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Legal Q/A by Santosh Goswami

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Cancellation of Registered Sale Deed of flat in a registered society. Property 11 hour(s) ago

Cancellation of registered Sale deed of Flat in Registered Society requires registration with the registrar or optional ?

Registration is required.View

Divorce onthe groud of nonconsummation Family 12 hour(s) ago

My friend is married 3years back but now he says that there was no consummatipn with his wife .she is not cooperating for any treatment.what to do .her...

Before divorce, you should explore ways for annulment/nullity. I seems to be a fit case for annulment in which court declare the marriage as null and void....View

Need clear information Family 21 hour(s) ago

Dear sir a false 498a , 506 ,307 , DP 3 & 4 on april 20 2016 through the court on me and 9 of my family members. The IO made investigation and issued only...

If he submits C report, case will be closed. You need not do anything. Just wait.View

Maternity Benefit Policy in Private Sector Labor 21 hour(s) ago

I am working with a Pvt Ltd Company as a Sr. Software Engineer. I have been placed at the client location. I am 6 Months Pregnant, and have informed the...

You are entitled to maternity benefit as per Maternity Benefit Act and you can not be transferred at this stage. They know that its arbitrary and that...View

Need clear information Family 22 hour(s) ago

Dear sir what is the meaning of C report and when they will file it

May be its closure report and would be filed once investigation is over.View

Want to know the Tenant rights ANY 22 hour(s) ago

We are rented in an apartment for the past 6 months and suddenly the owners told us to vacate the flat as they wanted to move in to the apartment and we...

Does your agreement mention that one month prior notice is required before b=vacating from either side. Any way, till 2nd June, you have every right to...View

On completion of my cross exam can the court pressurise me to bring my Civil 23 hour(s) ago

My cross examination is going on and will complete on next date... (I have not given my list of witnesses to the court till now)Can the court pressurise...

No, court will not pressurise you.View

Extraordinary leave rules for CCS Group A Civil 24 May 2017

I am a central govt Group A officer under probation. I was appointed in Dec 2015. I applied for 3 months EOL to continue my masters from January to March....

Did you get the letter of rejection? DelhiView

Its been 2 years since the RCR filed in Mumbai Bandra court. Wife has Family 24 May 2017

Its been 2 years since the RCR filed in Mumbai Bandra court. Wife has aplied in HIgh court for the RCR transfer to Sangali. But there is no stay to RCR...

No, divorce can not be filed without withdrawing RCR. But technically, you can still withdraw your case since no stay has been granted by Supreme Court....View

Hearing.... ........................ Family 24 May 2017

My question is how to tackle 30 may hearing date in domestic voilence case. Whereas i had filed for stay and quash in high court of punjab. I have not...

Your query is not clear. Talking about lower court or high court hearing?View

How to ensure there is no non-payment before doing registration Property 24 May 2017

I\\\'m selling my property. We have already made an agreement with the buyer whose loan with Axis Bank is already sanctioned. Want to know the in between...

Kindly check electricity bill, municipality tax, property tax etc and put in clearly in the sale deed that everything has been paid and that buyer hall...View

Child custody in judicial separation ANY 24 May 2017

Sir, 1. I would like to know about the Child custody in judicial separation. Is Mother or Father for a six years old girl. 2. I am planning to go...

Custody is normally granted to mother. Don't bother about that. For separation, you need to decide whether you want any relation with such person. It would...View

Sales Tax Return - Invoice Numbers mismatch Tax 22 May 2017

Sir, We have received an Order from the Sales Tax department. It is mentioned that as per the return filed by me and my vendor, the Invoice Numbers...

You should better consult a CA.View

VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS Human Rights 22 May 2017


Merely on the basis of documentation problem, putting your account on hold seems to be illegal and unjustified. For such an action, there must be a malafide...View

Job terminated from company Labor 22 May 2017

Job terminated my service is terminated Indiabulls housing finance Ltd Gurgaon I informed to reporting officer

What do u want? Do u want to challenge the termination?View