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if wife file dv against mother in law can mother in law mandatory to Criminal 12 Jun 2019

sir if wife file dv against mother in law can mother in law mandatory to attend to court?


Land-Property Query - Bojha jamin Query Property 12 Jun 2019

My Late. Father purchased a land (bojha jamin) before approx 15 years and he did not have 99 year agreement. Now the daughter of the person from whom my...

sir contact the lawyer at the DJ court show all the document then take the action. View

Advise to stop putting gates to our road. Property 12 Jun 2019

Hi sir, we own an independent house in 400 sq yardswe hv 20 ft road only and after one house there is dead end. Now in front of our house there is a triangula...

you can directly file a writ petition in the high court stating the reasons and all of this issues and the court renders you the jsutice ..for best advice...View

Can Wife file DV case against her mother in law and can mother in law Criminal 12 Jun 2019

Sir Can Wife file DV case against her mother in law? and can mother in law pay maintenance to wife?

yes she can file but mother in law cannot give maintaince only husband has to pay maintainceView

How to stop harassment by in-laws Family 12 Jun 2019

They always go to police station, every time the new Circle Inspector of Police come and give bribe to harass us. So, Please help me to stop those harassment....

who are you the husband or the wife . View

Witness in criminal case Criminal 12 Jun 2019

I am only a witness in a criminal case there any threat on my govt job ???

Hi, take precaution to avoid risk, Witness can get protection in matter from govt ask me through chat lawyerView

challenging tenant refusing to vacate after Lease period Intellectual Property 12 Jun 2019

My tenant is staying in my house more than 7 years and not vacated the house after the lease period and still willing to delay his vacation. Shall i put...

You can file a suit for eviction. According to the 2017 Act, you are entitled to orders within 3 months.View

query regarding registration of ngo ANY 12 Jun 2019

Please guide me on how do I set up a registered ngo in my home town i.e. kurseong, Darjeeling.

go to the area tehsil in person they will tell you.View

providing mock test service Constitution 12 Jun 2019

acc. to indian law. kya hum kissi test center ke bhar. mock test/ sample paper ki service provide kr sktee hai?? pls sir help

if the court bar give you the permission for the same then yes you can . View

Linguistic minority documents Notary 12 Jun 2019

What documents are required for hindi linguistics minority affidavit in Maharashtra?

contact tehsil or proper question please .View

Purchase of Volatile priced commodity Business 12 Jun 2019

I deal in a commodity whose price is volatile. When mkt price goes up, some suppliers do not supply the material. Can I bind them by sending a message...

sir contact your CA for the same in person . View

installment of my name on the place of my father on land paper after d Property 12 Jun 2019

Hii I am shiv Prakash my father died how can I get my name at the place of my father on land paper

Hi Prakash, after demise of your father, all successor get share on the property of father, its take two month to install , thanks to write Ask me through...View

Property issue with family Civil 12 Jun 2019

Hey. I have a query. My wife have 1 brother and 3 Sister including her. The matter is. My wife’s father have 150 Square yards property and her father...

sir file the eviction suit in the court . View

Taking videos in public Criminal 12 Jun 2019

In India,is it legal to take videos of people without their permission in the public in places such as,bus,street,car,classroom etc. Can I press charges...

, consent of person important, In india its legal after permission of person who capture in video Ask me through chat LIKE to know more LawyerView

Divorce case and advice regarding on same Family 12 Jun 2019

My husband put divorce on me in 2015 and I have son 6 years old in first class. We came to mutual consent divorce after sec13a. What all things to be added...

Ma'am, as you have been already claiming for maintenance and as you said you and your agreed on mutual divorce then why filling of maintenance n domestic...View

related to ssc mark list not return Constitution 12 Jun 2019

Good evening sir/madam of friends is studied bsc nursing due some problems he was stopped studied bsc nursing 1st year it self now problem...

sir you need to go to the police why to avoid as the police will only investigate the case . go to the lawyer send the legal show cause notice and for...View

related to recording dance Constitution 12 Jun 2019

I am reddy good evening sir/madam my question is actually recording dance banned in india ...I was heard many times recently supreme court ...said...

no nothing like this . till it is for vulgar abusive and violence with defamation use . View

Need complete details alimony, how to apply for it Family 12 Jun 2019

Sir my name is Ravali, I got married 5months ago. Now my husband is not looking after me, he is refusing to stay with me, as I married without permission...

madam better go for the FIR at the mahila thana for the desertion and cruelty by the husband . and then go for the divorce with the attachment of husband...View

related to land three acres how it solve Constitution 12 Jun 2019

I am reddy good evening sir / madam my question is father was tried many times approached mandal office mro , but not yet solved problem , how...

sir show all the document to the lawyer at the area sub registrar in person . View

related to life threat Constitution 12 Jun 2019

I am reddy good evening sir or madam I want to know one of my friends is facing life threat how he get police security his home ...he is general...

Hi, Yes apply, Police security available on request of person who is victim Ask me through Chat LaywerView

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