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Is remmariage during pendency of any case unlawful Family 30 Dec 2017

Restitution appeal pending in HC kerala. Divorce granted by family court Ahmedabad. Divorce appeal pending in HC Ahmedabad. Wife remarried during pendency...

The remarriage is not legal . Adv Janak Raj Vatsa, high courtView


sir i have appealed a case in AP HC the listing date is on jan 18th 2017 but so far the party has not responded nor deputed an ADV the listing date has...

dear client, it is to your advantage that the opposite party has not responded so far. the issue will get admitted and you may hope for an exparte judgement. please...View

Mandatory members in Executive Committee Civil 20 Jan 2017

Our is a small Association of 25 members of which only 11 are owners and others are tenants. Is it mandatory to have the Executive Committe of President,...

dear client, your query is advised as under :- 1. are you not covered by the AP societies Act and Apartment Owners act ? 2. if so, then you will have...View

VAT demand by builder after 3 years of sale deed execution and possess Tax 19 Nov 2016

Sir This is regarding VAT demand letter dated November 10, 2016 from BPTP LTD (Builder) regarding applicability of VAT under the Haryana Value Added Tax...

dear client, your query is advised as under :- 1. the sale deed was executed in 2012 as per your brief. 2. asking for the VAT at this belated stage...View

Divorce for an Unregistered marriage Family 19 Nov 2016

Hello Sir, This is a case of my friend. She was married 6 months back, which was forced marriage. Since then, she was unable to adjust herself in the in-laws...

Dear client, your query is advised as under :- 1. if she is an adult age, then marrying her against her wishes by force or compulsion is an offence and...View

Marriage issue and family disputes ( getting marry in other caste) Family 29 Aug 2016

Hi,this is arjun from faridabad. I have a marriage matter. Actually me and my girlfriend want to get merry. But our families aren\'t supporting. Even the...

dear client, your query is advised as under :- 1. First of all, it must be your endeavour to amicably resolve the matter by involving elders on both...View

Pls mention the formalities in removing lawyer and fighting my 498a ca Criminal 21 Aug 2016

I am a female.I took NO objection from my lawyer on the new waqalatnama and appointed second advocate but now I want to fight my case myself...what is...

dear client, your query is advised as under :- 1. you need to obtain NOC from the second advocate and also collect your case file from him. 2. apply...View

Complainant chq signed by other partner Criminal 6 Aug 2016

While filing section 138. The accused in his cross exam evidence has taken 3 points. The cheque is issued by other partner who has not been made co accused...

dear client, you are advised as under :- 1. has the firm issued the impunged cheque. if so , then the legal notice ought to be served to the firm only. 2....View

Revocation of POA after death and transfer of land title to wife and15 Civil 5 Aug 2016

We have property in Madubani, Bihar under my husband. My husband signed a PoA to his maternal uncle to take care of the property as we reside in Canada....

dear client, your queries are advised as under :- 1. the POA by your husband to his maternal uncle stands revoked after his death. 2. file an application...View

In need of Birth Certificate from Bokaro Steel City Notary 5 Aug 2016

I am in need of my Birth Certificate or Non-Availability of Birth Certificate. I was born in Bokaro Steel City, 1974. We left for Bhilai Steel Plant in...

dear client, your query is advised as under :- 1. apply to the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION , BOKARO STEEL CITY and pay the requisite fees for issue of a birth...View

Mutation process based on will Civil 1 Aug 2016

Thank you for responding to my question.Will is unregistered and person was died.what is the process for mutation based on will in andhrapradesh

Dear client, your queries are advised as under :- 1. the WILL has to be probated thru the process of the civil court. you need to engage a local advocate...View

Penalty for no parking - 283 Motor Vehicle 1 Aug 2016

Hi, I parked my car in a no parking zone and the cops towed it away. Now they are threatening to file 283. After talking to them they have released my...

dear client, your query is advised as under :- 1. you will need to pay the penality for parking your car in the NO PARKING ZONE. 2. this penality is...View

Pre emption Suit of land Civil 27 Jul 2016

Co-owner has filed a Pre emption suit against me within 120 days of registry. Where as legal owner has registered the land to me. Can I get the degree...

Dear client, you have not mentioned the grounds on which the suit has been filed ? please clik LIKE ADVOCATE J R VATSA, HIGH COURTView

Employment bond and Penalty Labor 27 Jul 2016

I am an employee working in an IT company. I joined the organisation 6 months ago. At the time of joining I was informed by the HR that the Job would be...

Dear client, your query is advised as under :- 1. the relations between the employee and employer are guided by the terms and conditions in the appointment...View

I wish to come out from credit card dues Banking 27 Jul 2016

Hi I am from maharastra and having credit card loan which is aproz 80k and I have lost my job framlast one year and I am not able to return my due amount...

dear client, you are advised as under :- 1. if anyone is trying to harass you or your family member, then file a complaint in the police station for...View

transfer of property Property 27 Jul 2016

Her husband died 30 years ago,she has the property rights according to her husbands share given by my grandfather.Her share is where I am staying now,so...

Dear client, if the property is transferred as gift and a deed is executed in favour of a family member, then the stamp duty charges are minimum. you have...View

How one can gift a property of another city in ones residential city ANY 26 Jul 2016

My mother wants to gift a property and it is in Delhi but she can't travel . So is there any procedure to gift it in Kolkata?

dear client, your mother can execute a GPA in favour of any other family member who is legally authorized in the GPA to gift the property to a person...View

first criminal record mujh pe Criminal 26 Jul 2016

namaste ji, mere dus din ka shaadi, baat mein 498a,406! 498a acquittal mila magar 406 pe sentence 3 maghinae athuva 3000 rs. fine. mein fine bara. maghar...

apko appeal 30 din ke andar karni chahiye. ek vakil engage karen aur turant appeal file karen. please clik LIKE ADVOCATE J R VATSA, HIGH COURTView

Options available for future sell Property 26 Jul 2016

Hi We are four brothers. We have a property of our mother which she got it from her mother who adopted her Our mother and father had expired so we...

1. file a declaratory suit in the civil court. 2. after award of the decree, then apply for mutation of the property on your joint names. 3. after...View

Legal notice issued by bank Banking 26 Jul 2016

Sir we took a loan under Kisan credit card (KCC) 3 years ago. But because of drought and illness of my father we could not repay the same, now bank issues...

1. bank authorities se meeting karen ek vakil ke sath 2. request for re- alignment of the loan amount in greater EMIs due to present draught situation. 3....View

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