, can husband apply for divorce on the...

If desertion is voluntary and without reasonable cause, your petition for divorce may succeed provided you prove the same.View

Issue of unregistered sale agreement Civil 11 hour(s) ago

Problem regarding to unregistered sale agreement and settlement of agreement.I want talk to high court advocate

Search on the panel and talk to whom you want to.View

Stop payment wife cheque divorce 498 Criminal 11 hour(s) ago

I have filed divorce after 6 months of 498 filed on me . I was in custody for 5 days .during which some deeds were signed by my dad and gave cheque to...

There must be a debt or liability if a complaint under section 138 is to sustain. I don't see ant debt or liability on your father. There could be same...View

Delay in possession , poor construction, not fulfilling commitment Consumer Protection 13 hour(s) ago

In 2012 , booked a duplex in signature 360 project in bhopal, till March 2017, possession not offered and in April 2017 when offered, we had checked and...

Don't take the possession right now. This is a clear case of deficiency in service and the builder is legally bound to provide all the facilities as agreed...View

some says if father died before 2005 then daughter doesnt have rights Property 14 hour(s) ago

some says if father died before 2005 then daughter doesnt have rights on father assest

Yes, it is correct.View

How can I register my land coming from my father side Property 14 hour(s) ago

My parents are died at 2003. Now I am 19 yrs. At that time my father had 1 acr land coming from marage gift from my grandma. She get it from her mother...

The community head decision has no relevance. You and your brother should enter into a family settlement deed and then get it registered. After that, you...View

civil for will probate Civil 14 hour(s) ago

will Probate i want to file for Probating the will. The property in question is about 3.5Crores. How much is the fees to be paid for filing of the ...

Dear The court fee is around 2.5% of the value of property. DelhiView

Seeking help on online messaging and aftermath Civil 14 hour(s) ago

Hi Sir, I leave in the suburbs of Thane city. Few days back, due to a mistake, I uttered few words that were termed as offensive and the girl asked me...

Go there. I don't think that anything serious is there. You need to state what you told to girl.View

Service matter/SC-ST matter Labor 15 hour(s) ago

Due to denial of legitimate promotion to a employee by a PSU, aggrieved employee take the matter with the one of the High Court in India where it is pending....

Yes, can take up the matter but it can not go into the merit of the case to ascertain whether denial of promotion is legal or illegal especially when matter...View

Prevention of money laundering act ANY 23 Jun 2017

can additional property of accused can be attached once complaint has been filed by Enforcement Directorate under PMLA act 2002

Yes, depending upon the court of the court.View

Lender Amit Sharma from Shriram Group Banking 23 Jun 2017

I have been talking to this person from Shriram Group , Amit Sharma. After submitting my documents he said i have the approval of 13L and asked for the...

You may have been fooled by him. Have u lodged a police complaint or not? Lodge it and say the police to tack the location from the phone number. Have...View

Houseowner n tenants fraud Property 23 Jun 2017

The house owner took 2months rent without signing the contract paper. He asked us to leave within a months time what should we do it's been over 2 months...

You have not to leave before 2 months at any cost. Also say him to compensate u for transfer cost.View