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Legal Q/A by Santosh Goswami

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Marraige issue..provide the step for better relationship our future. Family 23 hour(s) ago

i Sir,How are I hope you doing well, I am in very bad condition because of my wife and his mother. Meri wife ke sat meri bilkul nahi banti sahdi ko...

Aur kya help karun. Suggestion to de diya. Koi problem hai to contact kar sakte ho.View

shell file evict case during divorce case pending Family 23 hour(s) ago

My divorce case is still pending in the court. My wife is staying in the house which is in the name of my only. I want to take my house in possession....

You may file but at this juncture your harsh attitude may affect your divorce petition to some extent. As per property law, you are entitled to file for...View

Execution of court order for eviction Property 23 Feb 2017

We have received a court order from Judges Court Alipore on 22/12/2016 for eviction of our tenant. The tenant was asked by the court order to vacate the...

No bribe has to be paid. Upon your execution, the court will pass the appropriate order and court will decide the fee of bailiff. Police has no role to...View

College retaining the original certificates to pay the fee. Property 23 Feb 2017

Is there any Supreme Court order that states, an unaided college can collect complete course fee from a student, who discontinue the course in midway? I...

If you are not following the suggestion, there is no point in giving the same. As I told, you need to serve a pleader notice first. And you need to show...View

She was not a Partner via partnership deed but just an investor Business 23 Feb 2017

I want to bring to your kind notice that Lolita did not become a partner via partnership deed or partnership agreement. She was just an investor who invested...

No, MoU can not be considered as cancelled or revoked. But if she choose to file a suit for recovery, we can defend ourselves on the ground that since...View

Legal process outsourcing Business 22 Feb 2017

What legal steps to be taken to start an LPO (Legal process outsourcing) in India?

There are lots of formalities. It is not possible here to give you the detail. DelhiView

Mobile phone video recording ANY 22 Feb 2017

Is a conversation(video)that is recorded with mobile phone accepted as evidence in the courts in India. It shows that I am innocent who had been misguided...

Yes, it is admissible in court.View

Bank loan default doubts Banking 22 Feb 2017

Dear sir , I have Forign bank loan I left job but currently I can\\\'t pay what they can do action in India That country is gulf but some third party...

Block his number. There are ways to protect yourself.View

Once the order is passed, again can cancelled by Divisional bench of s Criminal 22 Feb 2017

Dear sir, I'm taken anticept bail with conditions from high court. I exactly followed conditions also. Again the compliantant filed an appeal to same...

Yes, division bench can set aside the order of single bench. Now you can challenge the order of division bench in Supreme court. DelhiView

Maintainance from abandonment date Family 22 Feb 2017

Can I claim maintainance from the day of abandoned EY or from the day of filing the petition? Is the first payment including arrears from the day maintainance...

From the date of filing of petition.View

Special marriage act process Family 22 Feb 2017

Hindu Muslim wedding special marriage act. Procedure? Can someone assist?

Even if I write, you can not be sure of everything. Better you can call over phone.View

Commerical lease with out Permission Business 22 Feb 2017

The land lord is not able to get the permission/occupancy certificate. How are we liable to obey the lease terms in this situations. Are we free to break...

It depends on the terms and conditions of the lease itself.View

legalheir certificate ANY 22 Feb 2017

my legalheir certificate was rejected mentioned as rejected under Orissa Miscellaneous Certificates Rules, 1984. What should i do .. As my husband was...

Where did you file the application?View

Leglaheir certificate ANY 22 Feb 2017

My husband was working in a private sector and was expired and we dont have any kids.. I applied for legal heir in odisha including my name and both my...

Which court have you applied in? Legal heir certificate has nothing to do with private or public sector.View

property of one sold by another to third person now filled case in pol Property 22 Feb 2017

Its about partition. Father died and all rights are in hand of mother. Four brothers are there. Third brother sale of the land of second brother with the...

Very confusing query. How can someone sells other's share when the property has itself been not partitioned. You need to clarify.View