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Issue of Legal notice mandatory Property 24 Jan 2017

Whether issue of Legal notice by Plaintiff is mandatory prior to filing of the suit for Specific Performance of agreement of Sale

yes, because he has show to the other party that he is ready to fulfill his part of condition agreed hence notice is mandatory pls click likeView

Mutation extract showing removal of RTC and RTC is not updated from th Property 20 Jan 2017

I had purchased a plot in BBMP limits in bangalore and when i was checking the records of mutation extract of the property indicating there is removal...

docs needs to be verified u can come to my officeView

Legal heir to step mother Civil 19 Jan 2017

Hello sir, I stayed with my step mother for 10 years. She received all d LIC and death benefits of my father on behalf of me. She lended that money to...

they are like animals it is better to come out of the house lead a peaceful life by doing some job and staying in any ashram good luck pls click like...View

Employment bond Issue Labor 13 Jan 2017

Hi, I am working in an IT company in bangalore from 18th January 2016, in my employment bond tenure is 2 years 9 months. If I break the bond then I would...

give complaint to labour inspector about the bond and the harrassment they will take necessary action pls click likeView

divorce petition reply Family 12 Jan 2017

I got married may 2016, my husband tortured me, after 3 months I came to my parents home, now my husband side put divorce petition to me before one year,...

file a petition in court u can get maintenance & ur things back no need to give divorce pls click likkeView

Divorce from wife from last 3 months Criminal 12 Jan 2017

i want divorce from my wife bacause of Adultery . How many days it take to divorce ? I am some proofs .

if u furnish proof in one year u will get divorce pls click likeView

Tax charges for buying a land in bangalore if not paid Property 12 Jan 2017

I am planning to buy a house in bangalore. The house is built by owner on a land after getting BBMP approval. The land does not have Khata and all legal...

i have a doubt about it u have to verify the docs through advocate before purchaseView

Medical Pension Benefits ANY 11 Jan 2017

My father is ex service person of indian army. He lost his left hand within 5yrs of his service. And he retired in Dec 1994. Still he is not getting his...

don't delay further collect the details of the first case and approach trust worthy lawyer and if previous lawyer has committed fault he can be punished...View

salary not receive Labor 11 Jan 2017

Hello sir i am worked in M/S.Hovac Hobby Center PVT Ltd. last month i left a job for the reason boss scolding with bad wards and also delaying the payments....

give complaint to labour commissioner pls click likeView

surname change to maiden surname Civil 11 Jan 2017

I have my maiden name in my certificates , I am working and name with husband's surname in my office records and aadhar card . How can I change my surname...

submit an affidavit about change of surname to office pls click likeView

charged unfairly by auto showing wrong readings in meter nd shouting Motor Vehicle 11 Jan 2017

the auto charged me 100 rupees showing in meter 11 km but the actual distance was 8.2 km i check it daily while i go in auto for my classes and pay rupees...

give police complaint and mention the auto no pls click likeView

family matter, wife don\\\t want to live with her husband Family 10 Jan 2017

Good day sir/madam, My marriage was on 11th july 2013 and my wife want me to leave my parents and live with her separately which i don\\\'t want to do...

it is not easy for her to defend false dowry case so don't worry for her threat fight it out pls click likeView

How to apply for mutual divorce Family 10 Jan 2017

I have been separated from my husband from 2013 living with parents till now i have 8yrs son and he is staying with my husband for the past 2yrs I have...

approach them with the help of a advocate for smooth process pls click likeView

My wife not care my Daughter Family 10 Jan 2017

I want my wife not care my daughter So pls tell me. 4 year old.

u have file a case seeking for daughter custody and u have provide proof that u take care of daughter better than ur wife then court will examine and decide...View

Regarding name change Civil 10 Jan 2017

I have changed my name in gazette as pradeep Raj to Pradeep R recently. since my dout is people says that I should get affidavit of my name change first...

actually affidavit is required since since ur name has been published in gazette IT IS OK NO PROBLEM pls click likeView