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Eviction notice sent by landlord. Civil 7 Apr 2019

I am currently living in the same property for over 50 years and now my landlord has issued a legal notice for eviction as he plans to demolish and rebuild...

Sir/madam As per Building Lease and Rent Control Act, he cannot evict you forcibly without a court order. You can submit your evidence before the court....View

Actual carpet area is more than mentioned in agreement Property 7 Apr 2019

I have booked a flat in Mumbai,it is under construction.when we booked the flat,as per their plan my flat are was 406.we executed the agreement and paid...

u can amend it . with builders consent it is necessary for uView

HOW CAN I Back out of a property sale agreement Property 7 Apr 2019

“The agreement for sale and purchase” was done on Rs. 20 non judicial bond paper and it is NOT registered. The important terms of agreement are as follows....

Call me for detail discussion. Advocate Dhrubaraj Bhowmik. (Kolkata)View

Insolvency and NI 138 Case Business 7 Apr 2019

Hi, I am running a Pvt Ltd company based at Delhi. Due to some financial issues I have filed for insolvency in NCLT, Delhi Bench in Jan-19, Court order...

Sir, First of all you have to appear in the Jaipur court and to take bail becoz NIA cases is criminal cases and bail is necessary, after that without proving...View

filing suit of eviction take time for this case Civil 7 Apr 2019

My name is ram, my mother due to his age split his self owned house in to two share and gave to me and my brother as settlement deed last my...

you can file complain in the police for encroachment of your brother and if police is not taking proper action file a suit for partition in the court....View


In an ongoing case with my wife in the family courts, where I have filed for maintenance from my wife,She, in a bid to make it a murkier affair, and in...

She cannot take the plea of Herpes virus, it can be transmitted to some other reason also not only sexual reasons. file a police complaint as well as consumer...View

Brief knowledge regarding FIR Criminal 7 Apr 2019

In a police station who can write a FIR ? And is it necessary to write an application describing all the incident which happed before lodging a FIR ?...

Definitely there should be some relvency regarding crime, if some thing happen before crime is relevant to the crime your case would me more strong.View

Falls Acts on me and my family by my wife Family 7 Apr 2019

Hello Sir, My wife had already engage with someone from marriage. Her younger brother twice times had tried to attempt to murder on me even first in front...

You have only option to convince the court show your record to the court and same thing put before police also. If court understand your problem direction...View

About an online aggrement cancellation Information Technology 6 Apr 2019

Sir,by mistakly I have sign an agreement by online mode for the job of online form filling .Sir bt now I can't continue work so I contact to that company...

don't take otherwise. ignore it because this companies are fakeView


I bought a plot (Plot No 71) in Ganapathi Nagar, Punjai Puliyampatti Erode. I constructed a house on it last year. it is a site so patta transfer was...

sir for the same the purchaser and the seller both need to go to the municipality in person . View

sale of flat in joint name with minor Property 6 Apr 2019

I would like to know if flat held in joint name with minor can be sold by the guardian. first name in flat is major and second name is minor. please advise...

yes it is possible . sir first name is the major and guardian so it is valid . for the process go to the area sub registrar in person with all the document...View

Want to start new business of tabaco traditional and2326;and2376;and23 Business 6 Apr 2019

Sir I want to start a tabaco ( traditional खैनी )business.what legat steps should be start it. What kind of certificate we have...

sir go to the area tehsil they will guide you in person .View

Spreading kids photo in WhatsApp and wrong accusation Human Rights 6 Apr 2019

A woman in my apartment posted picture of my 10 year kid in a WhatsApp group for ladies, wrongly accusing him for scratching her new car. She has also...

1) Invite her for evening tea at your house and for to cut the matter short apologize for the wrong your son has done and ask her to cover her car when...View

Does the following video come under fair use of copyright online Information Technology 6 Apr 2019

Does this video come under fair use of copyrighted material ? if no, how can it be brought under fair...

sir contact google for the same in person .View

Rti application to know salary of husband ANY 6 Apr 2019

I have filed crpc 125 maintenance case ,so I filed rti application to know husband s salary (husband is bank employee),but bank refused to share information...

RTI has no role in this , you need to provide husband office head office address to the court . or contact the husband CA for the tax details for the same...View

NOC not issue by builder Consumer Protection 6 Apr 2019

Good morning, I have purchased a flat by full payment and before 5 month ago and got position with registered agreement with position letter by developer.(...

issue a legal notice through an advocate, for more details you can contact me.View

Not provide NOC by builder/developer. Consumer Protection 6 Apr 2019

Good morning to all, I have purchased a flat and paid all due to developer and take registered documents and position letter before 5 months( signature...

u can send the legal notice through lawyerView

Rti application to know income of husband ANY 6 Apr 2019

Husband is a bank employee .for crpc 125 maintenance case I have filled rti application to know income of husband but pio of bank refused saying it would...

madam RTI has no role in family matter . madam you need to file for the attachment for husband salary u/s 125 cr.p.c. and for the same you need to provide...View

Retirement of partner Business 6 Apr 2019

We have registered a firm in Mumbai as partnership firm. Now I need to retire. What is the procedure to be done.

u should approach to the charted accountant for better understandingView

Want to file case against husband for domestic violence dowry demand a Family 6 Apr 2019

My husband did physical violence with me. He has extramarital affair and a child with that lady... He was cheating on me. His family also tortured me for...

Dear Mam The extramarital affair without your[wife} consent is illegal and could be punished, As he is wedded with you and illegally get your permission...View

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