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Guarantor property mortgaged to another bank Banking 11 Apr 2019

Can the court attach the guarantor property which is not mortgaged to the principal debtor Bank A1. It is mortgaged to some other bank called B1. The...

sir then file the protest petition and application to search the person who made you the guarantor .View

Late delivery of car and increase RTO charges Consumer Protection 11 Apr 2019

I booked car on 5/1/19. Delivery date given by dealer 20/1/19. But car was given to me 12/02/19. RTO charges increase on 31/01/19. Now dealer is not providing...

dear its your right, send me detail, I draft its, Ask & chat ,thank to LIKEView

Obc certicate - whether the arrear amount will also be included in ann Family 11 Apr 2019

Sir , i am vasanth from tamil nadu .i has a doubt regarding obc certificate .in my home my father is unemployed and my mother is the retired gov employee...

dear brother the arreares will not be added for with the annual income as a regular income so you are eligible for the OBC certificate and apply for...View

Who is responsible for extra RTO charges during late delivery of car Civil 11 Apr 2019

I bought new car Booking date 05/01/19 Car delivery date on written 20/01/19 But car was actually delivered on 12/02/19. Now dealer is not providing...

sir talk to the RTO in person . View

Change in Post and pay scale in recruitment advertisement and joining Labor 11 Apr 2019

I am working in BEL OPTRONIC DEVICES LTD PUNE. Sudiary of Bharat Electronics Ltd.( GOVT PSU)from 2014. During Recruitment in recruitment advertise dated...


Land of other person occupied by me Property 11 Apr 2019

I have constructed house on a land , which is in the name of other person since last 35 years. I tried to convince the land owner to sell the land to me...

sir that person is the registered owner can do any thing , even sell the land to some one with you . ask the person to sell it to you on market value ....View

Hw to stop driving schools driver from coming to my localityandhonking ANY 11 Apr 2019

Greetings! This question is regarding a driver who has been running a driving school in Punjab (i.e. at outskirts of Chandigarh). We contacted him to...

u may complain to police likerView

Cheques written as NOT NEGOTIABLE ANY 11 Apr 2019

A cheque issued by a person to the other for rs.5 lakhs is written in its left corner as " NOT NEGOTIABLE". When it was presented by the drawer, it has...

100 per that attracts 138 of n.i act likesView

Please help me please sir International Law 11 Apr 2019

Namaste 🙏 sir. I want to change date of birth in my passport of issue 2007

dear client its should be send,it done by a draft , your detail pls, LIKE,appreciate it, Ask & chat for clarification on this answer,View

Child visitation Query for minor child Family 11 Apr 2019

My wife and I are separately staying for over a year now but not legally divorced. We have a child who is a year old now. I have been denied my rights...

give custody petition in divorce likesView

Show cause Notice by Service tax department Tax 11 Apr 2019

Show caused cum demand notice issue by Service tax department on 03.04.2019. They are demanding tax of Rs 210000 plus interest and they are also charging...

deposit what is the legal issue if you are willing to deposit as per demand . clickView

Business party do froud arround 70 lakhs but nobuddy give us respond b Business 11 Apr 2019

Business party do fraud with us arround 4 lakhs rupee. Now no any police give us proper response and party also close its company, that party fraud...

say them to take cognizance and take ur complain,otherwise u hv to go in likesView

Seizure of goverment supply medicine ...stamped was already removerd ANY 11 Apr 2019

Seizure of goverment supply medecine from my shop . Fda raided my shop and found goverment supply / defence supply medecine which I was getting from medecine...

it will be dependent upon which medicine kept in shop . if it was dangerous to the health then . both will apply itView

I want to know details about good lawyer in surat district court ANY 11 Apr 2019

Where should do my internship for this summer vacation. I am a first year student studying BA LLB at Gujarat national law University. I want to know...

sir there is nothing like summer internship in law . you can go to area court bar secretory and talk in person . View

Seeking repairing order of suit property U/S 151 CPC Civil 11 Apr 2019

Sir, I am living in my one roomed pukka house for the last two years. Last December I took initiate to make a 9\" wide sun shed to the Eastern side of...

Dear client this is essential service for your live hood, file petition before honorable court to seek permission for the construct to avoid any accident...View

Property management company issue and tenant Property 11 Apr 2019

Hi, we had given our property to a Property management group who took it on rent and lease it to someone. He has done the same thing with many people and...

dear client file a complaint right now and give your all snap shoot communication to initiate legal process against that property management company. ...View

Wrong entry of date of birth ANY 11 Apr 2019

In matric certificate my brother date of birth mistakenly written june 1992 and mine date of birth is nov 1992 . We both are in gov job . Is it create...

dear client Just amend the same with out delay on that matter. gift it for thanks. LIKE ,appreciate it, Ask & chat for clarification on this answer, talk...View

Cheque Bouncing case to be filed at delhi need quide on this Civil 11 Apr 2019

how to file complaint for cheque bouncing in delhi . the amount is rs 1,00,000/- only.

Dear client send legal notice when not get your payment after thirty days of service of notice, file complaint to magistrate .your detail pls, View

Answer of my submitted question on dt 05-4-2019 is not received as yet Property 11 Apr 2019

I had submitted my question on dt 5-4-2019, whose answer is not received as yet after passing 5 days. Hence kindly arrange to intimate me the desired answer...

dear Sir Ask &chat for any kind of clarification, View

Had signed and online agreement and now the company is asking me to de Business 11 Apr 2019

I had signed a online agreement with an online company and then now they are sending me legal documents and asking me to deposit 10,000Rs. Do i really...

want to enter into agreement ? then agree to the proposal if not do not agree and do not payView

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