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Wife files case of restitution Family 15 Oct 2017

Hi,I am in Perth Australia. I married to Indian girl in Mysore in February 2017. After that we spent hardly 8 days with each other. Then I realised I cannot...

Not mandatory as of now. It is not a wise step to come here only for police questionnaire. You just say that company cant grant you leave at this moment....View

Delay in Possession of Flat Property 15 Oct 2017

Hi Members, I had purchased in flat in Pune in May 2014. The builder had promised the possession will be given to use in June 2016. In the agreement...

Dear Client Do one thing. First check the interest clause for delay in payment in the agreement. Then see whether the calculation is right or not. Also...View

Commercial property disputes Property 14 Oct 2017

Commercial property disputes Agreement registered 2.25 cr 1.5 cr paid , balance .75 cr in 30 days Paid cheque , not accepting , demanding for cash...

We need to go back to the agreement itself. The agreement contains clauses and mode of payment. I need to see that. Anyway, .75 a huge amount and...View

Mutual consent divorce Family 14 Oct 2017

If I have been sent a divorce petition only format draft and not knowing the next legal procedure I consulted lawyer, he asked me to sent few emails with...

Yes, there is always a way. And you seem o be more sensible than your lawyer. Don't put up unnecessary litigation and waste money and time. Better you...View

Credit card due of foreign country Banking 14 Oct 2017

I have a pending credit card due of saudi arabia and now I am in india, some 1 in india contacted me introducing collection agency, i refused my identity...

Bank can file a suit for recovery or start proceeding before Arbitrator but that is possible only in Saudi. No, it will not affect police certificate....View

Will : whether to mention ID card no. of beneficiaries Family 14 Oct 2017

Is it necessary or a requirement for a Will to contain the ID number ( from any ID card) of the Beneficiaries to facilitate execution ?

Not mandatory. But you can put that.View

Understanding defamation Labor 14 Oct 2017

I have been working with a company for the past 5 months, the company is a call center which works as a lead generator for different companies in australia....

Facts suggest that a case of defamation could be possible but matter needs to be discussed further.View

procedure of refund mobile which seized Information Technology 14 Oct 2017

got charge under ipc 66a , d, c and got bail on same date from court , after that i give a petition in court for refund the seized mobile , court orders...


Property name change Property 14 Oct 2017

Family gathering cannot b done.. As no 1 xcpet my grandfather and my parents wants to name d flat to us! Ther will b problems if gathering happens.. -can...

You have not stated the nature of property without which query can not be addressed properly.View

Cheated by a Insurance company Consumer Protection 14 Oct 2017

Dear sir, I'm Durgaprasad and I'm a student. My problem seems to be petty. Help me because I can't afford to lose my dad's hard earned money. I have...

Yes, we need to serve a pleader notice first and if they still do not respond, we can approach consumer forum.View

Cheating by agent of institution Civil 14 Oct 2017

Good morning I gave a cheque of 40000 to an agent for M.ed course who assured to be linked with C.V Raman university,Chhatisgarh in May 2014.But cheated...

Lodge a police complaint. If police can trace him, recovery is possible.View

Boisar Tata housing ph-IIandIIFL sanction 23lakhs on26Jul16 Consumer Protection 14 Oct 2017

I book a tata new heaven 1.5bhk in Jun16&IIFL sanction 23Jul16.Since 1.9yrs past,harassment & no loan?Faraud&extorsion?

Your loan sanctioned or not? Loan disbursed or not? Have they intimated you regarding rejection of loan? Better call on phone. I will address your pro...View

Is write anything on consumer forum is cyber crime Consumer Protection 14 Oct 2017

Hello My concorn is if I dropped my last job because they didnt pay me. And we wrote complain on consumer forum. Now they told us write anything...

It is not a crime at all. They are just bullying you. On the contrary, you should recover your money from the company.View

mobile phone not returning by insurance company Consumer Protection 13 Oct 2017

my mobile phone sent for repairing to apps daily insurance company on 18th march 2017,but not yet returning my mobile phone,and no phone live now...

You need to serve a legal notice.View

Forced to resign and salary amount did not got reimbursed Labor 13 Oct 2017

Worked with for 40 days but they forced me to resign at the time of reimbursing the salary 7- 10 of the month giving the false allegations...

Then you need to file a suit or to approach the labor court.View

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