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Need Divorce from my Wife Family 3 hour(s) ago

I am Sridhar from Chennai, I don't have Compatibility with my wife, want to take Divorce,please advise

compatibility is not a ground for divorce . still meet local advocate and discuss with all reasons . clickView

Can I claim my dad\\\s property which is in his second wife\\\s name Family 3 hour(s) ago

. My dad died on 3rd NOV without any will. His second wife is staying in house which is in her name. I stay separate with my family on Rent. Can I claim...

The property in second wife`s name is second wife`s property and not your dad`s property View

FIR registered u/s 323 and 506 on false complaint by wife Criminal 13 hour(s) ago

FIR registered by Mahila Thana Gurgaon u/s 323 & 506 on domestic violence complaint by wife. Police is asking me to hire a lawyer, take bail and then prove...

police has discretion to give bail or produce in court . advise by police is not bad do as you like .police does not record or listen to defence accused...View

Do criminal cases proceed without the accused Criminal 20 hour(s) ago

My brother in law lodged a case in CJM court against me in 471,499,500 IPC... I am not being called and prosecution evidence is going on .. Will I be punished...

your advocate is attending or not .if yes then it is legal if not then police might have declared you not traceable and abscondingView

Dont want to give divorce.. anddont want case in agra Family 20 hour(s) ago

Me & husband liveing sepratly in jaipur.we hv 2 case in jaipur. Husband file divorce from agra.. so its ..Legal .. how can i it in change jaipur court.or...

you can get it transferred by applying to supreme court or contest jurisdiction of Agra court in that court itself . If marraige was in Agra .he can file...View

section 405, 406 RPC Family 21 hour(s) ago

I have received a petition under section 405, 406 RPC. Can you please explain what it is?

no petion is required in criminal case . what is it that you have received .petitions are received by courts and not by parties .View

VALID ID FOR LAW SUIT Civil 22 hour(s) ago

The situation is like this: a) A lady files a lawsuit for the claim in the property of parental house after the death of a person on 1st of Oct. stating...

not clear at all what lady ? mother .or wife or daughter or what View

Wife wants separate from my parents Family 21 Nov 2017

Namaste mam, I have 2children one is 5yr girl n 3yr boy, I'm the only son. My wife wants separate from my parents, my father is gov employee 57yrs...

go or divorce .View

Separation from the wife Family 21 Nov 2017

I am a Colonel in the Army.My wife's parents took her away with her consent from my house to Delhi from Amritsar. I belong to Delhi n my wife belongs to...


how to convertd hinduism Maritime law 21 Nov 2017

aftr reciving cnvrsion certifict how can i change my name in legal ID proofs?

ask the person who converted you . also ask you caste in Hindu religion . clickView

Pati ki illegal relationship hai shaddi se phle Family 21 Nov 2017

Hiii Meri shaddi ko 9 mahine ho chuke hai jinme se saat mahine se mai apne maa k ghar rah rhi hu by reason mere husband is illegal relation . Us...

aap ya to divorce karo ya uske paas raho . clickView

This is to challenge the recruitment process of an autonomous organiza Labor 20 Nov 2017

As per the guidelines for the participants in the selection process, the organization given three tier evaluation process as preliminary qualifying written...

please file writView

married twice a time Family 20 Nov 2017

married twice a time want to secure my self and both of have idea

yes take some fixed deposit and property in your name View

To disown parents property Civil 20 Nov 2017

I want to disown my parents can I go legally...

can not do so legally just do not claim when it is due .someone will occupy .clickView

May I take L. I. C agency I am a state government employees. ANY 20 Nov 2017

May I take L. I. C agency??? I am a state government employees.

no you can not do any business or agency or shop . clickView

Marry girl without previous divorce papers Family 20 Nov 2017

I want to Marry girl without previous divorce papers. Divorce has been done and her parents not finding divorce papers.. is this possible


Sexual harassment by boyfrnd ANY 20 Nov 2017

I was in relation with my bf for 6 months we have sex also my question is that i want to case complain on him on sexual harassment bcoz he try to touch...


Regarding mess in my life Family 19 Nov 2017

Hi I m wife and divorce has filed by husband under section 13a now I am contesting it. My concern is my husband is in to affair with another gIrl...and...

so contest he has no good reasons and will not get divorce do not accept MCD .CLICK LIKEView

Hindu divorce marriage Family 19 Nov 2017

I'm husband.. married for 3 yrs.. my wife dint marry me whole heartedly.. after engagement she said she would have cancelled engagement if it was first...

yes judge will consider you reason . why not you have to prove all that has happened . clickView

How to save married life after fight Family 19 Nov 2017

Wanted to save my married life, after a big fight between 2 family

please tell who you are wife husband or whoView

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