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Purpose of visit in canada ANY 8 Feb 2019

Hi there its karan here I applied canada study visa last year in nov intake. Yesterday I got the results and they refused that on the bases of purpose...

sir you can go on tourist visa for the same .View

Prove the genuineness of the Will. Civil 8 Feb 2019

Can we our self make an application for ballistic check of signature on the Will for proving its Genuineness. Please advice.

no sir it has to be made by the lawyer or the police only . View

My uncles and aunty are not challanging the Will in partition suit and Civil 8 Feb 2019

Dear Sir, We have two suits in the court one is partition suit filed by my uncles in 2013,another is probate of Will filed by my father and both the...

sir it is clear that they do not want to go to the court , better have family meeting at home only . stop the case here only.View

Property document verification Property 8 Feb 2019

Hello, What documents should I request from the seller before purchasing a cooperative society flat in Greater Noida?

Request for ragistered sale deed agreement , society share certificate, NOC from society while purchasing flat ...satisfied with answer then hit likeView

Solution implementation Business 8 Feb 2019

Hi, There is some public solution available in another country, would like to implement the same in my country, is there some legal procedures to be...

buy from that country can not copy they will sue you View

Land demarcation on spot Property 8 Feb 2019

I enquired that civil court and High court can't proceed to direct tahsildar to measure land. But if 144 apply on land through sub collector court,the...

sir they do not have the jurisdiction for the same . it is the duty of the municipality or the DJ court , go to the DJ court for the same the lawyer there...View

BOOK FAKE CASE 353,447,427 r/w 34 i.p.c and S 3 of PDPP Act 1984 Criminal 8 Feb 2019

my cousine book fake case 353,447,427 r/w 34 i.p.c & S 3 of PDPP Act 1984 . STRANGE he book under constructions his own house wall . his uncle book case...

defamation is possible,View

2nd marriage with Hindu girl. Family 8 Feb 2019

A Muslim marriage person can get married with a Hindu girl . with out giving divorce to 1st wife.

yes he can get married without divorce to first wifeView

Regarding validity of a will Family 8 Feb 2019

Hello sir My grandfather made a will diving the land among his two sons, but after my father passed away he made certain changes in that on the same page...

u can partition suit for property if the property perentile.View

Sjxn djnnsjhf zjjd d hdujrbf Banking 8 Feb 2019

Fjdhhuejhzuchnxhejbxh dhrnc uennxunebxh sjhnrhxhbeusjbxhhrjcjnnr Jdjjrnhxjne

Not interested.... View

Defamation and abusive email Information Technology 8 Feb 2019

I had a verbal fight with a random user online on social media. We both abused each other. This got expanded to such a way that I had sent abusive email...

You have deleted the comments by deactivating your social media access like Facebook. But it's been done after you had already spread the abusive comments...View

Rights of wife as joint account holder 1 in (either or surviver) Banking 8 Feb 2019

How to seize pension account of husband till the court order of crpc maintenance case as he is not maintening me & my child since 2yr( I'm only joint account...

File a police complaint under 498A and DP 3 & 4 act. File maintenance under 125, consult your advocate for relief - attach his salary to your accoutn...View

Divorce on multiple grounds Family 8 Feb 2019

I need to file a divorce based on cruelty and desertion, if they find a lack of evidence in one ground, can they dismiss the \\ divorce petition? in...

during evidence you can add the said ground for more information please contact meView

How to get certified copy of reply received through Aaple Sarkar Porta Civil 8 Feb 2019

How to get certified copy of reply received through Maharashtra Government's Aaple Sarkar Portal? I've received a reply from the Deputy Registrar in pdf...

sir go to your area registrar office in person and show the document there they will check it .notary has no role in this . View

Give suggestions to me from bas people torture Family 8 Feb 2019

I\'m working as a govt employee.My relatives told lies against me in the matter of my marriage. They told lies like I\'m mental. Really I\'m not mental....

1) Just let off go the marriage. No use fighting back their allegation. Why suffer the made out agony. 2) The rumours will die in their own course. 3)...View

Court direction for filling an FIR Criminal 8 Feb 2019

To get court direction to direct police to file an FIR, what kind of documents required? I already took it to chief minister cell still they did not investigate...

To be filed in lower court only under section 153 of cr.p.c Yes your presence is requiredBut advocate will assistView

GPA does not have childrens name Property 8 Feb 2019

This is regarding a BBMP A khata property in Bangalore. The owner acquired this property as ancestral property. The owner died and left the property to...

Sir kindly consult an advocate in person, you never know what is mentioned in GPA. you can also reach us through pathlegal for consultation. CLICK...View

Notice for resitution of conjugal right Family 8 Feb 2019

How to send a notice for resitution of conjugal right? Registred with acknowldegment? Stamp needed?

a legal notice for restitution of conjugal rights is sent to husband or wife  who has left the company (residence ) of the married couple, and it is a...View

Failure to fulfill a contractual obligation Information Technology 8 Feb 2019

Hi, We have signed a contract with a company for the Website Design and Mobile Application Build within a 3-month. We paid full in advance, but after...

Dear brother/sister 1. issue a legal notice to them for performance of the job as per the contract or for the repayment of that advance money 2. if they...View

Final decree passed. Next steps. Civil 8 Feb 2019

Decree has been passed by sub court against me as a defendant. It displays as Case Status: disposed Nature of disposal:...

Dear brother/sister 1. you need to go for an appeal within 30 days in the district court or for a revision in the high court within 90 days 2. you can...View

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