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Legal questions & answers for accidents and injuriesLegal questions & answers for accidents and injuries

Saved Legal Questions
Case against murderer Accident 8 Dec 2018

File a case against murderer but the murderer frames the case like a accident

can't escape like thatView

ACCIDENT CASE U/S 307 IPC Accident 6 Dec 2018

u/s 307 of ipc if the complaint is not comming to court due to change of residence can case be juged in favour of accused

it is the duty of the police no role of the court till the evidence and the culprit are not in the court . View

whether do we get compansation Accident 6 Dec 2018

sir im amit from bhopal me and my 2 friends reiding on a bike from sehore to bhopal for exam. on a way one tractor hit us from side on a passage, my friend...

it's hit and run case u can file a complaint to ADJ and their after statement you recover from your insurer.View

Compensation to X from Whom Y or Z or both Accident 27 Nov 2018

Dear sir, X is employee under Y, Y has taken Xerox tender from Z, during the Xerox work met with accident to X in the premises of Z, who is liable to pay...

Dear Sir, Usually such compensation will dealt under Workmen Compensation Act otherwise a criminal complaint or a civil suit is to be filed. I could...View

Know about my case number Accident 23 Nov 2018

I have a case pending from last one year so I wanted to know weather my case has been filed or not so Is it right to ask an advocate my case no

Indeed it is your right to seek details of your case since a lawyer is only engaged to represent you. The pendency in courts are higherView

Accident on Highway Indore Bhopal Accident 20 Nov 2018

Hello On 17th Nov 2018 my cousin brother and his two friends were travelling from Bhopal to Indore and all three totally drunk while driving and driver...

drink and drive. it is punishable offenceView

Bike accident ,paid fine and again notice Accident 20 Nov 2018

My brother hit a lady when she suddenly crossed,he took her to the hospital (government hospital).given treatment ,filled f.i.r &paid the fine in the court.but...

If you have paid the fine in the court.. You must be having a receipt issued from court. Please keep that and all the hospital bills paid by you for that...View

Mcop claim details. Vehicle number not identified Accident 18 Nov 2018

Uncle met bike accident and died in the door. He was standing on his bike , someone hit on another bike and escaped. FIR filled. But no clue on the party...

1) This is a hit and run fatal accident. 2) The police will be able to apprehended the accused. There must be many eye witnesses. Investigation may...View

Advice needed regarding very minor car accident Accident 16 Nov 2018

We met with very small accident in which no body injuries or personal loss, But only car got damaged litil bit. Will there be any legal issue for the driver...

Dear Sir You have manage. Nothing will happen ==================================================== I could have explained more if background is...View

Death accident compensation Accident 15 Nov 2018

One of my friend died in motor accident in 2017 from Ervadi , tamilnadu . But it was unknown vehicle death . Also it was during the night just near the...

sir no presumption please go to that area police and get the details of that accident , tally them with accident claim lawyer and then do the need full...View

Death accident compensation Accident 15 Nov 2018

One of my friend died in motor accident in 2017 from Ervadi , tamilnadu . But it was unknown vehicle death . Also it was during the night just near the...

Dear brother/sister yes the govt pays the compensation even the death is occured by the unknown vehicle approach the collector or the dasildar office...View

Two Wheeler Accident Accident 9 Nov 2018

I met an two wheeler accident on 6th November and the other person also got small injury. I have taken to hospital and given all the treatments. As mutually...

sir you go to the police and tell the incident and then let the police deal with the same .View

Case disposed contested partly allowed Accident 3 Nov 2018

It was accidental death of my mom and dad.. I have admitted Case on insurance company for that

your query not clear pls tell have u filed case before mat court and insurance company filed replyView

Accident with bike and other party die Accident 25 Oct 2018

My brother had a accident scetion 279 337 338 304A 427 184 what should i do

file criminal and file compensation case immidiatelyView

Insurance claim settlement of car accident Accident 19 Oct 2018

hi. my car met with an accident few days back due to a tyre blast. got a quote from service centre of 1.2 lakh. how ever the insurance company is not willing...

sir talk to the head of the company in person .View

How to proceed to court Accident 16 Oct 2018

Accident by minor. He hit to old man. Old man died. In case minor couldn\'t had DL,RC.,,&byke and mobile are both persons of his filled...

Hi 1) It appears that you have quoted 302 A where as the applicable IPC section should be 304A. 2) If it is 304A, then the offence is Bailable, Cognizable...View

RCT claim petition format for death case Accident 15 Oct 2018

I Want a claim petition format for accidental death of a person in train untoward accident.

proper details please .View

Review petition in High court Accident 12 Oct 2018

Court declared me as ex party in the case in punjab and Haryana H C in Appeal by insurance company.In this case file is burnt and the case is adjourned...

sir review is court discretion power.View

SBI no solution to family members Accident 11 Oct 2018

Namskar sir G my father was sbi armed guard from 2006 he was ex service men and in December 2014 due to a road accident my father no more live ..... Now...

sir compensation appointment is not the rule they may have may not . and father is no more due to accident not due to the company . but yes you can go...View

Advocate Know MALAYALAM, at Mangalore Accident 11 Oct 2018

Just a Motor Vehicle Accident Case at MANGALORE. I want an Advocate who can Understand Malayalam

by advocate Rameshwor dadhe dear sir you can contact local lawyerView

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