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Appeal for the cancellation of partition Civil 26 Jan 2019

Respected sir, I Am ie father, son&daughter got our property divided through partition at the registration office today. How many years it has got the...

fike within 12 years its law of limitationView

Marriage information waqf board Family 26 Jan 2019

I am a married girl and I have filed domestic violence case I have doubt that my husband married another girl can I know these information through Rti...

file police complaint under 497 croc for bigamyView

Land purchase issue after registration. Property 26 Jan 2019

I have purchased a land from a person who acquired the land with his own earning. registration was over the patta also transferred. Recently that person...

welcome sir, come on my what's app no.G.MUNEESWARAN..9597797779..View

Victim of road rage. I was assaulted by a tempo driver. Criminal 26 Jan 2019

Hello sir / madam, Today I was a victim of road rage, when I was riding my two wheeler to office, a rash driving tempo cut me cross and abused me and...

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Whtr resjudcata is applicable in apeal pending matters Civil 26 Jan 2019

Civil appeal is pending before HC whether we can file another suit regarding to same connected matter in munsiff court? Whethr resjudicata is applicable?...

Welcome sir, Come on my what's app no.G.MUNEESWARAN,9597797779..View

Neighbour sewage fall into our well Civil 26 Jan 2019

My neighbour's sewage water is flowing into my well. He repaired the holes in the chamber. Not the damaged pipes. Still leakage continues. He is telling...

Welcome sir, Come on my what's app no.G.MUNEESWARAN,9597797779..View

Property Dispute - brothers Property 26 Jan 2019

I am a third generation inheritor of the property. My dad who built the house (on his own money) has registered the house in the name of his father (i.e...

both of your uncles have right to claim if your grandfather died intestate. in case your grandfather execute any document in favour of your father name...View

Revocation of registered GPA ANY 26 Jan 2019

A registered GPA revoked on the following grounds among other : 1.Breach of contract as the power of Attorney holder could not make any tangible action...

no grounds are required to revoke GPA valid fully even give notice in local papers that you have revoked View

Query related to land in Chennai ECR side Civil 26 Jan 2019

Im planning to buy a piece of land in ECR beach side and have few queries, kindly provide clarifications for the following queries. 1. Does bank requires...

dear sir u should approach any local lawyer and. pay some amount to him for search report of property. it is very nice procedure for uView

contempt court criminal Criminal 26 Jan 2019

draft final report of criminal case filed by the investigating officer in the prosecution branch of the court. does it mean the criminal case is now...

how can you say that? if there was nothing incriminating then how charge sheet could be file d View

I filed a case on my wife under section 13/13a . how can i get divorce Family 26 Jan 2019

I filed a case on my wife under section 13/13a . She filed a case about me under adultery. how can i get divorce from her. what are the evidence needed...

Dear client You have to challenge her case of adultery and dismiss her case and prove your contention that she has illegal contact with other person...View

Property is sold to two people Property 26 Jan 2019

I will tell the issue by using the names. Vanamala took the property in 1993 and gave a GPA rights to other person to sell the property. GPA holder name...

Dear Sir, It is a very interested and tricky question and having stuff to discuss legally. It cannot be answered in one or two sentences. The brilliance...View

Settlement deed with wife without going to court Civil 26 Jan 2019

I had married second time without divorce. My second wife left me and stating to give rs 20,000 per month for 2.5 years. I agreed on WhatsApp. And also...

if u marriage second time without divorce then it is a against the law . . u should approach to court and file divorce by mutual consent . don't disclose...View

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by husband after court marriage Family 25 Jan 2019


Go to police station and give the details about your husband he will register a case . Never silent for any kind of torture .View

Dues being levied by Landlord Property 25 Jan 2019

The landlord is asking me to foot the bill for whitewashing and some repairs (best known to him) while I am vacatimg his property after 6 months of stay. For...


Query on making Deed of Declaration null and void Property 25 Jan 2019

Hi experts, I am from Pune, Maharastra. Our builder has violated this section while submitting project to Apartment Act. "Respondent Developer...

yes you can challenge it, for more details you can contact me.View

Apartment association decisions : how much voting percentage Property 25 Jan 2019

Hi experts, I am from Pune, Maharastra. Builder had done Deed of Declaration to form Apartment Association. Now for a decision of hiring lawyer...

amendment of society bye laws are adopting the model bye laws it is required to have 3/4 mandate in Annual General Meeting of the members in case there...View

Summary Suit under order 37 of CPC Civil 25 Jan 2019

What would be Court fee under Order 37 for - (I) Rs.3,10,000/- admitted liability; and (2) Rs.10 Lakhs compensation for the loss made to our company. Also...

Welcome sir, Come on my what's app no.G.MUNEESWARAN,9597797779..View

tender coconut seller throws empty coconut shell in front of my house ANY 25 Jan 2019

tender coconut seller who sells tricycle by roaming in streets always throws empty coconut shells in front of my house. he throws and goes in bicycle daily.when...

give police complaint of harassment and trespass against himView

capital gain tax calculation Tax 25 Jan 2019

There is one property which were divided into three portions , one portion is of My wife and his brother, this portion they got after the death of her...

sir talk with CA.View

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