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My father made Will Deed (property) on my name and witnessed by mother Property 30 May 2019

My father made Will Deed (property) on my name and Will Deed is registered at registration office I brought the property 8 years back and registered...

sir now go to the municipality with father death certificate and get it registered in your name and the mutation done fast .sir you did one mistake that...View

Section 24 information Family 30 May 2019

I filled a case for my child custody in court But today my wife filled an application in section 24 Hindu marriage act in court Some lawyer is saying...

it is u filed the case in family court. it is u who is accepting that there is a marriage so based on ur acceptance she is claiming maintenance which is...View

Fake cases against daughter in law and her family members Family 30 May 2019

Can mother in law file dv against daughter in law and her family member and other person not related to daughter in law. In which situation mother in law...

yes she can file , go for the police investigation for the same . View

Arya samaj marriage certificate validity Family 30 May 2019

I got married in Arya samaj he is Muslim and Iam a Hindu he converted to Hindu and got married to me I was a divorcee and my husband knows it before marriage...

your marriage is valid fike restitution of conjugal rights petition under section9 of hindu martisge act and get back your husband call ne I am lady advocate...View

Adverse possession in family Civil 30 May 2019

Claiming title for adverse possession against private property/family

If a person is in open, peaceful continuous and uninterrupted possession of an immovable property, he is said to have acquired title by way of adverse...View

Struck in a relationship and money matter Family 30 May 2019

I was in a relationship with a girl and then we got seperated and now she is asking to file an fir against me

she's on right way . u should try to solve it peacefully otherwise become your headacheView

How to rejoin or reopen exparte decree of divorce Family 30 May 2019

One of my friend's husband filed divorce case in 2014 and for that she filed resitutual conjugal rights case in 2014. It came judgment to rejoin with in...

Yes, a divorce case be reopened in India under exceptional and compelling circumstances only. ... If consent to divorce or settlement was shown to be obtained...View

Abusing and beating husband by wife Family 30 May 2019

Respected Sir, If wife abusing and beating her husband she living with her parents can wife eligible to get share in husband bank balance and salary.How...

any how u must to pay. nothing any such options for youView

Bankhat for new property. Its meaning and purpose. And procedure for i ANY 30 May 2019

I am a salaried person aged 23 and its been a year since my job. I am into a deal of buying a new property ( 3bhk flat specifically ). The property is...

bank khata means bank account nothing elseView

Should I pay maintenance charges Family 30 May 2019

Hi, my wife has taken our daughter and left home, now she is claiming maintenanc saying she has to pay house rent, child fees etc. Though v r calling...

call me I can help you 8660608796View

Unnecessary delay in relasing terminal benefit by bank Banking 30 May 2019

Hi . I am vikas. I was working with sbi as clerk. In feb 2019 i resigned bank i have given relieving order by bank. I didnt get my terminal benefits even...

if Ur amount are huge then approach to the court. or file complaint against them immediatelyView

Property sold from kutu patta Family 30 May 2019

We hav a property owned and we wr serving it for more then 50 year which is from my grandfather time. Now my grandfather expeired and the small property...

Has he given a protest petition in the registrar's office? If so, you have to move the civil court to seek a stay on the interference from him, on the...View

Evidentiary value of marked document Criminal 30 May 2019

In acriminal case an arrival register of a hotel is seized by seizure report...during trial the man incharge of that register did not appear...

sir it can be marked , but yes it is to be considered by the court to take it when needed to not needed then let it kept . it is court discretion power...View

2005 domestic violance case. Family 30 May 2019

My wife filed petition fraud domestic violence case against me &my family member after separation 3 years.i already filed section 9 hindu marriage act....

Dear client domestic violence is not issue, If she rejoin you. or file divorce if ignore your presence , thanks to like or call for discuss for draft...View

Gift to son by mother by cheque 0 30 May 2019

Mother gifted rs 1.5 lac by cheque to married son. Tax liability on whom and how much

Dear Sir, its preview by IT act, if proper gift acknowledgement is their, talk to assist ;View

Property share for Girl Family 30 May 2019

Hi, My Wife is expecting share in her Parents property, To file the case, what documents are required. Whats the procedure. Thanks, Dinesh

Dear client, its under preview of family settlement., only eligible on the ancestral share through court. you need to claim through partition. all relevant...View

How to remove the industry from residential area without filing a c Civil 30 May 2019

What is the alternate dispute resolution method to remove a running industry from residential area? Without filing a civil suit

contact numberView

What is the time limit for filing FIR in civil cases! ANY 30 May 2019

What is the time limit for filing FIR in civil cases!? For instance, 4 years ago, one consumer voluntarily hid the electrical meter and is now threatening...

Dear client, he is authority to issue notice to file FIR, talk to assist View

AGPA document register office Property 30 May 2019

I want to get AGPA document, please advice how to know which register office I should request for it

the area where the property is situated . View

Regarding pre school safty and guidlines ANY 30 May 2019

Is there any guidelines to run a pre school in home (in ground floor play school & first floor resident )? what are the guidelines to run a pre school...

it is good thought but we need enough space because it may not be problem to you if you start a school where families are leaving but it will be effected...View

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