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Trial in j.m court during trial Criminal 9 Feb 2019

During trial in J.m court ...magistrate can accept the documents which is not part of c.d of police

if document r related wid d matter than magistrate wil accept it, otherwise notView

Dispute with neighbour Civil 9 Feb 2019

My neighbour spoiled the recently done exterior paint work of my house. Initially, he agreed orally to repair it after completion of his construction...

Dear Sir, How to File a Harassment Complaint Against a Neighbour Is Calling Police an Option? Yes, calling a police if your neighbor harasses you is...View

Future Manufacturing date has been mentioned on the beverage tin Consumer Protection 9 Feb 2019

Future Wrong Manufucturing date mentioned on the beverage tin

Dear Sir retain this tin until legal process not be done You do as below 1.Consumer Agony Claim. 2.Complain. To magistrate 3. Inform company to claim...View

Yello notice for my personl loan ANY 9 Feb 2019

Sir i got personal loan from home credit and bajaj total amount 3lakh both side i get it.i pay for 1year but now i cant pay bcoz of my wrk now im at home...

dear sir Are you looking to know about in forma pauperis (pauper suit) as yellow (Interpol) notice usually means a global alert to help locate missing...View

Do I need to get any license from a politician for using his name and Intellectual Property 9 Feb 2019

I have created an artwork of Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi which contains his name & portrait. Have created it to print it on merchandise like...

dear sir u must to consent of the BJP party or pm Narendra Modi otherwise they will file case against u .View

Is rent applicable after giving token advance ANY 9 Feb 2019

I have rented a 1BHK and gave token advance of 5000 on Nov 16 and made rental agreement on 30 Nov by paying full advance and joined on 30 Nov. Owner is...

Dear Sir, Normally rent has to be paid from the date of physically taking over the house. If you have not taken the keys of the house on 16 Nov 2018 then...View

Chief Evidence Affidavit Family 9 Feb 2019

I filed a Petition u/s 20(3), 3(b) of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act against my father. Now Hon\'ble Judge ordered us to file Chief Evidence Affidavit....

u hv to just file like ur petition as heading on top chief evidence affidavitView

Maixmum limit to send money to parents Tax 9 Feb 2019

1) much money one can transfer to his/her parents accounts? 2) is therre any limit in sending it to the parents? 3) Are there any tax implication...

Dear Sir, All these questions can accurately will be answered by chartered accountant. View

Affidavit for single daughter ANY 9 Feb 2019

Hello Madam, I am looking for single daughter Affidavit from first class magistrate. Please let me know What is procedure to get it and cost for...

get the matter typed on stamp paper and go to magistrate office and get signatureView

Need to file for divorce Family 9 Feb 2019

I need to file divorce I need suggestions I want to know Do they need my presence while I am filling for divorce can I file it without visiting the...

you to file in person and also attend all dates personallyView

Threat and issues in marriage Civil 9 Feb 2019

I am married since last 5 years . I qork in mumbai wife in bareilly. She has not come to me since laat 2 years and find fake reasons to maintain distance...

sir go for the mutual divorce . go to the police and talk there then go to the family court hire lawyer and send the divorce notice .View

Which doc is required for Purchasing 2000Sq feet land in Daund Tahasil Property 9 Feb 2019

I purchase land of 2 R in daund taluka , Developer registred Bintaba Sathekhat saying that Kharedhi Khat was not yet stared for the area where your plot...

it will be dependent on collectors GR . please check itView

Illegal demand of money International Law 9 Feb 2019

Dowry ka FIR 3 years pehle hua SIT nei inquiry kiya tha bail Milne kr baad husband nei paise ka demand shuru kar diya fir se. Kabhi kehta hai uska gold...

firstly maintain your coolness. Things cannot move as per your wishes and desire. it a legal battle. you cannot stop him from levelling such false allegations....View

Property dispute, brothers are intimidating me for share in Will prope Property 9 Feb 2019

The property was given to me and my elder brother by our grandfather making a will. So now can I transfer my share to my son, WITHOUT elder brother\\\'s...

yes if it has been-registered in your name will by itself does not make you owner you have ti get it regisered in your nameView

Uyil property against daughters Property 9 Feb 2019

Actually it was bought by my grandmother and she wrote on 2 sons without 2girls consent. She is no more. It seems that uyil is registered. Is it possible...

yes by partition suitView

Seize joint account (either or surviver) of husband and me to stop mis Banking 9 Feb 2019

How to seize joint pension account (either or surviver)with me as husband took loan of huge amount for the lady he has illicit relationship. There is 498a,dv...

giv stop payment application without your signatureView

Is it necessary to go police station if they asked to come Property 9 Feb 2019

We are 5 children to our parents. 2 are female and 3 are male. My 2 sisters got married in 1978 and 1980. My father gave dowry for their marriage. My...

4 land reason not necessary to approach to police station,if u recieve cal frm police station than tel them 2 send u summons and aftr that tel them u r...View

Full n final settlement Banking 9 Feb 2019

I worked 6 years in Sahara India company and resigned on 21/03/2016. But till today Full and final settlement not received. Kindly suggest what next step...

Dear Sir, You have two options. One get legal notice and then file suit for recovery of arrears of money. Secondly, you may lodge complaint with labor...View

Regd: Refusal of providing Invoice of service Consumer Protection 9 Feb 2019

I am RelianceJIo customer and I raised a request to my service provider of last 1 yrs invoice for TDS exemption which comes under telephone and internet...

sir it may be the rule . go and talk them in person at the head office . no sir it is not any legal obligation as they are private sector not the government...View

Uyil written against 2 daughters Property 9 Feb 2019

I grand mother had wrote uyil for 2 sons alone. But 2 daughters were not given any share. Is there any possibility to take legal action?

yes partition suit can be filed by daughtersView

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