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Power of a CGT intelligence officer Tax 7 Apr 2019

Few officers of DG of GST intelligence are issuing notices / summons to business people and using third degree methods ( like slapping , removing cloths...

File a writ in the HC with necessary proofs seeking orders to restrain them from taking such action. Click like please View

under section 468 of crpc Criminal 7 Apr 2019

Whether police filed a charge sheet after laps of limitation its fit for discharge

no This fact alone is not enough . however what do you mean time for limitation ? there is limit in concluding investigation the courts do set some time...View

Cancel the agreement Property 7 Apr 2019

Hello , I'm a land owner n developing my property to a builder in the year of 2018 but builder did not start construction work . I want to cancel the...

1) Serve a legal notice upon him through an advocate informing him that the agreement is revoked by you on the grounds of his failure to start the implementation...View


Please tell me the process how to correct my name in document

1) Since you do not need to change your real name but need to correct the name of yours in a document because of typographical mistake then you have to...View


Please tell me the process how to correct my name in document

Hire a lawyer and then make an affidavit. Please click👍👍👍like buttonView


Please tell me the process how to correct my name in document

Dear client, you will do correction by an affidavit duly issued by the court, thanks to LIKEView


Please tell me the process how to correct my name in document

Hire a lawyer and then make an affidavit. Please click👍👍👍like buttonView


How can i annul my marriage? Is annulment better than divorce? What are the documents required for annulment? What are the charges for annulment proce...

Charges for any litigation can be the same depending upon the lawyer you choose. Annulment is granted only if you have appropriate grounds. Otherwise...View

Sanction of withhold 4 increaments Civil 7 Apr 2019

I have been charged for withholding of 3 increments without cumulative effect.Iam not sanctioned last 4 increments.Jan 2016,jan2017,jan2018,jan2019.Punishment...

sir talk to the labour commissioner in person.View

I didnt get my FNF amount from my employer Labor 7 Apr 2019

I Anil Kumar joined Protocol Solutions Pvt Ltd. on 10th December 2015 and on 11th September 2017 My HR Manager Deepinder forced me to resign the company...

If you have joining letter before joining the job you are eligible to get the one month salary from the company. give a legal notice to the company you...View

Advice required against a job fraud Consumer Protection 7 Apr 2019

I received a job offer from career linked education council whereby i was required to work with them as career counselors. In this regard, I was required...

first of all send him a legal demand notice for your payment, if they are are not paying you file a suit for recovery against him.View

Denial of seller of property to complete the registration Property 7 Apr 2019

We entered into agreement of sale for purchase of a semi-commericial property @41L. Paid 3L advance and now the seller denies to complete registration....

u can fike suit for specific performance of agreement and take stay against prooertythe person who is filing case has to pay court fee you have 100 %chances...View

Co-Accused In 420. Recieved summons after filing of supplementary repo Criminal 7 Apr 2019

I have recieved summons from a court of magistrate that I have been named as a co accused in supplementary chargesheet. The main accused has been granted...

appear before magistrate with the bail Application and request magistrate for bail as main accused on bail you will also get bail easily.View

Extra marital affair Family 7 Apr 2019

Is extra marital affair is illegal in India? If that happened who is going to get punishment from police if spouse file a case?

Adultery is not any more illegal in Indta, the Supreme Court has struck down the old adultery law. However, it remains a ground for divorceView

Can i register property any of sub-registrar office Property 7 Apr 2019

Dear Sir, I line in Bangalore any planning to buy a property in Begur (Bangalore). Now I have a question of registration. Does the property registration...

yes , the property has to be registered at the place it is situated as then only it will come in the area revenue records . View

Eviction notice sent by landlord. Civil 7 Apr 2019

I am currently living in the same property for over 50 years and now my landlord has issued a legal notice for eviction as he plans to demolish and rebuild...

Sir/madam As per Building Lease and Rent Control Act, he cannot evict you forcibly without a court order. You can submit your evidence before the court....View

Actual carpet area is more than mentioned in agreement Property 7 Apr 2019

I have booked a flat in Mumbai,it is under construction.when we booked the flat,as per their plan my flat are was 406.we executed the agreement and paid...

u can amend it . with builders consent it is necessary for uView

HOW CAN I Back out of a property sale agreement Property 7 Apr 2019

“The agreement for sale and purchase” was done on Rs. 20 non judicial bond paper and it is NOT registered. The important terms of agreement are as follows....

Call me for detail discussion. Advocate Dhrubaraj Bhowmik. (Kolkata)View

Insolvency and NI 138 Case Business 7 Apr 2019

Hi, I am running a Pvt Ltd company based at Delhi. Due to some financial issues I have filed for insolvency in NCLT, Delhi Bench in Jan-19, Court order...

Sir, First of all you have to appear in the Jaipur court and to take bail becoz NIA cases is criminal cases and bail is necessary, after that without proving...View

filing suit of eviction take time for this case Civil 7 Apr 2019

My name is ram, my mother due to his age split his self owned house in to two share and gave to me and my brother as settlement deed last my...

you can file complain in the police for encroachment of your brother and if police is not taking proper action file a suit for partition in the court....View

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