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Cancel booking refund amount Property 12 hour(s) ago

I book a plot in 2018 in pune, But now I don\'t want that plot Builders say we can\'t refund amount

Sir, Few more elaboration Please a. Is builder give any commitment by any receipt? , b, you as buyer register your booking with seller or builder...View

Assigned land registration Property 12 hour(s) ago

Hi, my name is Anil from Andhra Pradesh. My father bought a 3 cent land from one of his relative farmer in the year 1996. That land governement assigned...

yes ,go to registration office and make sale deed in favour of ur like giftView

Home loan LICHFL is asking for FIR for loss of document Property 12 hour(s) ago

Hi, I am 32 old person living in Mumbai. I am in the process of buying a house in Chembur, Mumbai. I have registered the agreement and also paid the...

no, why f.i.r has to like giftView

Can u dod shdjbsj shsjndbs dhjdjd Business 12 hour(s) ago

What ? Yvgc shabd shjdbxhx shjzbss shahajahan shahbaz shhzjzs shzhjzbzz bzjznzkskbwhshx xhxusbbxx. Xhxhxbx


Regarding public money Civil 12 hour(s) ago

Sir,I belong to a small village of 1500 population in chodavaram mandal.Coming to my problem,my village is located on the banks of a river.So there is...

file police like giftView

domestic violence act ANY 12 hour(s) ago

There s one saint lady who s serving mandir in kolkata for 30 yrs since she left the home very early and decided to stay in Saint form rest of the life...

do police like giftView

Regarding Succession Act. Civil 13 hour(s) ago

While applying for Succession Certificate for shares, what amount should be shown? The parents died in 2016. The prices of share were considerably lower...

you have to show actual value of property and apply in like giftView

Divorce without maintenance Family 13 hour(s) ago

I got married last year but i am not happy with my wife. she always stop me for physical relation after marriage to till date. we are not physically connect....

sir file case for the void wedding at the court . and for the maintenance you can make her run . View

interim maintenance order Family 14 hour(s) ago

My husband files in high court against interim maintenance order .if I file execution petition in lower action wat action will be taken now since I'm not...

before case is numbered file petition he has to pay half of arrears before any order on maintaince is made file domestic violence case alsoView

how i take my payment with legal action Labor 14 hour(s) ago

i do work as a marble polisher oprator on contract 650/wage.after working my boss pay me 380 rs per wage and two month after does not payment .what action...

sir go to the labour commissioner and talk in person.View

I was threatened by a lawyer and his brother Criminal 14 hour(s) ago

Hi. In was called and threatened by a PROPERTY LAWYER on 25th December 2018(Public Holiday)in Kacheri in Kanpur.I was called because and made to stand...

You can make a complaint about that lawyer in the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh.View

Can I get divorce my wife it is affecting both of us a lot since feb Family 14 hour(s) ago

Thank you for your reply. My wife developed relationship before marry me. After marriage she is loyal and faithful to me. Although she gave me best...

sir the past should have no role in the present scenario this is cruelty on your part .sir then better shift from there and leave her . and go for the...View

and2325;and2381;and2351;and2366; and2346;and2352;and2367;and2357;and23 ANY 15 hour(s) ago

क्या एक ही परिवार के दो ट्रस्टी...


My father disappera from 1999 and need missing/dead certificate. Family 19 hour(s) ago

My father disappear from 1999 and I did a general diary at my local police station on 2006 and missing diary on 2014. I am a govt employee and now my mother...

you have to file application in civil court to get civil death certificate , . click likeView

What is Order on Exhibit mean And how may it be associated to a interi Criminal 20 hour(s) ago

I have criminal case where I submitted an application against the State of Maharashtra for something the police did illegally. Finally the order date was...

order on exhibit means u have 1 application and that application is marked by number i.e exhibit and your matter is posted for order on that

Property related problem wd my uncle Property 20 hour(s) ago

Mere pappa k 4 Bhai aur 2 Behan aur Mera dhadiji ha .abhi problem hua Mera sabse chote cha-cha ko leke wo property ko part part hone par rukawat dal rahe...

sab uncle aur papa se bolo k court me partition suit file kre aur jo hoga woh kayde k hisab se share sab ko like giftView

For register marriage . ANY 21 hour(s) ago

Respected Sir, Mor name Mitrabhanu Bhosagar(24) ,from Bhatli block,mui register marriage karbar k chahuchhe.mor wife (lover) ra age (20)

i dont understand ur language..pls speak in like giftView

awasgit parcha name change other man Property 21 hour(s) ago

property awasg gith parcha how to remove other name please sugest me


I was threatened by a lawyer and his brother Criminal 21 hour(s) ago

Hi. In was called and threatened by a PROPERTY LAWYER on 25th December 2018(Public Holiday)in Kacheri in Kanpur.I was called because and made to stand...

sir go to the bar president and the secretory and talk about this in person .View

WRT Unregistered JDA and Injunction Suit Property 22 hour(s) ago

Dear Sir, I am a builder & i had entered into a unregistered Joint development agreement with land lord to construct apartments on her property in the...

u can register it immediately. otherwise no chance to uView

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