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Property Will Document Property 7 Feb 2019

My father is the sole owner of the property. My father registered a Will ten years ago in favor of his sons when my mother was alive at Government Sub-Registrar...

get your father health certificates after his death file suit for partition if they produce refuse it show ur father heath record when was madeView

Income tax laws under the sec 131 Tax 7 Feb 2019

Hi Is it possible for a witness to change his statement in future after giving signed statement to the assessing officet who was called under the sec...

yes it is possible to change the statement at the time of witness in the court depending upon the situationView

Matrimonial limitation Family 7 Feb 2019

What is the Limitation for filing appeal of Divorce? And can marriage be solemnized during pendency of appeal?

as per Hindu Marriage Act divorce petition can be filed after 1 year of marriage in case of less than 1 year admission should be shot from the magistrate...View

About gift deeds in which father gives his property to son Property 7 Feb 2019

What is the process of gift deed and stamp duty charges and other charge if my father give a property which was on his name and he is giving me the property...

the charges are normally three to four percent Property value in case of gift deed you need to check in your local Registrar office exact amount of stamp...View

Consent for sexual foreplay legality ANY 7 Feb 2019

Um, afraid? We\\\'re not idiots. Im working as a paid intern, we have good grades and have been dating for 2 years almost, we are completely rational and...

Call me for detailed InformationsView

Guidance needed to solve financial crunch. Banking 7 Feb 2019

There is a home loan in the name of my wife. She has poor civil, also she was in her profession was filling ITR Which is discontinued now. I want to take...

you can transfer the loan in the name of your wife to your name and this does not require any idea from your wife if your income is able to support the...View

Regarding Assets and liabilities Accident 7 Feb 2019

Mere possession of assets constitute disproportionate to known source of income.If someone did not intimate to his department to some of his assets but...

if a case of disproportionate assets is registered against you then you have to prove that the source of the Asset that it is legally on by you in the...View


I have a query regarding consensual sex between two minors in india. Im 17 and my girlfriend is 16 and is gonna be 17 this year, we haven't had sexual...

yes this is rape, as before adult age that is boy 21 and the girl 18 consent has no role . they are treated as minor in the eye of law . no flexibility...View

Job suggestion plzz help ANY 7 Feb 2019

My father die but my mom and papa dont have relation last 10 year both have govt. Job can i get anukampa job of my father.

sir then yet she is the widow of father and will remain in the document , not having any relation has no role in the eye of the government .but yes you...View

Anukampa job plzz help ANY 7 Feb 2019

Sir my father is died last year in december my father was working in minor irrigation how i get job in anukampa. But my mom also working in government...

no sir till mother is or any blood relative as brother or sister is in government job there is no role of anukampa job better go for regular job .View


Amount is received from brother for release of rights in late father\'s property (residential) will it be considered as Capital Gains? Or Capital Gains...

sir talk to your CA as all the document need to be study in person.View

Agricultural land case between my self and my youngest sister Civil 7 Feb 2019

Hi sir My father is only to my grand father and my father has two childrens one yelder boy( im only) and my sister she got married.And the problem is...

sir by this it has come out that it is grand father self made thing so he is free to give it to any one till he is alive and your sister has no share in...View

In respect of delay conducting exam ANY 7 Feb 2019

I took admission in M.A under magadh university at may 2017 but the university has not conducted even first semester exam till now. What can i do in respect...

you can file the RTI but in this RTI may not help , you need to talk to the wise chancellor of the university and if they do not give satisfactory reply...View

civil procedure code Manupulation of documents by the judicial officer Civil 7 Feb 2019

Sir, During the cource of hearing in any appeal i found some serious issue against the judicial officer who had decided the matter and same has...

sir talk to the lawyer at the honorable high court in person .View

Call ya msg mama plz Family 7 Feb 2019

Mama hu dipal chhu Mama mane msg karo mara number uppar 7007488325 Plz mama maro phone khovaii gayo hato

what is this?View

Personal loan resettlement Banking 7 Feb 2019

I had taken a personal loan of 1.5 lac( 24 installment) for 2 years tenure. Paid till 21 installment on time. unfortunately I loose my job and unable to...

sir be aware that what ever is remaining it will add the interest in it as per the schedule of the bank . no sir you have to give full amount better go...View

panchayat election related issue Criminal 7 Feb 2019

helo sir. mere papa ne 30 dec 2018 ko hui panchayati election jeet li h but jo old sarpanch hai us ne hum pe case kr diya hai ki dubara voting ho.aur...

Welcome Sir, Come on my what's app no.9597797779.G.Muneeswaran.View

civil suit by electricity company for previous due bills of seller on Civil 7 Feb 2019

I purchased an old property which is having a two separate electric connection with same consumer name and single property one is LT connection for house...

sir go to the lawyer at the consumer court and talk in details .and then file case on the person from who your purchased the property .View

Builder has stopped paying EMI , Loan is in my name, Bank has sent a l Property 7 Feb 2019

I have a loan running on my name for which the builder was supposed to pay the EMI, he has stopped paying EMi since last one year, now I have received...

The loan is in your name then why builder will pay the EMI, was there any contract if yes you can sue him for breach of contract after serving him with...View

Marital dispute and child custody Family 7 Feb 2019

I have filed sec 9 rcr case upon my wife. She appears on hearing . But I dont as my lawyer is telling that in civil case it is not necessary to appear. 1.)...

Generally procedure in RCR case is1. Once you filed the RCR, the copy of petition will be sent to respondent with the date this petition is taken for...View

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