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I\m being warned for trademark infringement. What can I do Intellectual Property 12 Apr 2019

I was warned today by someone for trademark infringement of a personal care I sell at It\'s a Chinese product ‘Jiaobi ’ (Registered with IP...


Challenge the status of second child brought by my mother without cons Civil 12 Apr 2019

My grandfather had only single son and two daughters. My father didn't had any issue and he adopted me by court order in 1989 with the consent of my mother....

sir yes file for the stay on all the transection which mother try to do on the property as she is not the registered owner . and file for father missing...View

Credit card default Banking 12 Apr 2019

My father bought credit card in 2006 and he expired now. A call came from one advocate that they a used a non bailable warrant to my mother since she...

sir right now with your father death certificate take mother and go to the bank in person and stop the card right now. and if there is any balance then...View

Internship in your firm please please ANY 12 Apr 2019

I am a law student i want to do internship in your firm it would be great experience to me to . I know it is not way say about internship but what can...

sir first complete your law graduation then clear the bar exam then contact the any lawyer at your area for the internship.View

Vulgar Whatsapp chat and video chat with married woman Family 12 Apr 2019

I know girl (now married) for approx 15yrs and I only met her once around 12 to 14 yrs back only for 5 mins in a crowded place. After that we never met...

dont do in future he will keep quite if necessary u can file blackmailing case against you.View

Update on encroachment of driveway by coaching student tenants. Property 12 Apr 2019

No. There is no institution or society per se governing body that regulate these issue. Its a group of seperate propriter living in their specific land....

do police complain about likesView

Money has been taken and not returning back. ANY 12 Apr 2019

Sir, I have given someone the money for having my admission done (Institute level seats). But couldn\\\'t get id done and my 1 lakh 50 thousand is now...

u may send demand money notice thru lawyer and file complain u/s 138 of n.i act i.e cheque bounc case,,click likesView

Can my parents claim money if my husband doesnt stay with me Family 12 Apr 2019

What case can I put on husband if he says he don\'t to want to stay with me and can my father claim marriage money

Dear client the claim of all ceremonial amount should be claim by mutual consent Ready petition take a six month sure return. Like appreciate it,View

What case can we put on my husband if he is not willing to stay with m Family 12 Apr 2019

What case can I put on husband if he says he don\'t to want to stay with me. And he is blaming us for asking his relatives why he is behaviour is like...

Dear client Domestic Voilance act is applicable. LIKE it appreciate for this for clarification through.View

Abrupt Resignation due to work pressure and show case notice Labor 12 Apr 2019

I mailed my resignation on 7-4-19, and stopped abruptly, due to pressure in work and personal reasons. On 11-4-19, I received Show Case Notice from my...

Dear client Wait for allegation until leave it.LIKE it appreciate for this answer,chat for clarification through.View

Common driveway being used to Park by Neighbor coaching tenant Property 12 Apr 2019

A common alleyway shared by a Apartment, and 2 building is used for daily in and out purposes. Apt. Being on the end of Gali ( driveway ) has no problems...

APPARATMENT can't be used in commercial purposes, subject to some restrictions. Common passage / parking is for all no one can encroach it. whether coaching...View

Do I need MSA or contract with my ISP Information Technology 12 Apr 2019

As an IT company, do I need a contract with an internet service provider or NDA is sufficient? And is it required to have it on the stamp paper then?...

just report to police they will do all that on your contact service provider can not take any actionView

cheating case by Insurance broker Insurance 12 Apr 2019

I took a insurance policy in the 2018. Representative of brokering house namely India Infoline Insurance broker Ltd explained the returns wrongly. He...

file consumer likesView

Job oriented doubted question Criminal 12 Apr 2019

My friend is in general category.but he illegally got the MBC community certificate at present he is in government job. This fact came to known in future...

Dear client the category has been cross examine, he is liable to terminate for misconduct,. LIKE appreciate it, Ask and chat for clarification this a...View

Dont want to let him marry and dont want to lose my no is Family 12 Apr 2019

Hi iam 54 year working (university Proffesor) women .i have 17+ years son who is staying with me and he is US citizenship becoz my husband has a us...

During his life, you have no right of inheritance.View

Advocate distortion regards questions and I mentioned that its for gen Civil 12 Apr 2019

It\'s just for knowledge or maybe in needed time i apply so plz tell me that if I slap 5 slap a lawyer in court so what Punishment is rewarded to me...

1) The slapping act amounts to act causing slight injury under Chapter IV : General Exception : section 95 of the Indian Penal Code which states that...View

can I complain against police for continuous delayed criminal appeals Criminal 12 Apr 2019

sir , kindly me whether I can approach human rights commission on the following act of police I was acquitted in a criminal case on 26.2.2016. the...

appear in high court and claim likesView

I want a separation from my parents because of the torture from my fam Family 12 Apr 2019

I am 23 yrs old girl . My father used to abuse me shout on me after taking alcohol on silly things he dont even allow me to work also . Now i need a separation...

u may live at separate likesView

Regrading Marrying grandfathers brothers daughter. Family 12 Apr 2019

Is it possible to marry my grandfather's brother's daughter in Kerala under hindu act? If not, is there any way to marry her in India?

Welcome,Come on my what's app no. 9597797779.View

Fraud from bajaj finserv and their employees Consumer Protection 12 Apr 2019

My mother purchased a Smart phone on EMI of Rs 23000 from bajaj finserv. There were lots of misinformation, their employees were providing us. Their employees...

dear Client the fraud is a criminal offense, what they commit by company ,yes through consumer forum you can go to punish that fin serve company. they...View

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