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About validation of high court order ANY 8 Apr 2019

Sir, I appealed in high court in a labour case.court said to appeal before commissioner.but I did not I want to appeal.after 3 it valid?no...

now also u can appeal in that likeView

Legal heirship certificate Family 8 Apr 2019

This is about obtaining legal heirship for my father. He lost his mother very early and now lost his father two months ago and he left a will in my father\'s...

in ur matter only mention ur brother and sister name, father sisters name not likeView

Gift deed property sell Property 8 Apr 2019

I wish to sell a house that is in my father\\\'s name, who is now deceased. The property papers are in the form of gift deed. Since I have no legal knowledge,I...

take legal heir certificate of father and fike partition suit and claim property share no signatures of any body is required only permission of court to...View

online sexual harassment Information Technology 8 Apr 2019

i saw an add in locanto and contacted that lady for video chat after that that lady filled a online cyber case on my mobile number.later i checked her...

Dear brother/sister you need not strain this cant be treated as sextual harassment 2. you have approached her in responding to her add in the website 3....View

Opinion needed for property sale Property 8 Apr 2019

My grandmother and mother both are died 8 months ago. As my mother is a single child she has more share than her cousins. Now they want to sale the property....

Call me for detail discussion. Advocate Dhrubaraj Bhowmik (Kolkata)View

Breach of agreement for jewellery issue Civil 8 Apr 2019

I want to say that I put my wife mother jewellery in mortgage loan for my business 3 years before . At december 2018 my wife go to ssp office and complaint...

dear client amount of jwellary could be give as gift in the marriage, and rest your , Thank to LIKEView

How a affidavit is made to show false documents as evidence ANY 8 Apr 2019

Can you draft a affidavit of all false documents husband filed at court

write simple complain and mention all documents in likeView

Prons n cons of Mutual divorce Family 8 Apr 2019

I want to know tha pros n cons of mutual divorce n the profit n loss of mutual divorce. Will i be liable for any money in case of mutual divorce?

if wife demand money than u hv to giv her likeView

Challenge of CRPC 125 on jurisdiction basis Family 8 Apr 2019

Hello Good Samaritans!!! I have been undergoing trauma of legal tangle and through this august forum, I solicit assistance from learned counsels here...

were ur wife matrimonial home is their that court has jurisdiction. As much as go for mutul likeView

For quashing what is best time Criminal 8 Apr 2019

A malafide fir is filed against a friend under section 376 with the intent of vengenance, extortion and intent to defame.. When can a petition be filed...

aftr chargesheet is filed u may go for likeView

Separation of property between me and my sister if she doesnt agree Property 8 Apr 2019

According to my mother will the property is of me and my sister. Bt my sister does not agree to divide and i want my share as i am going thru financial...

file partition suit and claim ur share as per will take stay in the caseView

Not paid Salary and wrong termination Labor 8 Apr 2019

Am working with Saroma Hill Resort as General Manager, Since Feb 2019 they haven\\\'t paid my salary too and on 01.04.19 a new Gm joined and working am...

issues legal notice asking for wrongful termination and non payment of salary with will dues amount for mental harassment and deficiency in serviceView

Building construction delay Property 8 Apr 2019

Sir i have purchase a house from builder , under plot and construction. which should be completed in 18 month i.e april 2019, but builder have not completed....

its 6 months but u can use now also issue legal notice and file consumer case ask him to complete house and owner immediately ask for delay charges and...View

can a employer do recordings outside office premises Information Technology 7 Apr 2019

My question is that, can a employer do recordings outside office premises ?

can do what is full problem you small question does not convey anythingView

Court order to collect my personal belongings from my Spouses house Family 7 Apr 2019

My spouse & me have been married since 2014. However, since then she has been staying at her mum\'s house & refuses to move to a accommodation along with...

issue notice to meet ur child and tell time to see and visit daughter take signature on it if she refuses file child coustody case on herView

Terminated from job due to some recording done outside office premises Information Technology 7 Apr 2019

I worked in an organisation. the employer record the conversation among friends including me outside office premises. Is it legal to record the conversation...

It depends on your service rule which if permit then employer is bound to give notice. Consult a lawyer with details.View

Parents left no will, property dispute Family 7 Apr 2019

My parents left no will. Due to a dispute with my Father he got a stamp paper on which it was mentioned that I have no share in his property. He had invested...

sir it is will only . yes you can claim that money if you have the evidence document . View

Sir ye problem see kyse niklu ANY 7 Apr 2019

Hello sir .. Mai ne part time job home bass me wark start keya .. mb India service wo 10 days ka wark tha 1500 form felling Karne ka . Company ne login...

Have you signed any work agreement? Details are required to be examined. Such home based jobs are fake and they trap innocent people like you by offering...View

Survival of MPs and IAs when main case is Disposed Civil 7 Apr 2019

SA (Second Appeal) in a Civil case filed in Madras High Court in 2012. After hearings Judge issued Order in 2019 as "Disposed, Contested & Dismissed"....

No, the miscellaneous petitions, and the IAs no more are pending when the main case is disposed. However, it would not have been updated in the server,...View

SCJUDGMENT 2003 7 scc 657 ANY 7 Apr 2019


1) Yes, this citation of SC can be quoted for the intended purpose. 2) Please do click upon the like thumbs up tab shown below this reply format in token...View

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